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Millionways - Thanks Erica, I am looking into it.
Erica - @Millionways let us know what your findings are once you are done researching your family history... More »
Millionways - I will let you know.
Rosey - Nice to spend time with family bet you had a wonderful relaxing time,welcome back
Ellen - I am battling with a few flare ups... guttate on my bum cheek , inverse under my boob & on the cr... More »
Sarah - Glad you had a fab time Ellen! My holiday coincided with a flare too. Psoriasis doesn't want to l... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Taniia!. Feel free to ask questions and share your experience on Psoriasis with ... More »
Taniia - Thank you Jen & Michelle 😊
Michelle - Maybe you know of some great remedy to help us with P. We are more than eager to hear. :)
Jessica - I have had psoriasis since 2009. But damn! it has changed my life even though I don’t follow a st... More »
Robin - I don't follow a diet either,
john,DARTS VADER - I gave up a lot in a short time early last year, slow elimination is key to success with diet/lif... More »
Atul - You are so lucky
john,DARTS VADER - Theres a lot of flakers near me but none comment on here etc so, theres no chance a flake united ... More »
Robin - Thanks all It's the long weekend so I am going to rest at least today.
Bev - So sorry to hear that Robin. Have you strapped the toes up? I broke two toes on New Years Eve. Be... More »
Robin - Bev I strapped my toes and I use a lot of ice. I will be back to work on Tuesday. so bored at home.
Michelle - Have a great time Ellen!
Bev - Have a fun time Ellen enjoy the break from work and catching up with family
john,DARTS VADER - Have a great time Ellen with your family ,:)
Michelle - Wonderful Mavis. Everything will be okay now that they have eventually started :)
john,DARTS VADER - :) :) Great Mavis , :)
Mavis - Thankyou Michelle and John. I'm glad you said eventually Michelle lol. It's only about a year lat... More »
Michelle - Oh I love Jam Lindakay. Home made of course. This year is flying indeed. One of these days it wil... More »
Lindakay1948 - I raise Peppers in my Garden I make Hot Pepper Jelly for Christmas Gifts..I make red,yellow and g... More »
Michelle - Sounds awesome lindakay!
Bev - Lost my brother to it 4 years ago. Still keep thinking I must tell him or ask him something.
Rosey - She's palliative care now,ive lost some to cancer and some to other stuff,and weird,but I communi... More »
Jane - So sad, don’t know what to say. My Grandma died over 34 years ago but I still feel her near me wh... More »
Rita - We all have days like that. Try to relax Robin and hopefully your skin won’t react.
Michelle - Best of Luck Robin, I hope your skin will stay calm. ❤
Michelle - If you can't change anything then don't worry about it. Just keep moving and stay positive. I wis... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Michelle, I think so, there are so many different forms of psoriasis etc , i think there is... More »
Jannie - I agree John. Additives ,sugar ,pesticides,dairy all triggers for the big P
Susan - I think that it's important for US to be the voice. If we hide, then there is no awareness. Bar... More »
Mavis - Thankyou all for all of your comments. It means a lot to me. They are supposed to be coming tomor... More »
Maureen - Hi Mavis, I am sorry for what you have had to put up with in your home. I only got my P when I wa... More »
Mavis - Thankyou Maureen I'm sorry for what you are going through. It sounds very painful. I agree with y... More »
Michelle - Love this Michelle!! 💛💚💙
Dave - These are the words of encouragement that I’ve learnt to expect from Michelle. 👍
Jill - Love your positive feedback Michelle...
Sarah - Gosh Phil really hope you're doing OK, what a lot of things to go through...
Michelle - So sorry to hear this Phil 😔 That sure is a lot to go through in such a short amount of time. Hop... More »
Nuds - Hugs to you xx
Jill - Lindakay, I live in the Tehachapi mtns....we have been experiencing grey skies and unhealthful ai... More »
Erica - Sending prayers for rain and protection, it is just horrible. So so devastating.
Lindakay1948 - Oh Jill Today has been my worse day ever so much smoke we haven't seen the crest to our Mountains... More »
Michelle - This is very interesting. I don't have dry eyes (yet) nor mouth so I hope my immune system is gre... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I think the nose is usually fine Michelle, mine was when i had it bad, i dont get this problem no... More »
Michelle - Thank you. Sounds like I'm all good so far. :)
Erica - My husband and I met before I was diagnosed, he never once made me feel there was something wrong... More »
Bev - I married the love of my life at 18. We celebrated 46 years this year. Our P only came late in li... More »
Sarah - Bahahaaa Josh, good way to bag yourself some leg room... I was on the tube at the weekend and wow... More »
carol - Scratch and blow
Michelle - Lol! I think, if we have to meet someday, we will have one hell of a show and tell. Laughing all ... More »
Lorna Penner - I know several people who had "P" but it disappeared-----just like that?? they did nothing to he... More »
Maggie Chong - By far, only me in the family. My parents and siblings does not have psoriasis. But my aunt from ... More »
Liz - No it just happened if low or had an accident which will set it off but as fast as it comes it le... More »
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