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chute - not bad feeling anyway what do u think?
Jullie - Have a good weekend my friends🌞😀🙂
john - and you nan 195, have a great one and enjoy your date susan,hope it s a good one :)
Cindy - Hi nan, happy weekend to you also, and very well said!!
isabel67 - Welcome
Kim - Hi Mohammed. Welcome. What type of Psoriasis do you have?
john - welcome to flaym mohammed , I hope you find good things to try here if you have psoriasis :)
Kim - Ok, I am Kim Thursday today then.😀
john - oh dear,no one wants to think about that dave haha :)
john - my ex used to have a king Charles spaniel,very licky dog,he used to love licking between my toes ... More »
Kim - Oh yuk John!!!!
Aiza delacruz
ElefteriaEllory - ...It really helped me and I hope it will help other people.
Kim - Hi. I just googled it. It's a steroid which I avoid thee days but thanks for the tip. I am glad i... More »
JULIE moosa
Karan - Hi pooja never tried yoga but doing exercise for 40-50 min and balanced diet keep me clear and if... More »
Emil - What's that? Can you explain?
Pooja - Hi Emil, it's a kind of mediation where we chant some mantra which creates vibration on body and ... More »
Giulia - Forgot to add I took off the vest! The whole point of the story! And it went great!
Shawn - Hello Giulia
agb - wonderful. Its great when you have supported friends.
john - good evening susan,glad the smoke is clearing and hope the 80th celebration was a good one :) no... More »
agb - Thank you. Enjoy his birthday.
Sharon (Sherry) - Has been a busy day... went grocery shopping, then home to wash and package up fruits and meat an... More »
Rose - Hmm I could feel the vibe
Mary - Keep your focus on Gods word
TravelRocker - Less than 12 months ago I tried to comit suicide, luckily I failed. Life is precious Jane, psoria... More »
Debakshi - I am with you sista. Going through the exact same shit myself! Experiencing pain, emotional uphea... More »
Vanessa - This site is great for that. What frustrates You the most?
Karan - Hello Taner so what treatment u r on
Vanessa - Hi, saw your post just now. I am struggling, but trying to focus on future and not dog myself out... More »
Janice - She obviously loves you for who you are and has a good sense of humour Josh.
Josh - It certainly isn't my charm!
paul - sexy flaky
Claire - Sounds wonderful!
Claire - The farmers market, not the smoke!
Susan - The Market is always fun. In fact going again this morning. The smoke, well that's another story... More »
Pooja - Ur parents loves you and from now don't try this again just explain ur situation 🙃🙂
Mariebar - Hey Santosh you know what parents worry about everything related to their kids. You being away fr... More »

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