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Ron - I would say drink pure stuff. Maybe vodka or scotch. No mixers.
Roxanne - Sure Susan .Send me the info.
Marty - I am very interested in this! Could you please send me the info?
Susan - Marty I can't send it to you as there is no way to private message you. Not sure why? If you pr... More »
Becky - Good morning
Roxanne - Good morning all.
Susan - Back at you Mark... When we smile dopamine, endorphins and seratonin are released into our bodies... More »
Jennifer - Awesome sarah! I actually wore a sleeveless dress without stockings to my works Christmas party l... More »
Michelle - That is really great Sarah. I have found myself being able to talk to others easier lately as wel... More »
Michelle - Well done Sarah. The more people know about psoriasis the better. @Jennifer - That is awesome n... More »
Susan - Good morning Mark. Happy Sunday to you as well. :)
john - good evening, been a wet windy miserable day in the uk, glad you are having a good day mark :)
James - It's been dry with no snow here in south east Scotland, very cold and frosty though. I've seen se... More »
Susan - Heather no mocking or judgement from me. It's funny though that you say you have no control over... More »
Sarah - I think for me putting the psoriasis in perspective helps a lot. Even when it's bad I try to thin... More »
john - thats a good way of looking at it sarah :)
Lynn - Hope you had an amazing day...without snow like we had on the east coast of PA!
Nan195 - If you have snow or sunshine, enjoy it 🌹
James - My thoughts are more along the lines of, if you have snow, keep it :)
Susan - Back at you Mark. Still very dark here at 7:00 am. Wow... Just chilling with my coffee, my morn... More »
Maggiec645 - Sounds good to me.
Michelle - Thanks Mark! You as well! I hope everyone finds some time to do something nice for yourself!
Jennifer - So sorry, mine too though. More severe than its ever been.
Sarah - Hi Janet, welcome to Flaym. Have you already seen the themes section? You'll find posts about sca... More »
Otto_M_Moon - 11 f here and the sun is still asleep ,,brr
Susan - Happy Friday to you as well Nan. Cold and kind of damp here today too Otto. It's always a good ... More »
Michelle - Enjoy everyone! :) We have got a fair bit of snow today and much more on tap for the weekend. Its... More »
john - yes its because the writer dennis potter had both diseases, he had psa bad i believe, never watch... More »
Ruben - Bond, James Bond :D Indeed not some sorry character, but a strong person. As everyone here!
Jack - I watched a documentary on psoriasis called my skin is on fire . Check it out it was really good ... More »
James - Go to YouTube and type in Samuel L Jackson Lullaby.
Sarah - That is beautiful
Susan - OMGoodness James. That video with Samuel L. Jackson is absolutely HILARIOUS! If any parent is h... More »
Michelle - I agree with Joel, the MG217 for psoriasis does work well. Remember to not use scented products.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lin! Check out the themes section for more posts on scalp psoriasis. For me, gr... More »
Lisa - I leave coconut oil in my hair and scalp for an hour before I wash my hair. Trying dermarest sham... More »
Sarah - Hi Lauralie, I think there are studies that connect the incidence of psoriasis with the incidence... More »
Dianne - Ive had a rare cancer.
Michelle - @Diane. Hi there. What cancer did you have?
Michelle - Welcome CarolElaine :) Hope you are doing well and able to find and share many great tips here!
Anita - Welcome to the group hope you find the right doctor real soon. You did to push it more and make t... More »
melissa - Welcome Carol Elaine i "m new here .. i am psorsasis suffered over 20 year ..i am fighting stop... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Mandz! Great that you found us here in the Flaym-ily!
john - hello mandz and welcome to flaym, i am well thank you ,how is your psoriasis? do you have psoriat... More »
Michelle - Welcome Mandz!! :D
Susan - Aww Nan... Thanks. You are an angel too. Lots of Angels on this site. :)
john - hello susan, you are great,earth angel sounds great too for you :)you are busy susan :)thanks sha... More »
Susan - Yup. john you and your humor... LOL
Carol - Hi Rabby. Welcome. Xx
Brian - Hi Rabby
Otto_M_Moon - I got that not long ago for the first time at first I thought it was a spider bite . I just did t... More »
Sarah - Me too Susarah! Welcome to Flaym. 21 years of scalp and ears, it started there and it will finish... More »
Charlene - My psoriasis, started on my scalp..but fortunately I got rid of it, with valiosone scalp lotion..... More »
Laura - I got it on hands and feet too.. make a life harder. I wake up in pain and it hurts to walk or ho... More »
Sarah - Moisturize for sure - there are scripts you can get - talk to your doctor.
Sarah - Hi Judy, welcome to Flaym! There are themes relating to psoriasis on the hands and feet it in the... More »

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