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Dakeyras - Welcome to the forum Catherine. :)
Michelle - Hi Catherine and welcome to Flaym! I had scalp Psoriasis many years ago from dying my hair. I onl... More »
Peter - Hi patty iv just tried Dead Sea salt soap and iv noticed a massive difference in flakes and itchi... More »
Rosey - Hi Patty cheer up soon! P is a miserable condition .Try get through these bad times am thinking i... More »
Patricia - Gold balm amazon or cvs right air
Rosey - And yes some of us need pain relief and still soldier on as only masks it for a short time
Kelli - I actually trust my rheumatologist a great deal. I have chosen to try the biologic because I don’... More »
Rosey - All drugs are bad ,but we need what we need atm can't go without pain relief for more than a day ... More »
Lesley - Absolutely fantastic !!! So happy for you !!!
Peter - thanks yall
bernadette - Happy life to you both
A - Lots of Islands here too😄. Could make a treasure map..
john,Hulk - I am glad we are artistic with this :) i could colour in my little white flakes too, this is gett... More »
Michelle - Sounds like we are becoming toddlers again lol.
Bev - Welcome back 😄
Gyanendra - Hi. Honey... I m from India. N there is very cheapest and effective treatment and controlling sol... More »
Joseph - I've had psoriases for years now, but now it's much less because I think living in a sunny countr... More »
Gordon - U should get a hand held uvb lamp. 250 dollars. I had some ugly patches not anymore! I put up wit... More »
Alexandros - People are soooo rude. Manners should come naturaly just like common sense but obviously this cha... More »
Jenny777 - Hasn’t worked for me but someone in my group also cleared completely of her psoriasis by followin... More »
Nina - Nothing has ever worked for me I've had psoriasis from the age of 15 with never getting any bette... More »
john,Hulk - Certain foods can give some a big reaction,I changed my diet/lifestyle for my joints near 2 years... More »
Susan - That’s the salt we use Marigona. It’s apparently good for high blood pressure too. Don’t have hig... More »
john,Hulk - Great news about your weight Ace :) I wish i could help you with the eyes, i dont get it there th... More »
Sarah - Did you change something, Jessica?
Jane - Congratulations to you all. Wishing you the best on this new chapter of your life.
Susan - Thanks again for your well wishes. I am more blessed than words can ever say!!!
Sarah - Happy wedding Susan!
Glanis - Some of my family don’t understand what it is because it’s not flaky mine is cuts and looks like ... More »
Irene - P is genetic not curable but prevented and not contageous deseases , And I pray no one else in my... More »
Kathryn - I have had this all my life so everybody already knows.. LOL. My Mom said actually had it at bi... More »
Mavis - I haven't done anything about it either Rebecca as I've to much of others things going on. Also ... More »
Rebecca - I have it on the back of my hands forearms, shoulders , ankles and starting to go up my shins. I... More »
Mavis - I'm sorry to hear that Rebecca. Nothing worse than the itching. You end up scratching and then ma... More »
Bev - Good Luck with the new bio Steve. Let us know how it goes
Sarah - Hope its working out great for you on the new medicine!
Lynn - Hoping the new bio helps, Steve!
Rosey - Fahd,yes,and did it,was friends that didn't understand why I didn't want to go out anymore etc,wa... More »
Chel - Yea I have I first try to explain everything to them and than say screw this I'm out here
john,Hulk - I have walked away from negativity many times, one dosnt need it in their lives ,be good to yours... More »
Rosey - Maybe it can get you down,been there alot in last two years,I avoid showering for as long as I ca... More »
Deleted account - If I am honest 😄🤣it has in past stopped me from doings lits , getting g involved with women , and... More »
A - Thanks for being honest Chris. I am glad you changed thrue out the years. Wisdom comes with age 😉... More »
Golly - Im back to
Rosey - Great you both are back,its a fantastic site hey for everything
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