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Chronic disease experiences galore.

James - I have salad a lot over the summer, avocado and sweetcorn being my favourite.
Millionways - Ohw Gee, that is a lot in a short time you have to deal with. I hope you will get the right treat... More »
Michelle - It is not an easy road to travel Gee, but I think if you stick around here, that road can become ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello gee, have you tried Diet/lifestyle changes,this will help with your diabetes if type 2, it ... More »
Dakeyras - Likewise lass... :)
Sarah - Love it Michelle ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜
john,DARTS VADER - I am special Michelle, thats what people tell me haha :)
Peter - It most certainly is sir. After donkey years of creams, tars, baths and covering up I am starting... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I hope so for you Peter,i wish you well :)
Sarah - I am interested! I am sure many will be. Hope you get on well with it Peter, a new route for you!
bernadette - Does alcohol make p worse
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Peter! You are a psoriasis veteran then! You have lots of experience to share w... More »
Peter - It does for me Bernadette. I have tried loads of different diets over the years though and haven’... More »
Sarah - Argh Susan hope this turns out to be OK when you get more information about your results. These t... More »
rachel - Hope all will be well with you Susan. Fingers are crossed.
Michelle - Rita: do yiu think the CBD oil had an affect on your kidneys? Please keep us updated?
Michelle - Oohh so good Mabel!! I'm very happy to hear that! I have never seen a rhum. even when I was diagn... More »
Michelle - Hi Mabel. Like Michelle, I've never seen one before. Don't really know what it is but I hope ever... More »
Sharyn - Further to my original post. It’s back, with a vengeance and I’m about to start radiation therapy... More »
Michelle - Hey Sharyn, Welcome to Flaym! My goodness you have been through so much. Congratulations on being... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sharyn! That is such a rollercoaster with you, your experience with cancer, and... More »
alex73 - Hi Ace. My opinion is that when you lose a lot of weight during short period of time, let's say ... More »
Sarah - Yes I have a few wrinkles around arm creases. Oh and on my stomach from rapid changes of pregnant... More »
Susan - Blame is just holding onto negativity in my opinion. Better to let go, be accountable for oursel... More »
john,DARTS VADER - So true Susan,i never thought about it until i came here ,about blame that is , like as you say ,... More »
Drum - I’m sure I inherited my psoriasis from my father. He thinks he’s a comedian, says I “got my inher... More »
Ace - Thanks
john,DARTS VADER - Your welcome Ace. :)
Sarah - Hi Ace, from what you read it seems that many believe white meats and fish to be better for psori... More »
James - Just do a Google image search for plaque psoriasis and you'll see exactly what it looks like.
Ruben - Just be prepared when you google...
Sarah - I hate Google images. It is scary. But I guess that is life! I for one am happy that we don't ima... More »
Michelle - Oh wow, I had no idea that Rheumatoid factor could be negative and still have psa.. wow! Thanks f... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Your welcome Mabel, I know with me Michelle, i just kept going for xrays in the early days on my ... More »
Michelle - I'm learning something new every day. This is very interesting John & Mabel and thank you for sha... More »
Michelle - Good for you Alex! Making those changes are initally quite hard, but does get easier with time. ... More »
Sarah - Welcome Alex73! Yeowwwch yes many of us know it well. So difficult when coverage reaches this typ... More »
alex73 - Thank you Sarah for welcoming words. You are right saying that we learn from each other, and I'm ... More »
Julia - I have heard of it but never tried it.
Sarah - Oo no never heard of it!
Michelle - So Flaymers, pass the isle when you see equilac as it does not work. Only a money making scheme. ... More »
Michelle - Sarah, it's good to be a pain in the arse. I never ask for the ingredients list. I just gulp it d... More »
Sarah - Haha Michelle, the CEO is hilarious and I like it 😉! If I could be CEO of anything I would be so ... More »
Darwin michael - Good to know ur successful in managing ur P. Hope to learn from u 😊
Michelle - lol. Chris. Thank you. I thought I was exaggerating about the cold but I do realize that SA Winte... More »
Chris - No we adore it as it is a rarity that would be too hot for me and I love the sun . P can be annoy... More »
Chris - I would be naked , is there a p nudist site 😂😂😂
Michelle - This was a very long game. They must be so exhausted. I'd die if I have to run 100m! Lol. I'd rat... More »
Derrick - What was the final results - sorry nowhere near tv today
Bev - Bokke won 42-39 I actually went to read when they were down by 24 when I came back in they were ... More »
Michelle - So so Happy for you Gill!😃
Sarah - Hey Gill! Great to hear that your skin is looking it's best in a long time! Good medical professi... More »
Gill - Finally going out to a wedding next Saturday wearing a dress first time in years
Michelle - I have swam in a salt water pool before but it was too strong. When I dove in I everything was ok... More »
Sarah - Hey Ace! I've swum in the sea quite a few times with my p in active mode and it has been fine for... More »
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