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Chronic disease experiences galore.

john - thank you vanessa, hugs to you too :)
Mary - Is back pain from p
Mary - Do you work
Diana - Hi John please send me your list of everything you have cut out if your life, your diet.
john - hello diane, I have emailed you a list here of what I do and don't do , I wish you well thanks :)
john - sorry Diana ,:)
Kim - Hi Vivienne. A lot of people are taking probiotics. I'm afraid I have no info on it but you might... More »
Marietes - Hi John ..i do work in nursing home too.. Yes I want to have that kind of dispenser stalled in my... More »
Claire - I prefer a pump dispenser in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink and on my desk at work. I've got a... More »
Mary - I never leave house without my itch cream
Kim - Enjoy!! 😀😀😀😀
Messo - Hhhaaaahha Thanks Yeah that's all what I need enjoying
Jill - Which one do you take? I meet with a new doctor this week to discuss my options....
TravelRocker - Raining in Manchester, England too. Have a great day
Stef - Same in Toulouse, France...
john - yep, autumn has come early in the south of England rain and rain,supposed to be better tomorrow?
Susan - Malcolm the trick is to burn the spots a bit. That is what they did with me. There was some bur... More »
Suzanne - I am doing the phototherapy for 6 months now. The total time is 2:01min. For the last 3 months.
Stef - I remember I began with 12 sec...
TravelRocker - Why can't we use hashtags guys
Liz - It works once stopped it comes back
Maggie - It worked for me! I was playing field hockey at the time and I couldn't walk or run perfectly the... More »
Stef - Kim Kardashian has so it is not a matter of money to have THE cure... You have to find your thin... More »
Kim - Psoriasis is an auto immune condition that affects everyone regardless of social standing.
Monaka - yes they do I was reading a response that Kim Kardashian Has Psoriasis and it reminded me that sh... More »
Kim - Hi MJW. Keep trying with the foods. Good luck.
Dave - @foody, well done Kim, good luck with it.
Kim - Thanks Dave. It's my HRT. I have other another 6 tablets to take so should finish about September.
Holli - Hope you feel better soon <3
Kim - With regards to my Psoriasis treatments I have been treated with resignation. No one has ever bee... More »
john - hello mike,you and me both with gps and around 32 years ago experiences with other health people,... More »
Angie - Yes I have! My gp is great. It took her a bit to figure out what was going on with me but once sh... More »
darren - Yeah there's a app
Neo - In U.K. can get one hand made. 1st day day of use - itching gone. 2nd day skin starts to recover... More »
Ajit - My doc used to say that I need to believe in the meds if it has to have a positive impact on me..... More »
clsak - Are there any good otc lotions that have worked well for anyone?
Cheryl - When you asked this question a couple of weeks ago my answer would have been no .. now it is yes!... More »
Kim - I don't suffer with it Mick but have you tried to use a salt soak and then body butter to soften ... More »
Vanessa - I have heard about these fibers that get into your skin causing itch.
Mick - Hi ya , yes i have tried a salt bath and used body butter , but to np evail x

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