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Gloria - How can I buy it or where can I find it
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ekta. What does your Ayurvedic success consist of? Very interesting! Tell us more!
Michelle - Would love to hear about your Ayurvedic experience Ekta!
john, DARTS VADER - You can learn so much from here in the topics Lana,a lot of us is trying fresh lemon rubbed in th... More »
Sarah - Yep very stressful indeed, when watching coverage grow like that. How long have you been taking y... More »
Ruben - Hey Lana, don't Google, Flaym it ;) Thing is that we all react different and you'll have to find... More »
john, DARTS VADER - I was puffing like a steam train for 32 years or more. i dont know if there is a difference with... More »
Stacey - I started on P treatment 3 years ago. I completely cleared up. Last November I started smoking ag... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Stacey! I have never smoked but my mum and dad did smoke whilst I was young, th... More »
Sarah - Good move changing doctors, Kez. It's important to have confidence in your health care team! I ho... More »
Ruben - Agree with Sarah on this one, you need a very good relation with your doctor. They don't know eve... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Any doctor to me is quackers , i wish you well though Kez :) Its okay, doctors have actually ... More »
Stacy - Unfortunately there is no cure if you mean by that they have psoriasis only things that will ease... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Claire! Always fantastic to see people join Flaym who are here to support famil... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Claire,No cure Heal for better yes,i am a lifer since birth and i have psoriatic arthritis... More »
Michelle - Cuckoo indeed. Iol
Michelle - I Love your positivity and determination Michelle 😀 Hopefully you wore layers so you can peel th... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Thats great Michelle with it not ruining things , sorry about your ankles though, hope it will s... More »
Sarah - I agree totally Catherine. Where do you find your wild fish from?
Ruben - In Belgium it's not too hard to find wild fish. Any good fishmonger should be able to provide at ... More »
Catherine - I go to the fish market ... most fish there is caught at sea ..I stick to fish caught in the UK ... More »
Clive - Interesting question , it may in a small way have lowered your immune system and aggravated the s... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Josh! Wow never thought of that... not it followed vaccinations for me. Think m... More »
Michelle - I have not heard of that Claire. I am sorry to hear it has come on so quickly. I hope it leaves j... More »
Michelle - Hi Claire. I'm so sorry to hear about your uveitis. Just read up and they say it can be treated w... More »
Sarah - I haven't had that or heard of it Claire, interesting that it could be related to p. I know that ... More »
Michelle - Thank you Chris & Michelle. It really feels good to show off some legs lol.
Sarah - Wooohooo!
Clint - Add lemon 🍋 to that mix and you will be fixed
Sarah - Hi Fatima, welcome to Flaym! Eyes are so delicate, no wonder it is painful for you 😣😣😣 If you go ... More »
Chris - I had it on my eyelids to I share your discomfort such thin delicate skin mine used to bleed if i... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Fatima and welcome to Flaym, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes? it may help in ... More »
Jen - I don't understand your health care system. Why are there such long waiting periods?
Jen - Here in Australia we don't go through the hospital system. Gp refers you to who ever you need to ... More »
Sarah - The waiting lists are so long. I had to wait 7 months for an appointment last year... such a long... More »
natalie - please take me with you. thats some spot..👙🍹🌞
Bev1e - Hi Michael don't dispare , maybe now things will start to look up, once you get treatment from so... More »
Michelle - Epsom or dead sea salts in the bath are really soothing for me. I also like adding lavender esse... More »
natalie - how did they let u on that long. slowly but surely with sunbeds. mind yourself..
Michael - Yeah are usually take 20 minutes are used to go on them all the time I had really good skin one s... More »
natalie - i understand. and they are pretty addictive believe me i no. just do max ten mins maybe. u may re... More »
Michelle - So Good to hear Lisa! Thank goodness they got it sorted out!
Andy - Great news Lisa, back in the booth. 😊👍X
Sarah - Great to see you can think of the positives Lisa, here's hoping your treatment resumes OK!
Ruben - Nope, soy had a estrogen mimicking hormone that's not beneficial for men... I avoid soy as much a... More »
Sarah - I haven't heard of that one Michelle! That does seem like quite a lot of wine... We'll I guess it... More »
James - I never knew about the estrogen thing, I wonder if that's why I keep getting the urge to criticis... More »
Sarah - Sounds delicious! I would omit the peanuts and keep everything else!
Michelle - A bowl of goodness! Sounds Yummy! Enjoy Michelle & thanks for sharing 😀
john, DARTS VADER - I wish i liked soups but i dont, thanks Michelle :)
Michelle - I don't use primer either. Too scared it might trigger my P. I also don't use a lot of make up as... More »
lisa - I never go a day without makeup unless im ill.i use maybeline mousse foundation and has primer bu... More »
lisa - Only one i can use without my skin being irritated
Lindakay1948 - Thank you so many anti=inflamatories what more would I ever want looks tasty too I am already us... More »
Sarah - This looks very delicious! I'm not sure I could bear to have colostrum though. I'm trying to moni... More »
Michelle - Please everyone. I haven't tried the smoothie yet as I get home late in the evenings buuuuuuuuut.... More »
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