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Chronic disease experiences galore.

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Nermin! Great when people share what works for them, and this lifestyle sounds ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - I always wonder what my pso would have looked like over all these years if I lived in Florida ins... More »
Michelle - Me too! We use a woodstove & the air can be quite dry. Counting down the days until spring!
john,darts vader - Hello nik, i know the feeling, i want warm weather too,sorry about your frustration
Sarah - Hi Elaine! No idea! I think skin conditions can be tricky to diagnose... even sometimes for docto... More »
Anne - There are 7 different types of Psoriasis. I have had it for half my life. It is in your dna. Ther... More »
Susan - Desi psoriasis is a curious thing. My go to all the time is a trigger food or something that you... More »
Sarah - Welcome back, Desi! Oh dear, the nails. Yes, mine are starting to look a bit dodgy too after 21 y... More »
john,darts vader - Hello desi, mine cleared up on the nails with lifestyle changes or diet if you will,i hope you ca... More »
Mayank - Hi Clive, I'm also from. Durban, and have been able to heal myself completely, after suffering fo... More »
Sarah - Oh no Clive, that is the worst. Sometimes trying something new can really backfire. I've had this... More »
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Clive, I hope it has been able to calm down a bit since then. If not, have yo... More »
Polyp - Don't bother with docs any more; I seem to know more about my skin than they do.
Michelle - I update my Dr when I see her, but I don't go out of my way. I will see her next week, The last t... More »
Susan - Sarah you could probably be a dietician with how you have been coming along... You probably know ... More »
Pat - I have been on biologics, but have to have another one. First one is not working as well as it d... More »
Linda - Everyone reacts differently to treatments. I have found through experience to stick with natura... More »
Rick - I took a biologic for a while and got so sick, wouldn't touch them if they paid me, NO way
Bev - Michelle Maybe look I Dis Chemgor gluten free coffee creamer. They have so much variety of glute... More »
Paul - Have seen an improvement in mine since stopping Gulten and also Sugar....There is a diet on the w... More »
Paul - thanks Paul, I'll have a look
Cathrin - I'm also considering going on the diet. But tbh I cannot STAND the coconut smell therefore I use ... More »
Michelle - Hi Cathrin, I Love coconut oil for my skin. I started using it on it's own, then I started mixing... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Ive been putting it on my neck for the past week and have seen a real improvement!
Zigmars - Sarah, now with fish farms, when most of salmon and trout are grown here, i think its not the bes... More »
Zigmars - Michelle, I use oil blend from fish oil and olive oil and with vitamin D. Won't name company as i... More »
Michelle - Thanks Zigmars, mine it orange flavor and it is pretty good as well!
john,darts vader - Yes i put a post up quite a few months ago about this with products like E45 was a culprit, why s... More »
Michelle - Just horrible! :( My goodness, Very scary indeed.
Michelle - 😳 terrible news. well, we need to be very careful now.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Leanne! There are lots of people here on Flaym who are also finding ways to man... More »
john,darts vader - Hello leanne, diet/lifestyle changes changed my joints for the better, its all to do with inflamm... More »
Michelle - Hey :) yeah the bullying has stopped. She attends the hospital. We were thete again last week & w... More »
Michelle - Aw thanks, it is good to hear positive responses that people can live with it. Im not too sure im... More »
Lynn - I’m fairly new also michelle, dong worry, you did reply to the right post, lol. It took me a mont... More »
Michelle - Hi Tracey, Sadly, heartache and worry and trauma can start the onset of psoriasis. Mine came whe... More »
Sarah - Hi Tracey, welcome to Flaym! Scalp p can be so long term, I know mine is. 21 years. But this last... More »
Sarah - Hey Rachael! That is so great! Some relief for you I hope. Maybe this could help you get it under... More »
Rachael - Yes I've heard the same Sarah, but that exactly my plan, get it under control and find a longer t... More »
Sarah - That'll be amazing for you Rachael. Yes, I've tried loads of creams for plaque p over 21 years of... More »
Michael - Today -6 in Toronto today!! Wish it was a chilly 18!! Lol
Michelle - Same here Michael! -24 this morning in Haliburton. I am so ready for spring!!
Bev - Yip in SA if it's windy we will wear a jersey to keep warm lol
Deeanna - How does this oil soak process go. I have cut my super long hair to super short to get to my scal... More »
Sarah - I just put the oil on my scalp with my fingertips, massage it in gently, then leave it for at lea... More »
carol - Hi im sorry your suffering with lots of things. Ive tried just about everything which didnt help.... More »
john,darts vader - sickness certainly is big business,i avoid docs if i can and hope things subside with illnesses e... More »
Cheryl - Can you give us a link to the article please?
Sarah - I can't link to the article guys, Flaym don't permit external links, and in any case for the sour... More »
Lynn - Hi Freya, Welcome to the group! You will definitely find some useful tips here m everyone. Its a... More »
james - It is hard to live with psoriasis without someone to listen to you when you are low. This group ... More »
blubu - Hi Freya! I will be glad to help you. I was in your shoes, so I remember how it was to wake up a... More »
lisa - so I don't, only when the itching is unbearable
Sarah - Oh wow! Gosh I moisturise all. the. time. We are all so different!
lisa - yes it's crazy how we all differ with treatments

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