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Chronic disease experiences galore.

Mark - Hi mine was for zinc you ordered a book. By someone called Ross Gambrill. I think he used to spam... More »
Nan195 - Thank you Mark and sorry about the scam that had you out of pocket, Those kind of people should ... More »
john,darts vader - no but, i am itching to read it michelle@ 1021 :)
Christa - Sometimes the itch get worse with me
Sarah - I've always found that colouring my hair actually improved the p somehow, very odd but true. I st... More »
john - nope, it actually burnt it out for a while, you can see in my photo, i am bald :)
John - Welcome Chelle. I’m new to Flaym too but not to psoriasis unfortunately. Hope we all find relief.... More »
Michelle - Welcome Chelle. I had psoriasis on my forearms many years ago but it disappeared again. Flaym has... More »
Sarah - Welcome, cheLLe. Many of us on here have plaque p too, in many different places and to varying de... More »
Christa - I wash body and face with Elizabeth Anne's baby shampoo. For a while I used only Eucerin cream. ... More »
Christa - Tea trea oil burned me.
Christa - Avoid dishwashing liquid. Aggravates symptoms
Sarah - Hi Javad, I think many people of Flaym have probably encountered some degree of these feelings at... More »
Mark - I used to use Alphosyl
Sarah - I like TGel and Boots Coconut Shampoo
Michelle - Hi Andrea, I find the best shampoo for me is TGel-extra strength as well as tea tree oil shampoo ... More »
Michelle - Hi Lauren, Welcome to Flaym. I am sorry to hear you are suffering :( I hope you are able to find ... More »
Joel - Explore the site Lauren, there are a lot of people who have treated there disease with diet and l... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lauren! Hopefully now that you're connected here with us you will find lots of ... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Sharon! That's lovely that you think of others who have severe psoriasis, even when gett... More »
Rhonda - What are neck bands?
James - Hi Sharon and welcome. Yes, we all leave bits of ourselves laying around.
john - hello dee, my nails look normal through diet /lifestyle changes,psoriasis is not from the skin bu... More »
john - hopeful, :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Dee! Nail psoriasis made me feel very self conscious too but mine was toenails.... More »
Sarah - Hi Lauralie, I think there are studies that connect the incidence of psoriasis with the incidence... More »
Dianne - Ive had a rare cancer.
Michelle - @Diane. Hi there. What cancer did you have?
John - Congratulations!
Roxanne - Good for you Victor.
Susan - Victor can you please message me the name of the biologic. This fellow up the street has psorias... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Mandz! Great that you found us here in the Flaym-ily!
john - hello mandz and welcome to flaym, i am well thank you ,how is your psoriasis? do you have psoriat... More »
Michelle - Welcome Mandz!! :D
Jimmy - Same here
Michelle - It sure can be Jeanette. Not so nice. I find a good soak and then file and paint helpful hiding i... More »
Sarah - Welcome Jeanette! The nails are so stubborn, and just soooo slow growing... I've only so far had ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - You aren't diabetic right?
Sarah - I do get this from time to time but I don't really ever see a connection with my p. I never truly... More »
Otto_M_Moon - do you drink plenty of fluids?
Sarah - Hi Niki, welcome to Flaym. You are already joined! Do you have psoriasis?
Donna - Bless you. Please don’t be alone! We’re all here to support one another. Keep in touch with yo... More »
Michelle - Hi Star, it sure can be frustrating and can pull us down some pretty dark roads. I am happy you ... More »
Sarah - Hey Star. Welcome to Flaym! You'll find many people here who hate psoriasis too! But we're joinin... More »
Harold - I've had clear skin a few times & it would last from around 3 to 6 months & then something small ... More »
john,darts vader - sorry about this harold, i have woken up before and thought what the hell is that small itchy lum... More »
john,darts vader - maybe help to eliminate them, she wont help me :( :)
Nan195 - Hi Brandi and welcome to our P Family. Here you will find amazing people who will help you as be... More »
Nan195 - Hi Brandi and welcome to our P Family. Here you will find amazing people who will help you as be... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Noreen. Glad you've joined us!
Michelle - Hi Noreen, Welcome! :D Happy to hear that you have found some relief!
Donna - Hi and welcome xx
...feeling hopeful Colleen @colleen2

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Colleen. What do you need help with? Do browse the topics and themes sections t... More »
Jimmy - You will find all the help you need here
john - hello colleen and welcome to flaym, everyone here is willing to help you , just let us all know a... More »

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