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Erica - I have heard that one should gradually stop the steroids not just all of the sudden. Maybe phase ... More »
Jonathan - Chel, dermatologist chiming in here. The key that I teach my patients is to slowly decrease the... More »
john,DARTS VADER - True, i went all out to give up everything last year, breathing is the only last thing i can do a... More »
Jen - Sorry Chris you've lost me.
Michelle - Chris, this is so interesting thank you. So, what will happen if we do not have a uvula? Can't so... More »
chris - Ok - just back from working with guys who have PTSD in Canada. Went to test a mechanical theory w... More »
Michelle - Hope your first day back is going great Million? Weather sounds great to me all over the world. W... More »
Millionways - I am fine. It’s okay to be back in to the rhithm. Only priorities this week. Next week will be fu... More »
Clint - Thank you African Queen
Susan - Yes Michelle. Mine is pretty much ground powder Moringa. Not all Moringa is the same. Capsule and... More »
Michelle - Sounds great Susan. I only take one multi vit in the morning, much better than having all these b... More »
Sarah - Sounds interesting, may have to watch!
Md - I also used steroid, it did not harm my skin, that is not produced by pharmaceutical company, one... More »
Md - My steroid also have Moringa oil, licorice oil, fermented extract of leaves of shell ginger, mac... More »
Sarah - Lemons were like this for me!
Michelle - I hope you feel better soon Rosey :)
Rosey - Been 2 years but got to keep trying,am Sue,but changed name and pic as found out all was out ther... More »
Michelle - You picked a good name. Glad you're still with us Rosey. Xxx
Lorna Penner - Lemon for itchy skin helped me and rub it on many times.
Genevieve - I would want a dermatologist who's had P themselves. Someone who truly understands. Someone open ... More »
Jannie - Oh Genevieve I have met this person you describe he runs a pain relief clinic in Buckinghamshire ... More »
Julia - Good luck with your job search.
Michelle - Thank you all. True Jane, I kinda enjoy this time off, finding oneself and relax. :)
rachel - Sounds like you're in a good place Michelle. Hope you find the job you deserve 😊
Rosey - Fingers x you get a job soon,just to get an interview here takes mths so your doing so well
Bev - How did your interview go Michelle and have you heard from the other place yet for a interview date?
Justin - Superbly sunny day!
Mavis - Don't know how the word otherwise got there. This tablet has definitely got a mind of its own Mic... More »
Jen - Thanks Michelle. And to you too. Soak up that ☀
Sarah - Sun is good for heart and the skin ☀️
Michelle - Wonderful Mavis. Everything will be okay now that they have eventually started :)
john,DARTS VADER - :) :) Great Mavis , :)
Mavis - Thankyou Michelle and John. I'm glad you said eventually Michelle lol. It's only about a year lat... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I used to use alphosyl cream when it was available, not now,that used to mask it up to a certain ... More »
Nicola - I Only know Alphosyl shampoo and always use it
bernadette - I wear foundation on my legs whrn I wear shorts like on hols there is no perfume in it it is hype... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Des ,good luck, i personally wouldnt do it but, if you do, i wish you well, thank you :)
Erica - I know what you mean Michelle, I get irritated when someone complains that they are fat (when the... More »
Clint - Michelle is out of work one day and doesn't know what to do with yourself... This is a profile o... More »
Michelle - Hahaha Clint! One day only. Imagine what I would be up to In 5 days! Lol. Funny bunny.
Bev - Lost my brother to it 4 years ago. Still keep thinking I must tell him or ask him something.
Rosey - She's palliative care now,ive lost some to cancer and some to other stuff,and weird,but I communi... More »
Jane - So sad, don’t know what to say. My Grandma died over 34 years ago but I still feel her near me wh... More »
Babette - sorry to red your update - sign of the times..I am off next Friday 10th - maybe we can do coffee ... More »
Ellen - AAAAAHHHHH Michelle... that's not good ..but we have to look at the positives in every situation.... More »
Michelle - Aw dankie Ellen. Xx Babette, we will arrange something and maybe some other Flaymers would like ... More »
Michelle - May very well be the winter air playing havoc with your toe nails. I think it may be a part of n... More »
Jen - Yep what mishlyn says Michelle. Massage oil in and wear cotton socks to bed.
Michelle - Thank for the advice all! Might be because of winter but will start treating the toes.
Michelle - You have shown us your great legs Chris. What white bits? ;) take that compliment and make it you... More »
Clint - Chris is now a boy toy LOL 😁
Michelle - Awesome Chris!! Ive got a lot of white bits at the moment as well and have been wearing tank top... More »
Lindakay1948 - Thank you all for your comments I just turned 70 and I don't feel 70 I hope that doesn't sound od... More »
Jannie - If you don't feel it's right for you don't do it. Doctors are all for peddling chemicals. I was... More »
Rosey - I want that injection,true,had lots of pain with p,shingles was a maybe as doc couldn't tell as w... More »
Justin - I put freshly squeezed juice with tomato juice to make a tomato slurry, then store the skin. Wha... More »
Julia - Let us know if it works.
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