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Alan - Sure, I'm interested....
Libby - I am suffering from an heart mend, an emotional trauma, I need love and a good partner in my life
Mickg48 - Day 2 with out the chia seed butter blend oil and it's clearing up more news later.
lisa - glad all is well with you nan195. big hugs x
lisa - and thankyouxx
Cheryl - Hope the doctors can help xx
john - i wish you well harsh,no i havnt , it is a choice though, sorry you are afraid ,good luck
darren - Never heard of that but I use dead sea salt in my baths makes the skin lovely and smooth
Alan - Dane, you need a combo of the mud, the sun at the Dead Sea and the sea water as well...I've tried... More »
john - hello brandy, i wish i could sleep for lot of hours,6 to 7hrs max thats it, my girlfriend sleeps... More »
john - i dont mean that towards you, i joke to her about it
Gaurav kumar
Doreen - I use doverbet jel put on night before next morning put shampoo on dry hair then wet it then w... More »
Doreen - Sorry I meant gel
santosh - hi gaurav....just try almond oil in which just add 4 drops of vitamin E oil and mix it properly .... More »
Victor - Its made me a kinder and more caring person so I agree x
john - hello mandi,i am a lifer since birth,48 yrs and psoriatic arthritis 14 years so, i know no differ... More »
santosh - no one knows exactly ....but better have some hope ....and welcome sheetal
Sheetal - thanku santosh.. :)
john - i had it bad when i was little until i was around 20 odd then it got better of the years then i g... More »
john - hello ivor, some do injection,pills and diet changes like i have, its what works for you,we or mo... More »
santosh - hi Ivor...there is a lot of medication with different types available in present world...better t... More »
Ra11 - Lotriderm or [...]
Sid - get the doctor to send you to a dermatologist if they haven't done already. Some ointments don't ... More »
Susan - I have posted a lot of comments about working from the inside out. Remove sugar of any kind. Fr... More »
Pooja - I don't know about any product bt bcz of Indian tradition we apply too many typs of oil which let... More »
Louise - T gel shampoo works for me xx
Sharita - I agree with pooja I also use a blend of almond coconut n olive oils...warm it them massage into ... More »
Jorge Ayuso - Here one! I have got plaque psoriasis, nail psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. As I say, I have g... More »
john - hello nan 195 i was diagnosed as a baby just born, my father thought i had cradle cap and put it ... More »
Janice - My mother was diagnosed with psoriasis 90 years ago here in the UK and her grandfather earlier th... More »
Jorge Ayuso - Well, it is possible to have a huge flare up if you never had psoriasis before. My first time wit... More »
Kim - Hi Christine. Could it have been something you ate and it just coincided with the powder or lotio... More »
Christine - I would look for another doctor that's for sure.
Christine - I would look for another doctor that's for sure.
Sharon (Sherry) - Good luck! Hoping you get your appointment this time with no cancellations. If nothing else, do... More »
john - thats good kim, i wouldnt want to put myself through all that, my girlfriend wanted to wax my che... More »
Kim - Ha ha John! Waxing just sounds too painful!!!!!!
Sheri - I get my eyebrows waxed often and haven't had any problems with P around there I do get very very... More »

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