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bernadette - Im having light treatment in november il let u all know how I get on iv been usung steroid cream ... More »
Jen - Ours in Nth QLD are always liquid unless kept in the fridge.
Justin - Greg, when you fry with it, the heat melts it
Doris - I started having a sensitivity to coconut and coconut oil. So I stick with olive oil, avocado oil... More »
Susan - Simon I have not heard of that to tell you the truth. I have my psoriatic arthritis under contro... More »
Jen - Congrats Susan! I'm sure it was all beautiful. Good for you for choosing not to let any stress ge... More »
SimonLFC1976 - Susan, you make a lot of assumptions. I don't appreciate the "preacher" vibe. You assume it is st... More »
john,Hulk - Great news about your weight Ace :) I wish i could help you with the eyes, i dont get it there th... More »
Rachel - Yeah I still have them very small but harmless
john,Hulk - Okay, well its good your eyes are okay, thats something Rachel :)
Clint - Awesome bright lights😍
Lorna Penner - Thank-you rained all night here and its still raining and its the first rain we had ... More »
Ellen - Right , I had a very lemony weekend...rubbed it on my bum cheek... I now have scabs, no itch or i... More »
Michelle - Good luck Lorna! Ellen, good luck to you too and keep us posted. ;)
Brenda/joy - wasn't suppose to comment on a name brand sorry about that old age I didn't realize that was a pr... More »
Lindakay1948 - Brenda welcome to old age I am 70yrs young...I have the same problem you never have to apologise... More »
Brenda/joy - I am really lucky that my skin issues are hidden sorry I have taken so long in responding seems I... More »
Drum - Well, one week now and the most dramatic results I've had in 15 years. So happy. Only side-effect... More »
Michelle - That's wonderful news Drum.I hope the itch will get better. Good luck and I'm happy for you :)
Bev - So happy for you Drum! Hoping the itch will disappear too
Mavis - I haven't done anything about it either Rebecca as I've to much of others things going on. Also ... More »
Rebecca - I have it on the back of my hands forearms, shoulders , ankles and starting to go up my shins. I... More »
Mavis - I'm sorry to hear that Rebecca. Nothing worse than the itching. You end up scratching and then ma... More »
Michelle - Oops and yes I went for interview. Starting October. Half day only. Better than nothing right? Th... More »
Bev - Wow that's fantastic Michelle. Enjoy only working half day. Although I firmly believe that you ac... More »
Michelle - True Bev, I kind of like the half day idea, but I get bored so quickly. Ah things will work out j... More »
Chel - Love it ❤️❤️❤️
Fahd - 😎😎😎😎💀☠☠☠
A - Oh yeah, it feels good to meet another sufferer. Nice that you let him suffer a bit less!
rachel - You're an Angel Michelle and so wise xx
Justin - You should not cover your Psoriasis - sunlight is one of the best cures!
Linda - So much of the beef and chickens are given too many antibiotics and that is also contributing to ... More »
psomom - Interesting and timely. Our first dermatologist suggested that everytime my son gets a sore throa... More »
Rosey - Have been on long term antibiotics for severe acne(no acne but severe p) did nothing for me for b... More »
Chel - Because they want to hide their evil I guess I don't know 😞
Clint - Michelle you are beautiful 😊
Michelle - So sweet thank you Clint. True Chel, I've met people like that. beauty is skin deep. Its like h... More »
Justin - I know basic French but the language I want to start from scratch is BSL - AND I WILL COMPLETE IT!
Michelle - Hahaha Ellen. Neither do I but whisper those words while looking at yourself in the mirror. Pract... More »
john,Hulk - I am glad Ellen can give us free french lessons merci beaucoup :) Haha a mirror sounds good Mi... More »
Michelle - Thank you John. I've been in the sun a lot lately and maybe that contributed to the clearing as w... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle, yes a few more flakes added to the mix but its okay, i live lol as i always... More »
rachel - I'm struggling now without the sun but we've had it good this year and my skin has been the best ... More »
Michelle - Awwww Rosemary. I know how you feel. I'm not near your age but I had it on my hands. Its terrible... More »
Kim - Hi Rosemary. Both backs of my hands are affected. I know how you feel, it's awful having it on di... More »
Kathryn - Yes ive got lots of those crazy little sqiggly annoying floaters. There a pain. Im not suprised t... More »
Jen - Yes I get them too. Optometrist said its debris floating around. Cant remember what from....arter... More »
Rachel - Thanks everyone. I have health anxiety because of my psoriasis which by the way is getting much b... More »
carol - The danger to organs from the inflammation that comes with P was a popular topic during the last ... More »
john,Hulk - I dont think psoriasis can make one overweight as i dont battle against my weight ,I lost so muc... More »
Michelle - I have never gained weight from P. My P got worse when I gained weight and obviously the pina co... More »
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