Healthcare system

Chronic disease experiences galore.

Susan - Amen to that!
Michelle - I have to agree. Amen to that. Without my God, I will be nothing xxx
Lela - we should all be happy right?
john,Hulk - I used to have these in tomato sauce years ago, tinned tomatoes and baked in the oven,i used to l... More »
bernadette - Think im set up right this time let me know if im doing it right went to specialist about p very ... More »
Rosey - Nearly,but cost and time off and the repercussions of light treatment wasn't for me,so slowly I g... More »
A - 💙
Jill - I love reading your posts. You are always so positive and uplifting. Thank you!!
Clint - Aww thank you
Michelle - That's interesting Bev. A few Flaymers suffer from restless leg syndrome if I'm not mistaken? May... More »
Justin - Bev, thanks!
fern - That's a very interesting tidbit Bev, thanks!
Michelle - Hi Bernadette. I hope it works for you. Good luck and let me know how it goes :)
Rosey - How's the job hunting going Michelle? How do you get by without a job?Thus far for me I'm ok taki... More »
Michelle - Hi Rosey. I've been going for interviews but so many people are without a job. Its going good. I'... More »
Willie - I dont think we got a disease . We are the Chosen people . I am 60 living in my skin .
john,Hulk - Its Just bad luck i think,Could be worse though but, you can make things better in time, though t... More »
Clint - Dreamers disease...
john,Hulk - Hello Peter,Thats great news , ah you will be a complete clear skin soon by the sounds of it ,gre... More »
Michelle - Hi Peter. That is great news! I'm happy for you :)
Bev - That's fantastic Peter I'm glad you doing so well
Linda - Great to hear Suvannah!
Michelle - We understand Savannah. I haven't been much on here either because of job searching and interview... More »
Bev - Glad you got it under control Savannah.
john,Hulk - So true Michelle, Theres a lot of wonderful one parent families out there,, I better learn how ... More »
Michelle - Hahaha John. Good luck with finding someone to teach you!
john,Hulk - HAHAHA Michelle, that would be interesting :)
Alexandros - I also love avacados. How often do you eat them Michelle?
Justin - I get my Avocado's inexpensively. In my local big town, there are amazing cheap deals on Avoca... More »
Justin - Although you have recommended de-skinning Avocado seeds in boiling water, the seed itself would b... More »
Bev - My hubby has had no flare ups this winter. His skin has no new spots just scarring from old but t... More »
Erica - Sporting a spot on each elbow, nothing else thank goodness, I can breath again. Rubbing lemon lik... More »
Michelle - Your husband is lucky and im glad your ear is better Bev. I normally get a few extra spots in win... More »
Sarah - I think it's tough to be treated by people who know the medical background (as much as is possibl... More »
Lindakay1948 - I faced the Truth long ago...a year ago to be exact...there is no cure...I do maintenance work on... More »
Lindakay1948 - Me too Rosey...I do know this they have developed a myriad of devices for the Blind I will make s... More »
Rosey - Lindakay really hope all goes well for you and you adapt ,you are strong and gorgeous ,sounds lik... More »
Rosey - Hey lindakay how are going?
Linda - I get acupuncture for nerve pain Jay but did your friend get some other treatment? Please let me ... More »
gino - The thing to always remember is that every " BODY " is different what irks for one does not work ... More »
Marisa - Good luck. I really hope it works for you. Unfortunately, they did not work for me as they had hi... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you chris, yes i do, i shall look out for it thank you, best get stocked up :)
Sarah - Still not tried it!
James - Interesting. I also don't eat any processed meats, or indeed, any supermarket meat at all. I go t... More »
Graham - Trying uvb lamp amazing results
James - I'm seeing a dermatologist next week and my GP has asked for UVB, so fingers crossed.
john,Hulk - Haha ,your welcome Linda :)
Sandra - My baby boy was on steroid cream for 12 months he is off it now and he is now on protopic at nigh... More »
Linda - Wow Sandra that sounds great. It must be so difficult for children to go though this. Have you al... More »
Michelle - Hope your first day back is going great Million? Weather sounds great to me all over the world. W... More »
A - I am fine. It’s okay to be back in to the rhithm. Only priorities this week. Next week will be fu... More »
Clint - Thank you African Queen
Gino - Jen, What I discovered is that increased itching and flaking comes down to 3 things [1] alcohol [... More »
Julie - I stopped taking multi’s a while ago. I do take vitamin B1, thiamin, it helps with the brain fog.... More »
Lorna Penner - Im taking Moranga powder--in yogart or smoothie. I just started but I just got myn here at ,"Life... More »
Sarah - Lemons were like this for me!
Rosey - Acv is good for gut,no more gurglesfor me,tastes Bad,but does no harm,maybe I need the acidic stu... More »
Rosey - Wrong post place lol
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