Kick the itch to scratch.

Paul - Aww bless ya Jacqueline i really feel for you hope it gets better soon.?
Dave - Bad news Jacqueline, nightmare when that happens....don't mean literally...😉
john - oh dear, sorry to hear this jacqueline,i am so glad i dont scratch now, only occassionally and it... More »
Lucy - You can do this. I couldn’t the more I think about it the more I do it. I’ll get there one day I’... More »
Julie - A no itch stArt, so very happy for you! More to come your way, i hope. We all deserve a break ... More »
Chris - So far so good 😊
john - try turmeric nuggets, see if that helps you, capsules or powder form, worth a try ,
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Thanks everyone, ill be sure to get in the docs when i can! Got to wait a while as changing homes... More »
john - great nuggets, its a start :)
Susan - John I'm really hopeful that the aloe vera will work. It's not a costly thing and way less costl... More »
Susan - Moya the thing about the UVB light is that it does work. It did for me years ago. I still have ... More »
john - i will do susan,so far so good, only been one day so, i hope it looks better by next week instead... More »
Haydn - Thanks for the replies! I shall give your suggestions a go and try and figure out what's causing ... More »
michael - Try some anti histamines as you may be reacting in the night.
Alfredo - Hi Haydn! My mom purchased a somewhat expensive humidifier that I keep on through the night. Over... More »
john - hello fragil3, i use it in powder form and i just sprinkle it on and between foods, i dont measur... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, fragil3. As John says, you can sprinkle it on anything you like! For me I prefe... More »
colleen - i know the feeling. Even when its very hot I still wear long sleeves
Sarah - Sometimes I've felt like that in the past. But not now. Everyone whose opinion matters to me know... More »
Dave - Just go for it Maria, what is the worst that can happen?well...halve that and halve it again beca... More »
Dave - My lot just bounced well!
Jeri - MishLyn, I am so sorry this has happened to you and to your son. You already know about coconut o... More »
colleen - Good Morning, How is your son today ?
michael - I try and forget it and don't focus on it. Be positive and focus on life,not the illness.
Paul - go to the pharmacy and get yourself some Psoriasin, I've been telling a lot of ppl about it, it's... More »
Lucifer - I just laugh at the shapes they make. Right now I have a Mickey Mouse on my leg.
Dave - Hi Claire, welcome to the group. Sorry the phototherapy didn't work, loads on here to have a try... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Claire. Sorry to hear about your phototherapy outcome. Hope your dermatologist ... More »
Claire - Thank you for the welcoming. I don't know if it's just me that this affects, butn once the photot... More »
Dave - Laura, I see you are in the UK. Three things.... 1) Join a union 2) Read up on the HSE at work ... More »
Julie - That's terrible Laura. Bad boss go away!!!
Gail - I keep hearing that the Coal Tar treatment is the best, has anyone else tried this and had success?
Guy - That’s my biggest problem!
Cassierose - Hey Susan. Whenever I go on holiday I spend a lot of time in the sea and it clears my skin up qui... More »
معاذ - مرحبا
Annette - My mom used to put clear nail polish on the back of the watch face to stop the irritation.
Sarah - Uh no those pressure bits are just the worst. Have you tried swapping your watch to the other sid... More »
James - I'm ambidextrous and wear my watch on my right wrist, on my left wrist just feels wrong. I might ... More »
Angela - Wash with dermol 500 then plenty of hydromol cream then wear cotton or silk gloves 😃
Jayne - try an antihistamine before you go to bed
Darceyjayne - Have you tried wearing mittens or gloves when you sleep? I know it sounds stupid but I find it re... More »
Sarah - Glad you've got some positivity going there Cher!
MishLyn - Thanks for the tip Don! I will give it a go! 😀
Susan - Good idea Don. Alot less costly than stain removal or new sheets for that matter. Thanks
Dave - If its only a dot or two, your own saliva will lift the stain as it carries an enzyme that will d... More »
Susan - Practice, practice, practice Carol de stressing and living in the moment. I bet weather can be a... More »
michael - Carol I live in Ireland and have had a flare up in the last two weeks.I think mine is stress re... More »
Nan195 - Hi Carol, I'm not in the UK, the weather here in SA doesn't seem to affect my P as it's sunny and... More »
Pauline - Can anyone please tell me with this condition psoriasis can you get rheumatoid arthritis.
Raymond - Hey, I don't think so. As far as I know, people with Psoriasis can develop Psoriatic Arthritis. T... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, so great to hear you're supporting your family
Sarah - Glad you are finding support here, Stephanie

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