Kick the itch to scratch.

Mavis - Yes. I hearing problems in both ears. Sounds are muffled and it seems like I need to pop my ears ... More »
Afina - Yes I do ....hearing problems....rumbling or/and whistling....and I have psoriatic arthritis........ More »
john - thanks for your replys,, i havr had a problem with one ear for well quite a few years,it goes up ... More »
Jennifer - Psoriasin and bag balm have worked well for me, especially when I wrapped with plastic wrap while... More »
Mavis - Thanks Jennifer I will definitely give it try.
Jennifer - Your welcome, psoriasin has coal tar in it and can be bought at Walmart, bag balm I got from a fe... More »
Kim - Ha ha, it's you Matthew.😀😀
Donna - Reading all these real life stories I know now not to feel like I'm the only one with this. Thank... More »
Kim - I think for all of us Donna regardless of the amount we have its never easy. 🌟
Josh - @molly - it was unbelievable!
Cheryl - Hope you enjoyed it anyway !
Christine - Hello, Craig! Your plan sounds good. Keep us updated with your results.
Sue - T GEL, It shoulda said
Lepa - Hey Sue try coconut oil put it on before bed and glad wrap over and rinse it off in the morning 3... More »
Charmaine - Hi John, its winter here in South Africa. We leave on Thursday to Mauritius. Am super excited. Ho... More »
john - ah lucky for you charmaine, have a good time :) winter in s africa not like the uk i am sure,yes ... More »
Charmaine - Its rather cold in Johannesburg however not as severe as the UK winter. Been there in December. S... More »
john - hello oliver, how long have you had psoriasis? and do you have psoriatic arthritis aswel? thanks,... More »
carol - Hi Oliver, you wake up and its wow really why don't you think I've got enough!!! I've given up o... More »
Mariebar - Hey Oliver I'm quite new on here my daughter has p and I'm trying to help her. She is also an avi... More »
Cheryl - It helps to be in a group where everyone understands 🙄
john - yes agreed julia, theres plenty of us here and around,hope you find things here to help you,i am ... More »
Alan - Welcome! Plenty of us facing the same thing...together!
john - hello cathy,mine are no where near as bad as they used to be though my finger nails looked well n... More »
john - oh , and welcome to flaym, hope you find help here with your skin etc thanks :)
Harsh - Try moisturizing often. It does help. Dip yourself in coconut oil.
Jennifer - I drink apple cider vinegar daily and the amount of itchiness is so much less, when I do still ge... More »
Ajit - Thanks for your lovely advice...Have'nt tried apple cider vinegar yet; will definitely give it a... More »
john - hello jayne, i use alphosyl 2 in 1 and its always been good to me over the years, what helps one ... More »
Julia - Hi Jayne I use Aveda scalp benefits and Pure all Natural Rinse with cider vinegar
Lorraine - I use lush shampoo bar. Think it's called soak and float. It eases the itching .
john - hello tracy,welcome to flaym,i hope you find some help here and a solution to improve your skin,g... More »
Harold - I'm reading the responses to Jane's question & this crazy idea came to mind... Make a pot of tea ... More »
Jane Tsipi - @Harold: is there a specific tea that I need to use?
Harold - Hi Jane. I would say that any tea which is not flavoured (like ginger or lemon flavoured etc) wou... More »
Mickg48 - I've just had an explosion on my face Vaseline takes away the itch but leaves you with a shiny fa... More »
Johann - Ditto! Please share... ☺
Sharon (Sherry) - Willing to try just about anything... share please!
Nan195 - Tell us please 😊
john - hello sandra,i made big changes in diet and 2 litres of water,bottled water a day, it has helped ... More »
Liz - Pop down to your local dermatology department ask them for help most are very help full give it a... More »
john - yes you can nicola, seems quite common to have 2 types,i was just told from a little boy that i h... More »
Liz - Yea I have eczema and foot psoriasis doctor told me I was lucky yes both sore and itch my feet ... More »
Kim - Yes, absolutely.

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