Kick the itch to scratch.

cheLLe - Coconut oil💜
Sarah - Hi Pamela.I find Aveeno cream to be the best moisturiser I've tried, and I put it on before bed t... More »
Michelle - Hi Kelly, anxiety can be quite hard at times. I have had my skin clear and have experienced anxie... More »
Sarah - Hi Kelly, welcome to Flaym! It sounds like it could be... a dermatologist will be able to tell yo... More »
Michelle - You're very welcome :) I hope you can find some relief soon! I have also just discovered Moringa ... More »
Enaid - I use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil or jojoba oil. Coconut oil works great f... More »
Sarah - Welcome Taralyn. Grapeseed oil, on the scalp, 2 hours before washing hair. Works for me!
Christa - I wash body and face with Elizabeth Anne's baby shampoo. For a while I used only Eucerin cream. ... More »
Christa - Tea trea oil burned me.
Christa - Avoid dishwashing liquid. Aggravates symptoms
Krhoda - I'd take that over my big bald spots. It's to the point there is not enough hair to cover all of ... More »
Sarah - Hi, Felinekas, the flaking is difficult to deal with as it can be so visible and can make us feel... More »
Rosemary - I find E45 Itch Relief cream helps
john - hello jp,to relieve maybe to heal it no unless its a steroid but, they are not good to use thanks
Sarah - Hi jp, check out the themes section for posts about psoriasis and moisturising. For me, Aveeno is... More »
Maggiec645 - I have that too drives me crazy. I itch so bad that I bleed.
Sarah - Hey Tanya, I've used a steroid gel behind the ears which cleared mine up and so far it hasn't ret... More »
Nan195 - Fabulous Chris 🌹
Michelle - Just Fantastic Chris!! :D Happy to hear this!
john - thats great chris .good news :)
Tracie - I take thrive and as long as I take it every day it pretty much keeps it gone
Michelle - Hi Tracy, what is thrive? :)
Babette - I am fortunate that my P is only elbows and back of thighs. I do wear long sleeve shirts! My trea... More »
Ruben - Hello Caroline :)
Polyp - Greetings.
Michelle - Hi Caroline 😊 Welcome!!
Lorna Penner - I never slept all night because I was scratching all back and legs--OH..just hate it a... More »
Michelle - Hi Michelle, I find I am the same. I have also found dabbing apple cider vinegar on spots really ... More »
Susan - Jenny I am no doctor, but I think any autoimmune dis-ease can cause anxiety, depression and sleep... More »
Michelle - I am glad to hear help will soon be provided for you Marty. How frustrating to have to wait for t... More »
Marty - Thank you, Michelle! It really has been frustrating. Thank you for the recommendation of TGel! I ... More »
Sarah - Keep it up Marty, January is just around the corner 👊
Steve - I was strictly a sun tanner till I got on Biologics, summer & tanning helped me a lot .
Lorna Penner - I think salt water swimming pools are good for psoriasis,,but other chemical pools are not.
Becky - For most people the sun and salt water help and improve there psoriasis, howling have you lived i... More »
Roxanne - Neutragena TGel shampoo and conditioner.
Michelle - Neutragena TGel for me as well, I get extra strength and it does quite well. Also tea tree oil sh... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Debs64! Lots of people find relief using oil for itch, me personally I use grap... More »
Evonne - Sorry my first time still working it out
Maggiec645 - Yes I have the same problem. Have soooo many areas to treat. It sucks!
Maggiec645 - I'm losing hair. I've never gone to the hospital though. Did they give u a special shampoo? I use... More »
Ellen - Me too ... I scratch until it bleeds then it gets inflamed.... Don't know what else to try ... pr... More »
Chelle - Ugh, the absolute worse. Also hard when you have long hair
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Evonne! My scalp was covered in sores too off and on for 20 years until about 5... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Maggiec645 🔥
Maggiec645 - Thank you. Its good to have a support system in place.
Victor - I agree with John Maggie steroid use for psoriasis has caused me so really serious issues includi... More »
Susan - Bev welcome to the site. You are going to love it here. So many great suggestions from diet/lif... More »
Savannah - Welcome! I have my psoriasis everywhere! However when I first noticed my psoriasis it was in my e... More »
Bev - Thanks Savannah. I have been moisturising more often as someone in this group recommended. I'm a... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Sharon! That's lovely that you think of others who have severe psoriasis, even when gett... More »
Rhonda - What are neck bands?
James - Hi Sharon and welcome. Yes, we all leave bits of ourselves laying around.
Otto_M_Moon - I read the thyroid was the number one culprit or suspect with women on hair loss. being 6'3" I ge... More »
Sarah - Hey @Will21, as it happens yes I do have back and shoulder problems, and scalp psoriasis! But whe... More »
Otto_M_Moon - I had PsA a heck of a lot longer than I thought. One wacky finger as a kid, but see the real caus... More »

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