Kick the itch to scratch.

Michelle - Madmum, you see how different we are? I can't eat pineapple but I've hears that fruit juice mixed... More »
Michelle - Bev, even non P sufferers complain about pineapple and their colon. Acid maybe? Can't see how its... More »
Clint - I love fresh pineapple 🍍 it is a treat you can grill it to top a burger 🍔 or add it to Rum either... More »
Michelle - I've never had scalp P that bad. I used to get a few spots only but not bad enough to look like d... More »
deborah - some lemon with coconut or olive oil might help. It's messy and you'll have to shampoo after.
john,AQUA MAN - Yes , i get my moneys worth Michellle,I will have that gluten/wheat filled greasy blob for lunch ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Hahaha Rosey lol,Well if myself and Michelle got together to wed,2 flakes can join as one, hmm... More »
Rosey - All weddings need planning I feel I have just scratched the surface 😀
Michelle - I love pork but haven't had any in two weeks. Not only because of the itch and inflammation I get... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thanks Michelle, yes life is good :)
Clint - Try uncured bacon no nitrates . If you stop eating beef any symptoms go away so the trick is to l... More »
Michelle - Neither do I. Same as John. When I see a loose flake Ill pick it off but otherwise, I'm not reall... More »
Rosey - Just the big flakes as love how they peel off and always amazed at the size of the big ones ,but ... More »
Dakeyras - Hi Kathy and welcome to the forum lass... Aye Tea Tree oil can be a beneficial for the treatme... More »
deborah - Hi Kathy, I find Tea Tree oil a bit strong for me. But there is a hint of it in the cream I've be... More »
Michelle - Hi Patricia, I'm glad to hear that the treatment is going well. Hang in there girl and be patient... More »
Theodoros - Ganoderma can to help all people to solve with difficult problem psoriasis
Darlene - What us Ganoderma?
Darlene - What is the info about milk of magnesia? Do you apply it directly to your spots?
Janice - What I'm taking that helps since last 3 months is 30+ raw fruit veg and berries in capsule form e... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thats great Janice :) :)
Michelle - Excellent Janice! I'm very happy it has worked for you. Its such a wonderful feeling when you see... More »
Jen - That's great Patty. I'm glad you are feeling better. Quality sleep is very important.
Dakeyras - Good for you lass, however my friendly advise is do not over use which version you do have as is ... More »
Rosey - That's great you have what you need,yep moving is stressful ,I'm nearly an expert at it now ,enjo... More »
Michelle - Thats wonderful Patty. I hate moving house. It can be stressful but I wish you all the best!
Peter - Your welcome, think it’s all about finding the right treatment for you.... iv also started using ... More »
Peter - Hi never and jen, don’t know what shops you have in your countries but I bought it from boots if ... More »
Michelle - Thats wonderful Peter! I'm so happy for you.
Peter - Hi patty iv just tried Dead Sea salt soap and iv noticed a massive difference in flakes and itchi... More »
Rosey - Hi Patty cheer up soon! P is a miserable condition .Try get through these bad times am thinking i... More »
Patricia - Gold balm amazon or cvs right air
john,AQUA MAN - Hello Mabe, could be many factors, we are all different with this , Mines good in the summer stre... More »
Michelle - Stress is a big factor for me. I think its the worst of all. Food not so much although I do get a... More »
Clint - Drink coffee it makes you pee don't be a cheater LOL 😁
Jen - I made shopping bags out of cheese cloth a long time ago. Not sure Patty. It might be what some p... More »
Michelle - Hi Patty. I know nothing about hydroxyzine. Please tell me more about this?
Patricia - Its just a mental health but also its sleep pill but it does cover itching too really good
Rosey - Hi Lynne,I use Vaseline on eyelids,then I feel the flakes off.(I know I shouldn't as leave lids s... More »
Babette - Hi..had a great weekend, the boks beat the French so that made me happy and my P is slowing down ... More »
Julie - Thank you. I am starting to get mine under control again. Using lemon really helps and keeping my... More »
Michelle - Thank you Peter and to you too :)
Sarah - Hope it was a peaceful night!
Chel - I notice if I drink a lot of pop I break out more. If I way h out what I eat and how much I eat i... More »
john,AQUA MAN - It is a choice though Patty, but sodas is junk ,a lot of people suffer itching because of what th... More »
Patricia - Ji try to ignore it but my stress level high and thats one of my causes
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