Kick the itch to scratch.

Dakeyras - Not that uncommon for such a systemic medication to be prescribed far as I know...however in my h... More »
Sarah - Hi again Angela. I understand your concerns, i think about this option as being quite intensive a... More »
Millionways - Getting used to a diagnosis takes time. Its hard but you will get there. You will feel beter. I... More »
Sarah - Ah Amanda, living with p is so so difficult at times, and this is surely one of those times for y... More »
amanda - Thank u all for ur support and lovely kind words. I wouldn’t normally Write something like this, ... More »
Sarah - What a relief for you Eva that your skin survived your holiday away! It sounds like a really bril... More »
Cherryl - Hi Eva, glad you had a great time... how could you not in Vegas! I’ve read that aloe Vera can sti... More »
Cherryl - Aloe Vera : Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It... More »
Michelle - some ladies don't like compliments as it makes them feel uneasy. I'm the same but once we know it... More »
john,DARTS VADER - So true Michelle, thats what i told my friends, you lot are so creepy haha :)
Michelle - lol. scaaaaary. remind me to never go camping with your friends ok. I might sail a shark to get b... More »
Michelle - Hi Heather, Welcome to Flaym! It can be so frustrating trying so many things and not getting any... More »
Heather - Hi Michelle, the only dietary changes I’ve done is to stop drinking alcohol, I don’t eat any spic... More »
Sarah - Welcome Heather! On the face I only use Aveeno products now. I only found them last year but for ... More »
Michelle - Thank you Rachel. It's not easy to stop eating. lol
Sarah - So glad it has returned to its former glory Michelle. That tar sounds amazing!
Michelle - Thank you Sarah. The tar does Work but my P is inflamed again today. I just go with the flow now.... More »
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaym family Angela! Lovely to see you supporting family with psoriasis. I was pre... More »
Michelle - I am happy to hear that Angela :)
Kathryn - Yes Michelle, it was a common treatment at that time. Fortunately i never had side effects.
Drienie - I tried cannabis as ointment, not working. Didn't try orally
Michelle - Hi Kay. Welcome to Flaym. I have the cannabis oil but I am too scared to try it. I've tried the s... More »
Sarah - Welcome Kay! I've been reading about it too and would definitely consider trying it but the cost ... More »
Darwin michael - hey sarah. have not been a scratcher ever since. whatever time of day it is. coz my P was not itc... More »
Michelle - Glad last night was a better sleep for you Darwin :) Sorry to hear about the lemon, did the stin... More »
Darwin michael - The sting lasted quite a while. So i had to go with the ice.
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Chandrey. I have 2 boys, my first son my skin got better and it got worse with... More »
Sarah - Welcome Chandrey! Mine too, my psoriasis has never been worse than whilst pregnant (x2) and once ... More »
Michelle - I hope it passes for you soon too Louise! Happy to hear the cbd oil is working well for you! hope... More »
Michelle - Good luck Louise and I hope it gets better soon.
Sarah - Oo love to know more about cbd oil, how are you using it?
Heather - Use tea tree oil on your scalp.
Sarah - It is kind of scary for me too patty. I was prescribed immunosurpressants last year and was too s... More »
Michelle - Tea tree oil has been great for me too Patty. I used to mix it with coconut oil, but now I use al... More »
Line - Hey everyone, thank you for all your positive suggestions and your own stories. As sad as I am ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Sorry you are going through this Line,i hope things will get better for you in time
Sarah - Line are you sure the nettle rash isn't urticaria (hives)? My son had hives recently for the firs... More »
Michelle - Hi Ace, I used to get it yes but with the coal tar I'm using, I don't get it at all as the tar dr... More »
Sarah - Yes Ace I get peeling sometimes. Especially after swimming as the chlorine water dries out my fla... More »
Jen - Hello Ace. Yes my skin peels after a flare up. and yes very very itchy. I find what works best mo... More »
Chel - I like it to relax to or to read to
James - Also check Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Ros.
Michelle - Will do thank you :)
Clint - Eva Las Vegas sounds like a song 😀
Clint - VIVA Eva L a s V E G A S.....
Sarah - Have a great time!
Sarah - Hey Eva! I use oil like you for intensive moisturising about once a week, but in the daytime I us... More »
Madmum007 - Hi Eva, when I have a flare I use a sulfur cream (it's in a yellow tub, I buy it online) just p... More »
Sarah - It is confusing Patty with all the treatments that are out there. Steroids often come in creams, ... More »
Sarah - I feel like this sometimes too Eva. Day 131 of strict autoimmune protocol, and now doing reintrod... More »
Ruben - Hey Eva, I just had a nice big flare up this weekend. Went to the doc yesterday, and I have an in... More »
GITTL - nothing....IT'S IN YOUR BLOOD. keep as peaceful as possible,positive, i'm trying marijuana oil no... More »
Michelle - Hope it clears for you soon James! I do the same on door edges for massage type feeling sometimes... More »
Sarah - Hahahaha James! Butt-hock! 😆
Ellen - I put my hand on my cheek & do the one finger scratch...I find they choose the weirdest moment to... More »
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