Kick the itch to scratch.

Jen - Hi Denise. I've put away all the harsh shampoos and creams lotions and potions. They just aggrava... More »
Birbie - Poly tar was the thing that helped mine my scalp is the only place my psoriasis is controlled tha... More »
Michelle - Wow! , Is there any way you could perhaps get a second opinion? How frustrating it would be heari... More »
Susan - Kez my suggestion is always the elimination diet. Figure out what you should stay away from. Cut... More »
Michelle - A good foot soak with Epsom salts and then a good amount of coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil s... More »
Ruben - Hey Sol, welcome to Flaym. I don't have scalp P anymore. Went away when I started taking vitamine... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sol! When my flares have been really bad I have alternated coconut oil based cr... More »
Bunny - I have the pimply things in and around my scalp and also on parts of my body along with the othe... More »
Sherry - During this round of p on my scalp, there is no physical evidence of psoriasis other than the mad... More »
Sherry - That was supposed to be tear my scalp off!! 😠 lol
Bunny - Hello to all and a response to Janice, Thank you for your response. Yes, I have said if this star... More »
Jen - Hi Bunny. Do you have a seat in the shower? A plastic chair or stool? I exfoliate my skin gentl... More »
john,darts vader - Hello bunny and welcome to flaym, i hope you find a lot of useful tips to try and help yourself t... More »
Laurie - I have scalp psoriasis too , for many years now. I use P&S Liquid- Baker & Cummins is company t... More »
Jeana - The t-gels seem too harsh for me. Paul Mitchell makes a Tea Tree Hair and Scalp shampoo and condi... More »
Sarah - Welcome Fearne! I go as gentle as possible with my scalp in terms of removing scales. I don't scr... More »
Emma - I have tried all sorts of changes and was even on antibiotics from a dermatologist, I just hate a... More »
Michelle - Good Luck Emma! I hope it works well for you! I found the tip here and decided to give it a try w... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Emma! That itch is just absolutely horrendous at times. I'm in a scalp flare ri... More »
Michelle - It sure can be hard at times Simone. What works best for me is tgel extra strength shampoo. A goo... More »
john,darts vader - Hello simone, luckily i dont itch that much, i have had some itchy times but its not constant and... More »
Sarah - Hi Simone, welcome to Flaym! The lumps of grossness, well I just gently brush them out and try no... More »
john,darts vader - thanks rita , next month haha not now , i will do.i get those flakes some sun and then it will g... More »
agb - Sarah, I understand. My scalp has been going crazy. Normal week I oil my scalp on the weekend and... More »
Sarah - Argh agb, it really is awful the itch and dryness and discomfort / pain, so sorry you're going th... More »
Alana - Has anyone had luck with Avocado oil. This psoriasis lotion I got at The health food store and it... More »
Irene - At the minute I'm using L'oreal Sensi- Balance shampoo, it has helped with the itch and less flak... More »
Bernie - Thanks Irene i will give it a go see if it helps me .
Michelle - Great to hear you and your skin are doing well Diane! Very nice :) Enjoy!!
Shawn - Susan I watched episode 1 of the autoimmune secrets video series - they mentioned frankincense as... More »
Susan - Really Shawn! That's cool. I don't have patches anymore, just scarring. I wonder if it talked ... More »
Michelle - I hope that can work for you Beth. When I was younger I was a server\bartender. My P was really ... More »
Simon - I get something similar on the waistband, especially in jeans. I used vaseline for a while and th... More »
Michael - Try Body Glide for Her Anti Chafing Balm. It should help you.😉
Susan - Virginia my suggestion is usually aloe vera gel. That's all I use on my skin unless I want to sm... More »
Michelle - Hi Virgina, Apple Cider Vinegar was my saviour durjng my last flare. I dab it on my skin with a c... More »
Michelle - Hi Michelle. I don't really drink lemon tea. Only ginger tea in the morning. Citrus does effect m... More »
Michelle - Hi Roslyn, sorry to hear about your difficult time. Has your dr ruled out psoriasis? perhaps a vi... More »
Paul - Hi Roslyn,Give T gel shampoo a go, works great for me.
Sarah - Best to get your diagnosis sorted as soon as you can! For itch I find it amazing to use oil on my... More »
Patricia - What a bloody git , hate bullies xx
Orlaith - Mine started about three years ago, perimenopause was kicking in. Stress is a huge factor I think... More »
Michelle - Mine started with the stress and devastation after loosing my grandmother. Stress is a big factor... More »
Lisa - Thanks will give that a try as tryed everything else
Michelle - Good Luck Lisa! Another thing you may want to consider is finding a good Omega 3 with a high epa... More »
Orlaith - Hi Michelle , I take a high dose of Omega3, and a female multivitamin /multimineral supplement. W... More »
Michelle - Hi Mally, I am happy to hear the oil bath is helping you! You can buy the oatmeal bath packets if... More »
Simon - When I have a flare up I do a week of baths with dead sea salt, Aveeno oil and then moisturise wh... More »
Sarah - That sounds like a great approach, Simon!
Erin - Thanks, I actually have apple cider vinegar, will try it.
Sarah - Hi Erin! Welcome to Flaym. My dermatologist recommended a "scalp blitz" for me that brought my sc... More »
Erin - Thanks, that sounds like something I could try.

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