Kick the itch to scratch.

natalie - try vaseline on it. i found that good. or epaderm moisturiser.
Sarah - Argh seeing the coverage grow is so frustrating... Really hope something will happen to help befo... More »
Susan - leanne Clint has been posting alot about lemon juice. Might sting but everyone seems to say that... More »
john, DARTS VADER - You can learn so much from here in the topics Lana,a lot of us is trying fresh lemon rubbed in th... More »
Sarah - Yep very stressful indeed, when watching coverage grow like that. How long have you been taking y... More »
Ruben - Hey Lana, don't Google, Flaym it ;) Thing is that we all react different and you'll have to find... More »
john, DARTS VADER - I have resolved my psoriatic arthritis symptoms just by making diet/lifestyle changes,all i need ... More »
Sarah - I'd like to resolve the itch the most. The itch is what is most distracting for me!
Clint - Ditch the itch with lemon 🍋 in a stitch
Sarah - Md, I eat all meats and fish, and a limited number of eggs as I am just reintroducing them. Maybe... More »
Md - Hi Sarah, do you take any prescription medicine ?
Sarah - I don't Md. Not for around 9 months now.
john, DARTS VADER - Skyler, i am a lifer aswell since birth,Have you thought of diet/lifestyle changes? it is a cho... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Skyler. Does your psoriasis make you tired? I think it difficult to imagine a d... More »
Michelle - Hi Skylar, things can get better... even though some days, it doesn't feel like it. I think its g... More »
Stacy - Unfortunately there is no cure if you mean by that they have psoriasis only things that will ease... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Claire! Always fantastic to see people join Flaym who are here to support famil... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Claire,No cure Heal for better yes,i am a lifer since birth and i have psoriatic arthritis... More »
Chris - Hello Margie hopefully you will find support ideas and similar people to share with here,I've had... More »
Michelle - Hi Margie. Welcome to Flaym. We are all here to support you!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Margie! We appreciate you being here too!
Jean - Happy birthday Michelle 🎂
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jean! I have given up on medicated shampoos as they stopped giving me good resu... More »
Jean - Thanks Sarah; I think I am in danger of trying too many things at once 😃 I have just tried clint'... More »
Michelle - Hi Debbie, I have not heard of palma planta pustular psoriasis. I have heard pustular, is it the ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Debbie! I don't have it myself, but have heard of palmoplantar and pustular sep... More »
Debbie - Hi and thank you. It only affects my palms and soles of the feet. Itchy and painful let alone uns... More »
Clint - It happens were you sweat so get the lemon 🍋 on it sounds like a rap song 🎶 Lemon 🍋. On your butt... More »
Stacy - Sarah that’s exactly the way mine is under my boobs and it was actually my partner that told me i... More »
Clint - Stacey use lemon 🍋
Bev - Never seen an after shower must before here in SA
James - John, Bev, it's really just a spray on moisturiser for quickly doing large areas after you shower... More »
Cherryl - Tried the aveeno spray mist, nice stuff. Not tried the Vaseline version though James. If you try ... More »
Sarah - I don't, it's a safe food for me.
Michelle - Beets are good for me too. Did you have a reaction Michelle?
Jen - No they are good for me I love them no reaction that I've noticed
Just Labs - thank you everyone! Lots of reading to do, but hope to tune in to comments at least once a day ... More »
Just Labs - I did it! ... changed my name to Just Labs :)
Michelle - They look so cute Just Labs. Good luck with your P and shout if you need advice!
Chris - Yeah o had sunstroke last summer blinking horrible, always learn the hard way 😊
john, DARTS VADER - That is nasty, i had that bad in tenerife last year, i call that holiday TENERGRIEF as i rememb... More »
Connie - Same here.
rachel - I get heel pain now but don't recall before the P.
Jane - The first thing I noticed before psoriasiswas sting on feet and lower legs. It was just like fire... More »
Sarah - Yes I think mine would fit that description in my heels Jane... how unusual
Michelle - I am so sorry for your loss Ed. That is the worst type of stress. I am glad you found us here and... More »
leanne78 - Sorry for your loss Ed xx
Sarah - Thoughts to you, Ed. Welcome to Flaym, we are here to connect, listen and help if we can!
Clint - Try some lemon 🍋 that has been wet then
Ali - No lemon on my skin! That’s scares me a lot I prefer other remedies but thanks
Clint - Lemon 🍋 works
Sarah - Which bit of your skin are you itching most at night Kez? If it is scalp I can really recommend a... More »
patty - I do that a lot especially on my scalp I have t-gel extra strength and I take showers when I cant... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello patty, have you thought about diet/lifestyle changes?, i dont hardly itch at all, i wish yo... More »
Sarah - Hey Patty, welcome to Flaym! Scalp itch is terrible. So persistent and difficult to treat. I appl... More »
patty - I hate sleeping I have so much anxiety at night I get a lot of flare up on my scalp two more day... More »
Sarah - I think the anxiety about sleeping is just the worst part of insomnia. It's really difficult ment... More »
Kez - I suffer with prickly heat as well but heat on my p does not help
john, DARTS VADER - Only if i sweat other wise i am okay
Sarah - Hmm not for me, I'm OK with the sun. I just have to remember to use sun cream everywhere!
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