Kick the itch to scratch.

Dave - First off, moisturise through the day, will keep scaling down an itching will be less. If you ar... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Carol! Yeowchh the itch can be unbearable at times cant they. I've had ear p fo... More »
Sarah - Hey Woodruff. For my scalp p itch and flakes I use grapeseed oil to soak the plaques for a couple... More »
Sarah - Also, did you see the theme section about "scalp psoriasis"? Could be of help!
Emma - I was still awake at 3... and my alarms just gone off. Long day ahead. I’ve got antihistamine the... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Emma. Yeowchh that itch is the worst. So distracting. I find that using oil soa... More »
MishLyn - Sarah, I am going to buy some grapeseed oil tomorrow to experiment with :) Thanks for your sugges... More »
Stefanie - Hi everyone, iv had psoriasis since I was 3.. I’m now 26 and have tried everything to cream/injec... More »
Cherryl - You're not alone Stefanie. It's a difficult thing to live with at times, but you will get to a be... More »
Cherryl - You're not alone Stefanie. It's a difficult thing to live with at times, but you will get to a be... More »
mary - after a few drinks and definitely stress and worry. It's mostly scalp psoriasis I have skin is pr... More »
Paul - I wake up early in the morning scratching at my legs only too find I've opened them up and put oi... More »
Roxanne - Its not when I feel a flare its where.I feel it first on the underside of my upper arms .Its ver... More »
will21 - you will get meds and creams advice from others. I look at i differently. Take the edge of your... More »
Sarah - Hi Kelly, welcome to Flaym! That is so frustrating to be told by someone that you can't do much t... More »
Jennifer - Raw Apple cider vinegar, I drink it daily in water but when I get that itch I put it right on my ... More »
Lynn - Try making a baking soda and water paste to apply on the area. In my experience, it’s helped reli... More »
MishLyn - Hi Clive, I hope you are feeling better soon. I tried an antihistamine for the first time last we... More »
Sarah - Oh no Mallory, two weeks feels like such a long time when severe flares are happening. Time moves... More »
Susan - Mallory I am so sorry to hear that. Continue with your diet changes because I'm sure that will h... More »
Durell - Hey, sorry to hear. Hope your ok. Maybe try coconut oil on it. It’s super cooling, night help wit... More »
Michelle - Hi Sheila, it can get better :) Have you ever tried dietary changes. It has helped so many of us ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sheila. I hope it will get better! I've read quite a few times that psoriasis c... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sheila. I hope it will get better! I've read quite a few times that psoriasis c... More »
Jacqueline - 🎼ear worm, ear worm, ear worm..🎼
Dave - “Shi....” 🤣
Susan - Dave I'm big on music too... Rock, Gospel, Accapella, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, even some ACDC, ... More »
john - welcome judy to flaym :)
Judith, Judy, nickname is Jude - I am new also. Will enjoy sharing with you. Judy
James - Hello Judy and Jolene, welcome to the group.
john - hello jackie, you have joint disease also, i have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis,i have had ps... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jackie! Did you have your sores and blemishes checked out by a GP? For me, my p... More »
Judith, Judy, nickname is Jude - Yes. New to me also. I was misdiagnosed by my Derm also until the internal auto immune issues t... More »
john - hello deborah, years ago yes, i used to have this problem,glad you are hopeful :)
Jolene - Yes!!! Daily.... I’m addicted to Q-tips and I am not proud of it!!!
Deborah - Thanks everyone. Yes, it comes out of my ear and also where I have messed with the ear by scratch... More »
Susan - Never even heard of them. Tell us what they are. I'm just healed from diet though but some of t... More »
Ramsudani - just search jrkresearch for the info of this.
Michelle - Sounds quite interesting. Have you ever tried them before?
Nan195 - Hi Everyone, thanks for your interesting responses 👏🏻🌹
sandy - since few months ago I'm facing this too... I still couldn't ask my doctor why?
Jeri - I get these all the time when I carry a shopping bag on my forearm. I blame steroids ans nsaid
Michelle - Hi Mary, welcome to Flaym! Great tip! Thanks for sharing :) Baby shampoo would be less irritatin... More »
Dave - Any reason for that Josh or just a flare up?
Nan195 - Wishing you better Josh...will gentle dry skin brushing help 🌹
Andie - Tis the season to be flaky, Both myself and Husband are the same Josh A Case of you scratch my ba... More »
Joel - I agree with them. Just quit my rheumatologist and trying to find the best diet to heal naturally... More »
john - good for you joel,slow elimination is key to success with diet/lifestyle changes,do it over month... More »
Sarah - Hi GeminiQueen, if you search "psoriasis diet" or AIP diet (anti immune protocol) on Pinterest, o... More »
Sarah - Hi Dominic, exactly what MishLyn said - moisturise and diet. Hope the itch subsides soon 😊
john - hello dominic, diet/lifestyle changes will help in the long term but, that is a choice a choice f... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Dominic. Did you already search the topic filter for the "itch" section? There'... More »
will21 - with Tiger Balm you can always add a little of you own oils , such as rosemary or what ever
Jacqueline - I didn't know that, good idea Will. Twill lessen the potency methinks.
will21 - MEOW..... Kitty Balm a diy recipe 2oz Beeswax 1oz Shea Butter 2oz Carrier Oil Essential ... More »

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