Kick the itch to scratch.

Michelle - Hi Therese, I have not tried them, but am very interested. I am currently reading Healing Psorias... More »
Sarah - Oo sounds luxurious! I hadn't heard of this being purifying, that book sounds so interesting Mich... More »
Therese - Hi Michelle. I’m seeing new seem dr tomorrow and will inquire about the book, tea, oils and light... More »
Isobel - No I dont
Darwin michael - thanks agAIN!
Michelle - Hi Darwin. I'm sure you can apply the lemon as often as you like. That's what I do. I have 2 lemo... More »
Sarah - Hey Patty! I can totally relate to this. At times my scalp gets so tight and itchy and flaky and ... More »
patty - I been to dermatologist under there care now I have many treatments s far but I have bad anxiety ... More »
Diana - Hi Patty, sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. I see you're from California, have you tried CBDs ... More »
Jinger - Depends on the pool a little Vaseline on affected area helps create a barrier that will decrease ... More »
Michelle - My advice is, don't get into a pool if you can smell the chlorine. That means there are too much ... More »
patty - no never tried going swimming yet soon though
john,DARTS VADER - We do like to have some laughs aswell sometimes on the way, i look at it as part of the treatment... More »
June - Thank you John you have a lovely day.
Sarah - June, I can imagine your p has been suffering with the stress you are under. Where is your psoria... More »
Sarah - Hi Fahd, I haven't used injections before, but many on Flaym have, or have considered it. You can... More »
Darwin michael - been through the same situation last night. ran out aloe vera moisturizer so had endure it. sure ... More »
Jennifer - Raw apple cider vinegar, I put it directly on my skin when it's itching badly and it burns for a ... More »
Heather - I have been struggling with itching lately too. This is a new symptom for me. I’m new to this sit... More »
Margaret R - I take probiotics, but don’t know about the “pre”. Will talk to my daughter in law about that. Th... More »
Sarah - First time for everything Margaret R! Welcome to Flaym. You will for sure learn a lot about psori... More »
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Margaret. Was there a big change in your life that could have triggered psoria... More »
Michelle - Sounds wonderful Eva! 🌞 Soak it up! Are you still testing out the lemon? 😊
eva - Michelle Yes, still applying lemon on my scalp.
Michelle - Nice :) How are you finding it on your scalp?
Ace - I've tried that already. I've been eating the same four things for the past two in a half weeks. ... More »
Michelle - Wow Ace, that's a lot in 2 weeks, good for you! May I ask what kind of acv you tried? I think qua... More »
Sarah - The only things that help me with night itching are keeping cool and moisturising a lot before be... More »
Sarah - I never tried antihistamines for itching patty, do they really work?
patty - yes sometimes sometimes they don't if I have bad anxiety they don't I need to be treated for anxi... More »
Michelle - I use cbd oil for pain and it has really helped a lot. I have not tried it on my skin, but have h... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Matt! I have seen a lot in the media about cbd oils for skin complaints in gene... More »
Drew - Hi Matt, I’m new here also and have been curious about CBD for psoriasis. Very curious to know w... More »
anthony - there is something going on here on flaym and its great to here the ladies on the group are getti... More »
Clive - Wow Michelle , i so feel for you and i truly hope that it went well !! Cause i am in the same boa... More »
MariaL - Let's get live, laugh and love! Never lose hope for a right love... same as finding Nemo... We ar... More »
Michelle - Third times a charm 😀 I hope it continues to work well for you Naima!
Naima - Thank you Michelle, I hope so too 🤞
Sarah - The best things are worth waiting for! Awesome...
Madmum007 - ginger with coconut oil is working for me tonight
Peter - Have you tried Rooi bos tea / red bush tea ? i found it soothed my P
Tracey - Hi Eva Try Moo Goo scalp cream and Moo Goo milk shampoo. Just started it 4 days ago and no itchin... More »
john,DARTS VADER - yep, mozzys love me too, think they like the taste of psoriatic blood,i hate the things, hope th... More »
Michelle - The itch is bad for me too, I got some bites on my feet and it was driving me crazy last night. I... More »
Pegge - Psoriasis became real after approximately 120 -130 yellow jacket stings..That sent my immune syst... More »
Michelle - Oh so happy you can see your GP today Eilish! I am sorry for your pain and I hope you can get som... More »
Sarah - Yaaaaah Eilish, so sore! That sensation is so horrible. I get that under my skin too when I get f... More »
Gabriela - So sorry to hear that. My derm once prescibed some allergy medications that make me kinda sleepy.... More »
Sarah - Vaseline (petroleum jelly) rubbed into slightly damp skin is really soothing and really moisturis... More »
Michelle - Almond oil is my moisturizer right now, it works amazing for me. Have you ever tried oils rather ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Am09ash! I use Aveeno, it is ace and I've been using it a year ish. Best I've fo... More »
Sarah - Argh no, new spots are quite discouraging! But I'm sure you'll manage them away in no time.
Shawn - Michelle - so wild it will be winter there soon as summer is just beginning here in Florida - the... More »
Clint - Stay warm and safe with some lemon 🍋 in your place
Briana - I can’t tell you how amazing each of you are for commenting and showing your support. I absolutel... More »
Michelle - To a flake free life Briana! Hip Hip....Hooray!
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