Kick the itch to scratch.

Bev - I used a steroid gel for a few days then moisturised inside my ears a lot. I still moisturise at ... More »
Rosey - Hi Charlotte,I use coconut oil or Vaseline on in ears and low steroid cream sometimes,for eyelids... More »
Aleksandar - Try to live a happy life, that helps a lot, trust me.
James - I googled it and see some good things. However, one amazon review said you need to check the ingr... More »
James - Vaseline spray in moisturiser. Keep it in the fridge then spray all affected areas before you go ... More »
Rosey - Coal tar bath really helps me,but don't live alone so can't do it often,takes that itch away
Genevieve - Try putting iced washcloths or bandages on it
Bev - So glad it's working for you Sarah 👏
Susan - Synthetic vitamins?🤔 might want to google them. Main reason I switched to Moringa. Real plant and... More »
Mariles Benavente - Susan, How do you use the moringa?
Peter - i hope you get something to help
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Hello tracy,Stress can be a factor but ,also diet/lifestyle aswell as environmental with weather ... More »
Millionways - Thanks John! I will take a look at those filters. Ow yes, winter is coming. Just ran to store to ... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Your welcome Millionways, hope you can get on top of it this winter , I dont like the winter, ne... More »
psomom - Thanks John. I tried to answer before but I often have problems posting.
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Sorry about this James , i bet that is frustrating, Hope treatment for you comes soon,I wish you ... More »
James - Just got round to opening today's mail. Good, but unbelievable, another letter from dermatology c... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Hopefully they wont, yes i am feeling the winter coming, gonna be a lot of psoriatics wanting thi... More »
Sarah - Frustrating to see coverage growing, hope it stays fairly contained for you!
Rebecca - That past 6 years it’s got steadily worse because of going through a divorce. I know my nerves h... More »
Bev - Sorry it's spreading Rebecca. I do hope you find a solution that works for you be it diet, lemon ... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - I wish you all the best too Mavis, hope hip op goes well :)
Bev - Good luck with hip op Mavis. Enjoy your newly renovated home
Mavis - Thankyou Bev. The workmen have nearly finished and its looking good. Masses of decorating to do t... More »
Rajesh - Dear Friends, I have been suffering from Psoriasis (majorly Scalp) for the past 14 years, and cam... More »
Bev - Not sure if you could get this shampoo where you are for your son @Psomom
Rajesh - Dear @bev43, @psomom, it can be shipped to Canada, just google it, "Atrisor Shampoo"... It is a a... More »
Millionways - Thanks psomom, I think I asked this question against all knowledge. I loved this cream and then f... More »
psomom - One can dream 😀😀
Sarah - Not me, I'm OK with those things but I don't eat peanuts because of the lectins. I'm not allergic... More »
Michelle - I guess the 33 degrees are helping. Get some sun, even when its cold outside and rays are coming ... More »
Michelle - Clint I agree. You should see my tan. Damn! Coal tar is the best way to get that olive tan ;)
Clint - LOL 😁
Millionways - Goodluck, Doris.
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - I wish you all the best Doris, glad you are making positive changes,:)
Doris - Thanks!!
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Hello Patty, have you thought about elimination diet. diet/lifestyle changes to reduce inflammati... More »
Patricia - Hi i been thinking that i been searching on pinterst about what not to eat its everything lol
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Patty , if you can?,ween yourself of packet items, cook fresh, eat plenty of veggies, you can eat... More »
Lindakay1948 - Winter I shiver at the thought of Winter b/c I do get worse...its getting cooler here on the High... More »
Lindakay1948 - Bev stay Safe there in Cape Town...we need all P folks safe I send much love to you all always~~
Michelle - I got a few spits too in winter. Our P doesn't like the cold but I've learned to keep my P warm. ... More »
Michelle - Hi Denise. I'm sorry to hear about the flare. Have you changed your diet/meds? I hope it gets bet... More »
Denise - Hi Michelle not sure what has caused it nothing seems to help
Sarah - When my guttate came back those are the areas out came on, plus forearms. Funny how psoriasis wor... More »
Michelle - Did you ask the chemist if they can order for you Ellen? I only use 1 type of coal tar shampoo an... More »
Rosey - Yep got go get a good chemist to make it u p ok the forms the wait is worth it
Ellen - Will go speak to the chemist tomorrow.... thanx ladies !!
Denise - When my legs were really bad I used to wear shorts to canoe and kayak keep your head up ignore th... More »
Sarah - This side of psoriasis is really hard to deal with. Loads of us just cover up to avoid the issue ... More »
Rosey - Had the fire comments too Lynne and worst it was constant for about a year ,was a horrible year ,... More »
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