Kick the itch to scratch.

Millionways - Goodluck, Doris.
John,Toxin portal patch - I wish you all the best Doris, glad you are making positive changes,:)
Doris - Thanks!!
John,Toxin portal patch - Hello Patty, have you thought about elimination diet. diet/lifestyle changes to reduce inflammati... More »
Patricia - Hi i been thinking that i been searching on pinterst about what not to eat its everything lol
John,Toxin portal patch - Patty , if you can?,ween yourself of packet items, cook fresh, eat plenty of veggies, you can eat... More »
Lindakay1948 - Winter I shiver at the thought of Winter b/c I do get worse...its getting cooler here on the High... More »
Lindakay1948 - Bev stay Safe there in Cape Town...we need all P folks safe I send much love to you all always~~
Michelle - I got a few spits too in winter. Our P doesn't like the cold but I've learned to keep my P warm. ... More »
Michelle - Hi Denise. I'm sorry to hear about the flare. Have you changed your diet/meds? I hope it gets bet... More »
Denise - Hi Michelle not sure what has caused it nothing seems to help
Sarah - When my guttate came back those are the areas out came on, plus forearms. Funny how psoriasis wor... More »
Michelle - Did you ask the chemist if they can order for you Ellen? I only use 1 type of coal tar shampoo an... More »
Rosey - Yep got go get a good chemist to make it u p ok the forms the wait is worth it
Ellen - Will go speak to the chemist tomorrow.... thanx ladies !!
Denise - When my legs were really bad I used to wear shorts to canoe and kayak keep your head up ignore th... More »
Sarah - This side of psoriasis is really hard to deal with. Loads of us just cover up to avoid the issue ... More »
Rosey - Had the fire comments too Lynne and worst it was constant for about a year ,was a horrible year ,... More »
Sarah - Hope you're feeling better soon!
Cazza - I wish, I now have a really bad cold and a sore throat and my asthma getting bad again 🤣. Having ... More »
psomom - Hi Karena, I am also mother of a child with P. I’m on a journey to discover best/safest treatment... More »
Jen - What do you wash his hair with Karena?
Karena - I use nizoral shampoo x
Michelle - Oops and yes I went for interview. Starting October. Half day only. Better than nothing right? Th... More »
Bev - Wow that's fantastic Michelle. Enjoy only working half day. Although I firmly believe that you ac... More »
Michelle - True Bev, I kind of like the half day idea, but I get bored so quickly. Ah things will work out j... More »
Rosey - Coal tar bath ,chemist compote,didnt stain bath lol did do the job,then after dried dusted with c... More »
Peter - Lemon and lime
Clive - Hi James , i would recommend coconut oil it works for me but it is a mission to clean the bath an... More »
Michelle - Awwww Rosemary. I know how you feel. I'm not near your age but I had it on my hands. Its terrible... More »
Kim - Hi Rosemary. Both backs of my hands are affected. I know how you feel, it's awful having it on di... More »
Linda - Hope you can fit in some rest and relaxation too Rosey!
Bev - Remember to have some me time
Rosey - I will Linda and Bev but p Rob not till second week off,just good to have time off
James - For the record I'm liking the Vaseline one, and only 2.99 from Semichem. I take a can when I do s... More »
Justin - I smother myself and eat it - coconut oil TRY IT, YOU WILL BE AMAZED!
Md - Wheatgrass is amazing, you will be noticed after 2 months
Robin - Try a lotion for the scalp and a smooth shampoo. Iam using hemp&Co works for me
Sarah - Love Aveeno
psomom - I’ve heard lots of great things about Aveeno. Trying their skin cream now.
Joan - I've had it since age 5 and my brother since mid-forties. We are both in our fifties now. I think... More »
Michelle - Sorry about that Tkaye. There are a few Flaymers who was only diagnosed over 50 yrs of age. Very ... More »
Erica - I can relate to this
Tkaye - That’s an understatement for me right now.
James - We all feel like that occasionally.
K - Don't take it that way. You are stronger than me. Stay brave and strong. My prayers and wishes fo... More »
Jan - I'm not sure James as I get mine from superdrugs
James - I was joking about in bulk, just meaning it would take a lot to anti-age me :)
Rosey - Haha@ James again,to Jan ,I wasted so much money on moisturisers,its a diet thing,but do use lemo... More »
John,Toxin portal patch - So true Jen,I have never had a problem in the past, i say it all the time, i get my haircut this ... More »
John,Toxin portal patch - Yes ,James is right though, i know you said your postal service is dodgy in South Africa and you ... More »
Lindakay1948 - I am ordering this today thank you..although I use coconut oil and that is helping thank you
James - I'm having the same problem. I'm waiting to go for uvb treatment but for now, I keep some aerosol... More »
Des - Its totally messy but sudocream might be worth a try.
John,Toxin portal patch - Sorry to hear this Patty, must be hard going through that with itching etc, I remember as a child... More »
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