Kick the itch to scratch.

James - My scalps been free for a while now but when it had plaques, I tried shower caps and plastic bags... More »
Olive - Hi, I also use coconut oil on my scalp, and tried a bunch of things to cover my head. I found a m... More »
MishLyn - That is fantastic Sarah! I bet it is quite helpful having one at home :) Have you had it long or ... More »
Sarah - Relatively new, MishLyn. I've had it since July, but stopped using it daily when we went somewher... More »
Sarah - Love a multi-pronged approach, Sarah!
LiftedLioness - Cannabis and cannabis oil has been my best friend.
Ruth - Not YET.
john - dont wait for it, can waste your life and the years go by and nothing, best manage and dont wait ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Carol. Snap, ear and arm psoriasis! Amongst other places... Glad you found us o... More »
Nan195 - Wishing you well Diane and hoping your P clears up 🌹
Lorna Penner - Diane would it help to soak your feet in warm water & Epson salt? or even a bath in Epson salt is... More »
Paul - You are So right Lorna, Epson salt is soo healing for the body in so many ways, I used to use it ... More »
Susan - Bren good thinking. Sugar in any form is like poison. I suggest, if you buy anything processed,... More »
Rains - Hope you feel better
john - sorry to hear this bren,when the itch comes it hard i know been there in the past,hope things wil... More »
Jacqueline - Yes, but only during a bad flare. And every salve I use hurts, so then have to resort to ice to c... More »
Sarah - Hi Angie, I haven't personally had this but others on here have experienced similar... I think Ga... More »
Robert - Eat dark chocolate🤔
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - I like dark choc but not too much of it lol! And i think ill pick some aloe stuff up next time im... More »
john - yes i know what you mean about the coconut oil nuggets,if i put too much on my face , i look like... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Magzdub! For me while pregnant and breastfeeding I used a lot of oils on my sca... More »
Brian - Metaderm is steroid free
MagzDub - Thank you everyone for your replies!😊
john - sorry to hear this mallory,sorryto hear about your itching and scratching it a steroid cream?
Sarah - People do seem to be talking about Metaderm a lot, is great that you're sharing your experience o... More »
Michelle - I'm sorry to hear its not working well for you Mallory. Have you ever tried an antihistamine to h... More »
will21 - Macrophages, are large leukocytes, which are able to move outside of the vascular system by migra... More »
Jenny - Apparently if you have had psoriasis for years you are prone to the arthritis. My arthritis was s... More »
Susan - I would sure like to find out or see some statistics on this. It is an interesting theory. I have... More »
Tim - Chrisb: I used to do the same thing until I started using a coal tar shampoo. I may have Psoria... More »
Deleted account - I just get the vacuum out and hoover my hair.
Jack - Kind of reminds me of this YouTube channel I saw of an Asian guy with really severe P who posts v... More »
john - hello brenda,i do diet/lifestyle changes and i rarely itch,it is a choice though, sorry about you... More »
Sarah - I'd definitely agree that the effects of psoriasis can feel quite exhausting at times. Great that... More »
Sarah - I got a new perfume from Positano in Italy for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and have worn it... More »
Lorna Penner - Sarah what is Vit D analogue and anti inflammatory elements?
Sarah - Hi Lorna, I've private messaged you about vitamin d analogues and anti inflammatory stuff
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, JUlie! My potion of choice is plain and simple grapeseed oil, I put it on the h... More »
JUlie - Hi mishLyn Thank you I have tried t gel but unfortunately to no avail x
Jason - I typically use an argon oil every time I wash my good and smells good too....
Susan - Try using a cream called Thentix. I have been using it for about a year and it works wonders..
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Boopindra! I have psoriasis around my hairline, it kind of just merges in with ... More »
john - thnks paul, that is a long time to wait you would know, in england you would be seen fairly qui... More »
Jennifer - I put Apple cider vinegar on my skin when that happens, it'll burn for a minute but then the itch... More »
Paul - Jennifer,thank you I looked it up and actually my mum told me about it as well...after I mentione... More »
Sarah - Hey Joni, after a first guttate explosion this year I have also moved into this territory! I do l... More »
Susan - I get mine from LaSenza...
john - how have been susan,its been a few days or more now, i hope all is well with you thanks :)
Sarah - Great idea, Nina. Let us know how you get on!
Paul - Good luck Nina, I hope you get some positive input and information that can help :)
john - good luck nina, hope all goes well thanks
Sarah - Alyssa, that really is frustrating. I had my first episode of guttate psoriasis this year after t... More »
Alyssa - Awww sarah thats great mines been coming and going with throat infections since i was 17 im 25 no... More »
Sarah - I'm on a waiting list for UVB treatment but actually it's been so long coming that I'm clear now ... More »

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