Kick the itch to scratch.

Michelle - Yes Julie! Dietary changes have been a huge success for me and many others here too. I followed T... More »
Sarah - I've heard similar stories about light therapy where the p often comes back, so frustrating for y... More »
Sarah - Hi Andy, good to see you back! I haven't had p on my lips... I use vaseline when my lips are dry ... More »
Andy - Thanks Sarah, it’s been a while. I’ve been trying to get used to having it and there was a period... More »
Susan - Good morning. Glad you had fun. I had a good weekend. Always planning wedding stuff and chilling ... More »
John, THE HULK - Nice :) glad you are happy Eva :)
James - My brothers and I took my mum out for a birthday lunch at a fancy restaurant, out in the country,... More »
Peter - Hi welcome Anne, sorry to hear about your P, have a look under the Themes and topics for some inf... More »
Michelle - Hi Anne, have you by chance stopped any if your medicated creams suddenly? I ask this as I did st... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Anne! So sorry to hear that you're seeing an increase in your coverage, that's ... More »
Michelle - That it can be so maddening at times Shauna. The best things that have worked for me are applying... More »
Willem - My knees and elbows hurt when i lay or sit on them don't know why but it's very sore
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Shauna! Ah no, that brings back memories of itchy knee caps for me too, though ... More »
Peter - welcome Noreen, sorry to hear the P is back . There is loads of info on and if you not sure pop u... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Noreen. This is the best place to get some advice. Since I've joined Flaym, my P... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Noreen! Ah no you are experiencing a flare up...tough times. Oh yes there are s... More »
Michelle - I am so sorry Ingrid. Emotional stress is not good for anyone. Before you start concentrating on ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ingrid, glad you have found us at a time that must be very difficult for you. S... More »
John, THE HULK - well, yes it can be argued, though a lot of people do have someone in the family with it but not... More »
deborah - I feel speechless Amanda, because I don't have the words to help your agony. But I do hear you, a... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Amanda. So many of us are so frustrated with the things we have to deal with li... More »
Theba - I’m sorry Amanda I have had psoriasis for 18 years so I feel your pain, your a beautiful person I... More »
Sarah - Ooo ouch, that does sound sore. I can see why that makes you sad on your status. I always find a ... More »
Linda - Keep us posted please.
rachel - Hope it works for you Sarah. I use Faith in Nature. Buy it in bulk from Natural Collection. 5 lit... More »
Sarah - So far so good with the Aldi shampoo. Scalp is feeling good all round really right now! For how l... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Louise! That is so great you found us at Flaym. Oh yes I have learned so much b... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ernest. It isn't to do with warts, although there is one type of psoriasis call... More »
Michelle - Hi Pauline, many here have had really good results using Turmeric to combat inflammation. If you ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Pauline! I started drinking turmeric tea and golden milk daily around 9 months ... More »
Jean - Me too x
Sarah - Hi Breda, welcome to Flaym! For me this has changed over time. It used to be that sun would help ... More »
John, THE HULK - In small dose is usually fine , too much is not good though it dosnt affect me if i get too much,... More »
Line - Thank you guys! Feeling better.
Roxanne - A warm bath then a slathering of creams or lotions.
Ruben - Aloe Vera cools down immediately, also lemon helps well for me :)
John, THE HULK - Haha. well they can count Michelle:) I know what you mean :)
Sarah - I have never met up yet with anyone from Flaym. I did set up a meetup as a host at Clean Cut Kitc... More »
John, THE HULK - I was surprised how many people are near me Sarah when i looked up with meet others ,Theres a l... More »
Jamie - Hello not tried yet but definitely going to give it a try and as for the diet do you have any rec... More »
Michelle - Good for you Jamie & Good Luck! I have found Pinterest to be really helpful putting things togeth... More »
Ava - I just discovered a lovely recipes thread on this site! Go to "themes" then "recipes."
John, THE HULK - Its great fun Michelle, yes the ladies get too drunk, more drunk than me and i do get drunk,i ha... More »
Michelle - Lol. Well enjoy John. Fun is always good for a person and to have a great laugh makes the fun so ... More »
John, THE HULK - Thanks Michelle, :)
carol - Does your mom know that certain foods are trouble for you? Still difficult to refuse her cooking... More »
Peter - Hi carol, she does but after having a talk over the weekend with her came to the concision that i... More »
carol - Sorry to hear that your mom doesn't take your food sensitivities seriously. So many don't realiz... More »
John, THE HULK - It is difficult as most people are not happy about having it well who would be , I have approach... More »
Sarah - I posted about a similar situation recently too eva, a lady at a playgroup I go to was there and ... More »
Jaye - I have psoriasis really bad, I would rather someone approached me and asked me about it, and if t... More »
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