Kick the itch to scratch.

Lorna Penner - Ladies this is a good support group..I hope you find the proper help here. Psoriases is differen... More »
Rosey - Yes been tested I don't have RA ,have OA,but they just think it's that,first it was a hermans nod... More »
Ben - Eva would you please PM me.
john,AQUA MAN - well yes , she should no better,thats why theres good and bad nurses out there, some are as rough... More »
Heather - My hands are totally clear now as is most of my body and hopefully she learned her lesson! Thanks... More »
john,AQUA MAN - I have been quite lucky really, not many have mentioned it on me though i did get troubles when i... More »
Sarah - Ace I use Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on my scalp (used it tonight! use it often) to ease th... More »
Ava - I wish I'd never begun picking at my scalp, because the habit's difficult to stop, and I end up p... More »
Sarah - So pleased to hear that! The oil soaks are something I've only come by in the past year, and now ... More »
Michelle - Hi Tunde, I have noticed my nails are stronger than ever since I started taking an Omega 3. I als... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Tunde! I keep my nails very short, and right now they are good. After a year of... More »
Michelle - Good Luck Peter!! I hope it works well for you :) Keep us posted with your progress!
Michelle - Good luck Peter :)
Sarah - Hope it suits your skin well, Peter! Keep posting with your progress...
Heather - Where i live it’s been very sunny and hot. I make it a point to swim EVERYDAY. It helps so much!
Michelle - The sun is a saviour to me too. Maybe taking vit d could be helpful, to make up for it not lastin... More »
john,AQUA MAN - The joy of living in the UK, a few months of sun, starts to help it and then winter is here so fa... More »
Patd1 - Oh sorry so painful.
Debbie - My mother had psoriasis
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Patricia. Yes many people have traced it through their family. Me, I have no ot... More »
Lynne - Have you heard of avenno moisturiser ? This is very good also x
Michelle - Thanks for sharing Lynne! I haven't used that method in a long time, but I have found it really h... More »
Sarah - Great tip to share Lynne! Yes I love oatmeal soaks and my psoriasis is definitely soothed by it. ... More »
Peter - Be positive, dont let fear rule you, we all try things to help us no matter what it is , stay str... More »
Sarah - Got to be done Patty to get to a better place! Good for you, trying something new to help yoursel... More »
Patricia - I didn't do the injections my immune system is low iga efficeny so I cant take them bio after all... More »
Michelle - Yes Julie! Dietary changes have been a huge success for me and many others here too. I followed T... More »
Sarah - I've heard similar stories about light therapy where the p often comes back, so frustrating for y... More »
Sarah - Hi Andy, good to see you back! I haven't had p on my lips... I use vaseline when my lips are dry ... More »
Andy - Thanks Sarah, it’s been a while. I’ve been trying to get used to having it and there was a period... More »
Susan - Good morning. Glad you had fun. I had a good weekend. Always planning wedding stuff and chilling ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Nice :) glad you are happy Eva :)
James - My brothers and I took my mum out for a birthday lunch at a fancy restaurant, out in the country,... More »
Peter - Hi welcome Anne, sorry to hear about your P, have a look under the Themes and topics for some inf... More »
Michelle - Hi Anne, have you by chance stopped any if your medicated creams suddenly? I ask this as I did st... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Anne! So sorry to hear that you're seeing an increase in your coverage, that's ... More »
Michelle - That it can be so maddening at times Shauna. The best things that have worked for me are applying... More »
Willem - My knees and elbows hurt when i lay or sit on them don't know why but it's very sore
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Shauna! Ah no, that brings back memories of itchy knee caps for me too, though ... More »
Peter - welcome Noreen, sorry to hear the P is back . There is loads of info on and if you not sure pop u... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Noreen. This is the best place to get some advice. Since I've joined Flaym, my P... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Noreen! Ah no you are experiencing a flare up...tough times. Oh yes there are s... More »
Michelle - I am so sorry Ingrid. Emotional stress is not good for anyone. Before you start concentrating on ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ingrid, glad you have found us at a time that must be very difficult for you. S... More »
john,AQUA MAN - well, yes it can be argued, though a lot of people do have someone in the family with it but not... More »
deborah - I feel speechless Amanda, because I don't have the words to help your agony. But I do hear you, a... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Amanda. So many of us are so frustrated with the things we have to deal with li... More »
Theba - I’m sorry Amanda I have had psoriasis for 18 years so I feel your pain, your a beautiful person I... More »
Sarah - Ooo ouch, that does sound sore. I can see why that makes you sad on your status. I always find a ... More »
Linda - Keep us posted please.
rachel - Hope it works for you Sarah. I use Faith in Nature. Buy it in bulk from Natural Collection. 5 lit... More »
Sarah - So far so good with the Aldi shampoo. Scalp is feeling good all round really right now! For how l... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Louise! That is so great you found us at Flaym. Oh yes I have learned so much b... More »
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