Kick the itch to scratch.

john,Chewweeeeee - Hello Jess, I had it on my face but did a steroid cream that is chinese for a week and it got bet... More »
Jess - Thank you for your information John,FLAKES. I will look for it and hopefully it’ll stop spreading.
john,Chewweeeeee - Your welcome Jess,,Just dont use powerful steroids long term, best advice, My face has been great... More »
Jannie - I like your idea
Michelle - Well I'm going to try it thank you psomom. I need my P to be gone before summer (November). I hav... More »
Heather - I will never drink it ever again but, I’m down to try it on my skin.
Rosey - Yep,just water,one part water to three parts baking soda,havent tried it myself as I itch at nig... More »
Rina - Thanks. I will try it.
Rosey - So will I ,at night too tired,morning routine takes an hour, to try not flake during work time,I ... More »
Sarah - I don't think basil is considered an inflammatory food in what I have read and followed with my e... More »
Psoriatic4good - As My country is across from Italy, we also use the same herbs as them and they are phenomenal. ... More »
Michelle - Hm...could be the peppers again. I've been okay with it but now it seems I can only have them onc... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Great Edwin, Yes i been on Vitabiotics for 2 months now and see how things go,May take time for t... More »
Marisa - I had all -plaque came on after medications, Guttate usually came on after strep. I finally got o... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - We are all different with this i know , Dietary changes do help for my joints i know that, My ski... More »
Rina - I have seriously considered it. I know my parents used to put marijuana in the rubbing alcohol an... More »
Suze - I tried some and it helped with my joint pain So am going to try the oil on my skin too. And 5... More »
Rina - Have you tried the oil on your patches yet?
Jen - Hi Sarah. It seems to be the same with me and lemons. I have tried on and off for a long time. I ... More »
Clint - Sarah the lemon 🍋 starts a detox of the skin the results are deflaking then redness but as your s... More »
Kim - Hi Sarah. What works for some, doesn't work for others. We all have a different chemical make up ... More »
Michelle - Your diet sounds good Sanelle. Could it be the blood pressure meds perhaps? I have no experience ... More »
Sarah - I don't have cats and my p has still been pretty bad! I guess if there are allergies it would set... More »
Jen - Hi Sanelle. I used to clean houses and one customer has 4 Pugs. The house is covered in their hai... More »
Sarah - I still haven't tried Epsom salts Lindakay! I use grapeseed oil for my scalp and it is very sooth... More »
Lindakay1948 - I have found Cheap is great for me too I use ebay a lot seeking all stuff for P and usually with ... More »
Michelle - I'm going to look for the tar soap this weekend. Glad its working for you Lindakay. :)
john,Chewweeeeee - Yes sure, Get fresh lemons, cut,slice squeeze on your skin not sore skin though,rub the piece of ... More »
Ray - Thanks will try it.
Sarah - Yep Ray lots of people have been trying putting the fresh lemon on as John says. Let us know how ... More »
Michelle - I am happy to hear that the cream you have is helping! Such a great feeling seeing the redness an... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Treena! I've thought about trying bee propolis and got as far as finding some i... More »
Treena - I would say try the propolis capsules. As it works from the inside out. I am 3 days on 2 caps... More »
Genevieve - I just saw online that they have special body suits for children with eczema, both to stop the it... More »
Michelle - Oh Genevieve. I know the itch can be bad and frustrating. Have you tried lemon?
Genevieve - Yes, I kinda went overboard with it, putting it on 5, 6 times a day for a few weeks. It inflamed... More »
deborah - Okay, my blood pressure meds were replaced two weeks ago due to a recall on my other one. I think... More »
Jill - Humidity cratering me...hate it...
deborah - Yup, I'm with you Jill. Chin up :)
Sarah - Bahahaaa Josh, good way to bag yourself some leg room... I was on the tube at the weekend and wow... More »
carol - Scratch and blow
Michelle - Lol! I think, if we have to meet someday, we will have one hell of a show and tell. Laughing all ... More »
Catherine - Organic hemp oil scalp mask. Read reviews and tried it. You must be consistent and its hard to sh... More »
Catherine - I used to use that shampoo!! But now I use whatever shampoo and then follow it with diluted organ... More »
Rani - Hi Catherine, do you shampoo and rub the apple cider vinegar after you wash it, do u apply while ... More »
James - Derek, I use similar when it was just plaque P I had but since also getting guttae the itching ha... More »
Jill - Try fresh lemon juice...takes the itch away...Clint on Flaym highly recommended it...try it ,I di... More »
Doreen - Yes. It works for me. I even take Benadryl at night and it really helps!
Michelle - it sounds amazing Ilze and I'm happy for you! Thank you for the great info with regards to this t... More »
Sarah - WOW WOW WOW Ilze that is so awesome. Thank you for sharing! I am so so so happy for you 💚💚💚
Linda - So glad you found something that works for you Lize! It is great to know if one option does not ... More »
Skyler - @mary1932 I’m going to order some and give it a try. I’ll try anything. My feet are what’s bad o... More »
Johanne - Try using pure vitamin E 400ui.
bernadette - Parafin gel very pure
Sarah - The itch is a bitch John, it is the worst aspect for me of having psoriasis. So distracting... pr... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Thats a bummer isnt it Sarah, thats why i feel for so many with this, i havnt itched you know on ... More »
Michelle - I know how the itching feels. When I used to work for a newspaper group in South Africa, I was co... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - And you Michelle :)
Sarah - No Michelle I haven't but I'd love to! Knowledge is power 👊 I bet it could be beautiful in a weir... More »
deborah - No! show me
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