Psoriasis doesn’t define you.

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Linda. Do share!
Jen - Hi Linda I would love to hear what you did. Please share.
Michelle - Hi Linda, that's great you have been able to find something helpful. Looking forward to hearing w... More »
natalie - you would be surprised how many people actually have psorisas. i no its very hard especially now ... More »
Sarah - I think I had to stop hating my body for things to change. I think I came to realise after like 2... More »
Simon - The people who care about you will not judge you on you psoriasis and the rest are not worth both... More »
Michelle - Cuckoo indeed. Iol
Michelle - I Love your positivity and determination Michelle 😀 Hopefully you wore layers so you can peel th... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Thats great Michelle with it not ruining things , sorry about your ankles though, hope it will s... More »
Sarah - I agree totally Catherine. Where do you find your wild fish from?
Ruben - In Belgium it's not too hard to find wild fish. Any good fishmonger should be able to provide at ... More »
Catherine - I go to the fish market ... most fish there is caught at sea ..I stick to fish caught in the UK ... More »
Ruben - Been giving it a shot for a few days as well. Looks promising. I drink lemon juice every mornin... More »
Michelle - I've only been using it for 4 days and it's already doing a great job.
Sarah - This does sound amazing everyone! Good for you giving it a go! Clint the lemon man is on a roll h... More »
Stacy - Everything lol I don’t care what people think I used to keep myself covered and I worked in a hai... More »
Catherine - Morning Sarah 😊 until now I've tried to cover up as much as possible ...but this last week I've ... More »
Sarah - That is amazing to hear of most of you airing your psoriasis! The more we do it the more normal i... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Ah yes the electric zapper that looks like a tennis racket, i go well in action with one of those... More »
Rita - It sounds sadistic but I too feel satisfaction when you hear that snap, crackle, pop sound and/or... More »
Clint - Yum crispy cricket , nuked Beatles and French flies
Lynne - I wonder if Realemon juice in the bottle would work as well. Mine is on my scalp so it is easy t... More »
Clint - Lynne I tried that with some results but not as good as the real deal lemon 🍋
Ellen - Thanks Clint ....
Chris - Yeah o had sunstroke last summer blinking horrible, always learn the hard way 😊
john, DARTS VADER - That is nasty, i had that bad in tenerife last year, i call that holiday TENERGRIEF as i rememb... More »
Connie - Same here.
john, DARTS VADER - Short term it may patricia, i dont recommend it though some may,have you thought of diet lifestyl... More »
Sarah - I thought about sun beds too one time Patricia but decided against it in the end... just wasn't s... More »
Dakeyras - Concur a sunbed will not help with P actually and ignore the misinformation. Plus more of a healt... More »
Janice - I have lots of white patches on my hands and arms but they are scars caused from using steroid oi... More »
Kathryn - On my forearms ive got white patches . It's not nice im not sure why I think it could possibly be... More »
Sarah - I don't have vitiligo Chris but I do have patches of lesser pigment where my psoriasis has cleare... More »
Chris - Same here face n arms 😀😀
Clint - Use the sun use the sea use the tools god gave thee and go hang under a lemon 🍋 tree
Steve - That was my med for the better part of 30 yrs. Kloey, still do it but not as much now since I'm o... More »
Michelle - I don't use primer either. Too scared it might trigger my P. I also don't use a lot of make up as... More »
lisa - I never go a day without makeup unless im ill.i use maybeline mousse foundation and has primer bu... More »
lisa - Only one i can use without my skin being irritated
Sarah - Argh yes I first got psoriasis age 13 and distinctly remember sitting in Geography, peeling plaqu... More »
Lindakay1948 - I was really awkward unsure of everything and everyone..I judged me faster than any other child w... More »
Irene - Shunned had it on scalp mom would shave my head so I was a freak to most kids
Michelle - lol. I can already imagine the sales man's face when you ask him where they keep the silk boxers.
Clint - Adidas makes a sports material that works well
Michelle - There you go Clive, Adidas is the answer and not Caprice lol.
Clive - Awesome choice and way to display !! Sometimes i do the same bold and unconcerned the " i need to... More »
Susan - Don I had all those emotions when we separated too. He didn't want to be with me so I was very h... More »
Karen - Awesome! Good for you! :)
Susan - Ummm john, good idea. Lizards need to be kept hidden. LOL.
john, DARTS VADER - well, i shouldnt say that anymore susan about the lizard as i may upset someone here, some dont h... More »
Chris - #freethelizard 😂😂😂😂😂
Janet - Glad you enjoyed your film. Takes your mind off pain or other problems.
john, DARTS VADER - Great nuggets, i got to admit, i have never liked people looking at this, takes me some bravery t... More »
Sarah - Hey Kloey, I posted here about that film too after I saw it in February. It is definitely empower... More »
Sarah - Awareness has got to be a good thing! Ace, Paul!
Paul - E-mailed the BBC today fingers crossed
john, DARTS VADER - good luck paul :)
Michelle - Sarah, The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - if i had a pearl, it would symbolize money for me :)
Michelle - lol. We better help you get a lot of pearls John. One is not enough.
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