Psoriasis doesn’t define you.

john - thank you lucy,,yes, she says things straight out, i am surprised i am ok with that :) i put some... More »
Lucy - Bless you. That’s the blooming downfall of steroid creams. It’s just a matter of time sweet. Just... More »
john - yes, it is especially the face,one can hide it any where else ,been a problem for a while now and... More »
john - i know about the eye patch,i had a tiny one under my eye last week and i was trying pulling it of... More »
john - i have jacqueline,i feel very lucky,they always show you the worst i find of anything when it co... More »
David - Is there a link for this Jacqueline ?
john - hello david, just go to google or write it in a tab and put in pictures of psoriasis then all the... More »
Gina - Yes I think that would be awesome. After all we need our own Spa LOL
Darceyjayne - Sounds like a great Idea! My partner gets a lot of pain in his shoulders but is too embarrassed t... More »
Cc - I would like to say that would work, but the fact is that those with psoriasis patches that bleed... More »
Lorna Penner - My friend used that one time--the tar lotion and she had to lay in the sun in the nude--shes did ... More »
Janice - I do so admire you John, you have such determination and I am so pleased that all your hard work ... More »
Lorna Penner - I always loved my coffee but now I drink hot water with a lemon slice and a bit of honey several... More »
john - i know doctors love handing out steriods as they know they help but, dont tell you about long te... More »
Jacqueline - Poor John 😕
john - thank you jacqueline, i will get through it thanks :)
Jayne - Seeing me dermatologist today - 3 month reviews for the last 6 years
john - hello diane. not for psoriasis,last saw a doctor regarding it was years ago around 35 years ago,p... More »
Derrick - I ever go to doctors and have had it for more than 35 years as there is ever anything new for the... More »
Jacqueline - Jessica - so far my 14 year old has escaped it. But then she could still develop it when older, l... More »
Jacqueline - Yann, Il s’agit d’un groupe de personnes atteintes de Psoriasis, pas un site de rencontres. Vou... More »
Jacqueline - ....Et je n’ai jamais été divorcé 2 fois??
Roxanne - Because its not thick patches people dont see it as P.
Shelley - Is it pretty much red bumps that turn scaly? I have them all over my legs and arms
Roxanne - Shelley not raised scaly bumps but really quite a few red spots.
Gina - Feel better John
Lucy - Feel better soon john. Sending positive vibes to you. We will let you off for smelling. Just this... More »
john - thank you mishlyn,charmaine,gina and lucy and all,lucy wasnt nice not washing for 2 days luckily,... More »
Dave - I'm glad I haven't John and really feel for you guys that might have, can't be easy to treat either.
Dave - @Chris70 Mate, you've got to do what you've got to do. If that works for you then why not, its a... More »
Paul - No...I was a bit more self conscious as a teen, but I've never hid it...in fact I found it to be ... More »
MishLyn - I will indeed Susan! 😀 it works well with burns, bites and irritations as well! Never thought of ... More »
MishLyn - Hi Tammy :) here is the recipe I make. Makes my skin feel like silk! I found the organic drie... More »
MishLyn - **oops..not Tammy! ;) lol. I copied and pasted from a previous msg I had sent..lol
Dave - I was the opposite John, where I lived it was your Saturday night entertainment down the pub, a g... More »
Will - I had it very mildly as a young teenager. On my scalp only. Im now 43. and been dealing with it f... More »
Dave - Hi Will, good to hear, some people do have it under new tattoos, some not, its astrange one for s... More »
dimidi - Be strong ,don't loose faith .Take it easy ..the earth still spining and everything will be ok :)
will21 - take in lots of fluids and stretch ...don't let the arthritis take hold
Jessica - That's what I absolutely love about this group is that everyone is so supportive and encouraging ❤
Dave - Good shout Sue, I was going to suggest bio oil and plenty of hydration.
dimidi - Thanks Susan .I couldn't replay to your answer ,thats why here. ..What is Moringa powder? I wil c... More »
Susan - Dimidi one lamp uses UVB bulbs the other is UVA along with a medication. I did both. You can ju... More »
john - thank you nan and james, be good to see things improve now i am in hiding like a lepar thank you :)
jacqui - Hi John@chewbacca, love "chewbacca.). would you mind or want to maybe have a chat sometime. y... More »
john - ah thank you jacqui, thats so kind of you to say that,that so sweet of you :)i am sure you are a ... More »
john - thank you andie, i feel battered but, ok thank you :X)
Dave - Glad you are back with us and on the mend John 👍👍
john - thank you very much dave,yes,i hope things better fast, quite sore and painful to walk but,could ... More »
Susan - Well Diane I really hope being home and have some normal routines will speed up your recovery. B... More »
Lorna Penner - Maybe you need to choose another destination for the next holiday.
Dave - Sorry to hear that Diane, never mind, now you ate home you can get back into routine and hopefull... More »
Atul - Moons got black spots but still is considered best.☺️
john - hello psoriasis you have ?i dont know about black spots,please explain thank you sorry you are af... More »
Sarah - Hi buhle, welcome to Flaym. I hope that connecting here can help with your fear. I had a kind of ... More »
Kathryn - Love it
Sarah - Haha! Good one to have up your sleeve, Jacqueline

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