Psoriasis doesn’t define you.

Michelle - I wish it will get to an end this side. I haven't had any where I live (yet) but the towns are a ... More »
Julie - I only drink filtered water.
Clint - I drink water every day 😊 I just pass mine through some good coffee beans but plastic is a proble... More »
john,AQUA MAN - I eat raw onions , does help, loaded with vitamin C,I am getting better today so tomorrow i will ... More »
Clint - Had that for ten days fizzy cold and flu drink for me had chills for a week then lost taste buds ... More »
Michelle - I'm glad you're feeling better now Clint. I have never lost taste buds when having the flu. That ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Dosing up again now with vit D as i was since a week ago i ran out and now got a few bottles to k... More »
Michelle - John let us know how the Liverel is going then. It sounds good. :)
john,AQUA MAN - I will do Michelle, i have done a lot of of experimentations with stuff over the past 2 years no... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Its no matter what i do Michelle, winter comes and here it comes,I have reduction in flakes yes a... More »
deborah - I'm a bit better in the winter months. Summer is my P enemy. Problem is, I don't like winter any ... More »
Julie - Weather certainly makes a difference. Stress also doesn’t help.
Dakeyras - Hope you have a good time mate and nay mind the 'P' for once and enjoy yourself lad! :)
Michelle - Okay, I'm a bit late John but I do hope you're having a wonderful time or had a wonderful time lo... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thats okay Michelle, i let you off lol :) :), yep detoxing for sure , i know i can turn things ar... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thank you Michelle, i see it as helping each other through these things,All down to experiences w... More »
Rosey - Nope your a trouper John,
john,AQUA MAN - Thank you Rosey, your a sweet / kind person thank you :)
Julie - Just having a break away from the normal everyday life is good, although we do take some of it wi... More »
Michelle - You know Sonia, my arms were covered in P too, but I'm clear now. I just decided to change my lif... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Yes true Michelle, I accepted my condition around 35 years ago, i knew as soon as it was said as... More »
Sarah - Is it the weather then do you think Chris?
Chris - Yeah cold outside then heating indoors can't win but was expecting it so putting my positive hat ... More »
Michelle - You are a positive person Chris. It warms my heart to know your P won't get the upper hand to you... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Sorry to hear this Lauren, Have you thought about Diet/lifestyle see if that will help you , it h... More »
Aimee - Perhaps talk to your doctor about using steroid creams. I used steroid creams on and off during m... More »
Sarah - Congrats on trying for a baby! That is very exciting. Eyebrow p sucks. I have it there too, altho... More »
Sonia - Amazing!
Peter - congrats
Sarah - So fantastic!
Sonia - Aimee, thank goodness for swimming lessons!
Sonia - Michelle - I try to participate when I can with the kids around water activities - but man, it’s ... More »
Sonia - Genevieve - what an aspiring quote! I will have to remember that one.
bernadette - Im sooo down at the moment my p is flamed soooooo bad im on light treatment at the moment what mo... More »
Julie - Anything natural and perfume free would be best.
Michelle - Haha Dakeras. Luckily I don't do pizza but I do like a nice cheeseburger. I'm sorry to hear Bab... More »
Michelle - Hi Ellen. The lpc we buy isn't strong enough. I just get some more tar at the chemist and ad it w... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Its okay Michelle,Anything is worth a try isnt it ?Maybe with the sun combined it helps you Miche... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Yes, thats the one i have Ellen, its similiar to a coal tar cream i had years ago, smells the sam... More »
Ruan - Has anybody heard or even used a product called Zudaifu?
Michelle - I'm happy to hear Sonia. Well done on the improvement :)
Sonia - Michelle - small steps and tiny victories to help stay positive - I try not to give up hope.
john,AQUA MAN - Hopefully yes, things will just get better, i am taking lots of vitamin D at mo try get it better... More »
Ellen - Hang in there. Hope you will be feeling better soon.
Barry - Hope you get well quick! I am dreading winter. I should move to Florida.
Michelle - True Susan. Whenever I gain weight, my P gets worse. My problem is water retention. Since I've be... More »
Tobin - Been 4 years for me . Diet and exercise is all I did
john,AQUA MAN - Mainly mine gets better in the summer, winter is my enemy, i am taking big doses of vit D at the ... More »
Jasmin - Generally, stress is a trigger for us, so if you're emotionally unstable then it is very importan... More »
john,AQUA MAN - I have had it all my life Andy,i do get disappointed when skin gets worse in winter and joints ac... More »
Sarah - Yes I'm in that zone right now! I just try to up my anti inflammatory foods, moisturiser more tha... More »
Chrisb - Thanks John.....I never thought I'd see the light !
Rosey - Heating up over here having a wonderful time housesitting,too much alcahol last night ,had a frie... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thank you Rosey,Good you had company and some drinkies, i had plenty of drinkies all last week o... More »
Michelle - We all need that treat. That's right John. I concentrate on Keeping my body inflammation free. No... More »
bernadette - Got my first lamp treatment to day in hospital hope it works
Genevieve - Good luck Bernadette. It works for most people. I was one of the unlucky 2 % who had a bad reacti... More »
Clint - What form of turmeric do you buy
Michelle - Hi Clint. I buy the powderband make my own paste. Me too Peter. Turmeric is my best friend :)
Clint - Thanks Michelle
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