Psoriasis doesn’t define you.

Rita - It’s actually not legal yet in Canada. Cannabis legalization including CBD is expected this summe... More »
Michelle - I hope so James! Hopefully they can gather enough research to understand the great benefits for s... More »
Sarah - I've heard so much about CBD oil too! And have heard more today in the news about the boy who use... More »
Sarah - Embracing the flakes Lisa! Excellent approach. Love to know how you get on with the sunbeds... I'... More »
lisa - yeah i will update on how it goes, I'm quite used to my tan from light treatment now so wanna kee... More »
Michelle - That's great Lisa :) Changing our perception of things can be so helpful. Its not always easy, b... More »
Dakeyras - Likewise lass... :)
Sarah - Love it Michelle ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜
john,DARTS VADER - I am special Michelle, thats what people tell me haha :)
bernadette - I feel the same a person once told me to stop scratching my arms id dirty her wooden floors I wen... More »
Michelle - I would have scratched some more Bernadette. Nobody has the right to talk to you like that. Be st... More »
Millionways - Ohw yes Michelle, I would have put some flakes in her coffee or “paramezane” on her cookies. 😁 B... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I will have a listen at some point, :)
Ellen - Go Solo with a long LOOFAH as a backscratcher...how can you not be HAPPY ... lol
Michelle - hahahahahaha Ellen. You go girl! Now that, is a solution. Who needs a man/woman when you have a ... More »
Clint - Any improvement is a blessing
Michelle - Sounds like a good meeting your attending Rachel! I hope they can provide some good insight! Real... More »
Sarah - Hi Rachel! Good to see you. For me it has always helped having a short term plan and a long term ... More »
Michelle - some ladies don't like compliments as it makes them feel uneasy. I'm the same but once we know it... More »
john,DARTS VADER - So true Michelle, thats what i told my friends, you lot are so creepy haha :)
Michelle - lol. scaaaaary. remind me to never go camping with your friends ok. I might sail a shark to get b... More »
Michelle - Thanks Maria! I am happy it is helping you! I just love acv too!
Sarah - Love that, sounds like a great method! Perhaps similar to the lemon method too?!
MariaL - YW Miche! Acv has lots of benefits, thats why everyone must love it ... @Yes Sarah same method.... More »
Michelle - I did Chris in my younger years, can be hard indeed. Good for you Chel, it can be so helpful ta... More »
Sarah - I haven't ever had it affect me in this way. I am not massively body confident but am equally not... More »
Chris - I had therapy for something else but as we talked over weeks he asked about do I think people see... More »
Susan - Blame is just holding onto negativity in my opinion. Better to let go, be accountable for oursel... More »
john,DARTS VADER - So true Susan,i never thought about it until i came here ,about blame that is , like as you say ,... More »
Drum - I’m sure I inherited my psoriasis from my father. He thinks he’s a comedian, says I “got my inher... More »
Michelle - Red and prickly definitely. The white and dry is easy for me to maintain but once it is inflamed,... More »
Sarah - Me too yep red and prickly is the very worst. Do NOT enjoy it! Last night I had mega prickle afte... More »
rachel - Red and prickly worse, it seems more active. I'm just calming down from a week of that.
Michelle - Sarah, it's good to be a pain in the arse. I never ask for the ingredients list. I just gulp it d... More »
Sarah - Haha Michelle, the CEO is hilarious and I like it 😉! If I could be CEO of anything I would be so ... More »
Darwin michael - Good to know ur successful in managing ur P. Hope to learn from u 😊
Michelle - lol. Chris. Thank you. I thought I was exaggerating about the cold but I do realize that SA Winte... More »
Chris - No we adore it as it is a rarity that would be too hot for me and I love the sun . P can be annoy... More »
Chris - I would be naked , is there a p nudist site 😂😂😂
Michelle - This was a very long game. They must be so exhausted. I'd die if I have to run 100m! Lol. I'd rat... More »
Derrick - What was the final results - sorry nowhere near tv today
Bev - Bokke won 42-39 I actually went to read when they were down by 24 when I came back in they were ... More »
Michelle - Bev, it never ends does it? What we would do for our grandchildren. Ive cancelled my evening. I p... More »
Bev - Yip lol. Enjoy your evening in front of the TV Michelle
Chel - Have a great time
Mavis - Some people may feel that way but personally I don't see anything different. Your own instinct t... More »
Michelle - Michelle I love that saying "youre vibe attracts your tribe" and its so true. Im the same same, p... More »
Ruth - interesting question, it definitely makes you less body confident-so that itself can lower anybod... More »
Bev - My hubby all of a sudden has gotten flaky again. I wonder if it's because it's gotten so cold here
Lizzie - How does the horse shampoo work Michelle? I have never heard of using it.
Michelle - Hi Lizzie. I only use to get thicker hair And my hair has grown so fast with it! I love it. It ha... More »
Michelle - Thank you Bev and enjoy your saturday. Hope you had rain already? Hi Lou, enjoy summer and suns... More »
Michelle - Thanks Michelle! I hope your weekend is awesome too!!
Mavis - Hope you have an awesome day as well Michelle 😊
Bev - Oh so happy for you Chris
Sarah - Let it all hang out Chris!
Chris - I was bare armed Sarah that was all 😂😂😂
Chel - I like it to relax to or to read to
James - Also check Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Ros.
Michelle - Will do thank you :)
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