Psoriasis doesn’t define you.

Becky - Good morning
Roxanne - Good morning all.
Susan - Back at you Mark... When we smile dopamine, endorphins and seratonin are released into our bodies... More »
Christa - Sometimes the itch get worse with me
Sarah - I've always found that colouring my hair actually improved the p somehow, very odd but true. I st... More »
john - nope, it actually burnt it out for a while, you can see in my photo, i am bald :)
John - Welcome Chelle. I’m new to Flaym too but not to psoriasis unfortunately. Hope we all find relief.... More »
Michelle - Welcome Chelle. I had psoriasis on my forearms many years ago but it disappeared again. Flaym has... More »
Sarah - Welcome, cheLLe. Many of us on here have plaque p too, in many different places and to varying de... More »
Sarah - Hi Missie, welcome! I have had it on one foot in the past, including the big toe. I do have some ... More »
john - hello missie, i used to have a problem with all my nails if you are talking about fungaland comin... More »
john - fungal and coming away, i should read my comments before i post it sorry
Otto_M_Moon - Hope you are doing better today Maggie
Lynn - Every morning and every night. 😖
Lynn - Every morning and every night. 😖
Sarah - Very motivational, Mark!
Michelle - It Sure is Mark! :D
john - yep, i am livin the drrreeeeaaaammmm, :)
Nan195 - Fabulous Chris 🌹
Michelle - Just Fantastic Chris!! :D Happy to hear this!
john - thats great chris .good news :)
Mark - James send me your address
Rose - I would like a copy Mark. I just joined up. Hello..
Mark - Send me your email address Rose thanks
john - yes its because the writer dennis potter had both diseases, he had psa bad i believe, never watch... More »
Ruben - Bond, James Bond :D Indeed not some sorry character, but a strong person. As everyone here!
Jack - I watched a documentary on psoriasis called my skin is on fire . Check it out it was really good ... More »
Michelle - Fantastic John!! 😃
Otto_M_Moon - Maggie Lizard cream is a Englishmen's way of saying Johnson's wax
Susan - Wow john... Good news. OMGoodness you all... Just had the most fun reading all your comments... ... More »
Evonne - Sorry my first time still working it out
Maggiec645 - Yes I have the same problem. Have soooo many areas to treat. It sucks!
Maggiec645 - I'm losing hair. I've never gone to the hospital though. Did they give u a special shampoo? I use... More »
Otto_M_Moon - I lost two stones just by breaking up plaques , no diet change, no real change in exercise except... More »
john,darts vader - sound great that you have improvement will21 great news, sorry you didnt want to lose weight tho... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Improvements ? lol I bet my 16yo grandson in a range of motion contest , I'm 63 he should of won
Susan - Very funny Josh!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Chelle! The perils of laundry with psoriasis. Shake it out!
Maggiec645 - I agree with Sarah. Shake it off or maybe use a dust buster....
Sarah - Personal snow to order, very festive!
john - hello dee, my nails look normal through diet /lifestyle changes,psoriasis is not from the skin bu... More »
john - hopeful, :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Dee! Nail psoriasis made me feel very self conscious too but mine was toenails.... More »
Susan - Amen to that Mark!!!
Sharon - Too true, I never think I'm not good enough!! Its what my mind is about not my skin!!
john - thank you mark,we are all good enough for something in life,i think i am good enough but,no more ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Fern! I also see a difference after my sunny holiday back in October, the salty... More »
Susan - Welcome to the site fern. I love swimming in salt water too. It used to be great for my skin ba... More »
Nan195 - Welcome Fern to our amazing P Family where we are here to share our journey, answer each other’s ... More »
John - Congratulations!
Roxanne - Good for you Victor.
Susan - Victor can you please message me the name of the biologic. This fellow up the street has psorias... More »
Josh - Stay positive, you will find a solution
Sarah - The change is yet to come, Line! Psoriasis is such a wax and wane problem, hopefully the "wane" p... More »
Line - Thank you all, you are so sweet❤️❤️
Sarah - Love that, Mark! Hope is out there...
Susan - Mark I had pretty baad psoriasis at 20 when I met my now ex husband. 2 wonderful children and my... More »
john - thats great mark :) :)

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