Psoriasis doesn’t define you.

James - I googled it and see some good things. However, one amazon review said you need to check the ingr... More »
Bev - So glad it's working for you Sarah 👏
Susan - Synthetic vitamins?🤔 might want to google them. Main reason I switched to Moringa. Real plant and... More »
James - Freddie Krueger, I don't need a mask for that.
Susan - Might be a great opportunity to show your skin and let them know you’re not contagious. That’s wh... More »
Sonia - I get that all the time! … especially on hotter days when people are wearing shorts and tank tops... More »
Clint - Be happy do the best you can you can learn ways to save on items you like good luck 🍀
Jasmin - Keep fighting Rosey. As you said, you have four adult children and two grandkids. They are your s... More »
Rosey - Thank u Jasmin,and opps John u said quality of life,well pain would go maybe but won't live as lo... More »
Madmum007 - Hi Sarah. Lucky you !!! My GP has tried 2 different Vit D creams on me, neither worked :( Bla... More »
Alan - hi good morning has anybody tried chickweed on their p ive told its good for it i went to a herba... More »
Bev - Summer has arrived in Cape Town so my hubby is getting his Vit D everyday again. Hopefully the s... More »
Dianne - Hi Bren: Not to worry - there are rude idiots everywhere. Just to say I manage my psoriasis by... More »
Dianne - Not to worry - there are many rude ignorant idiots everywhere i this world. How do I tackle psor... More »
Alan - do not worry what people think if you feel you want to ware shorts you go a head and ware
Dakeyras - Recently became aware of a different treatment via work colleague, that actually worked for mysel... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Linda, no i dont anymore, alcohol like spirits can turn it to pain in the fingers mainly, i... More »
Ellen - What are you doing on World Psoriasis Day? Each year, the 125 million people around the world li... More »
John, THE HULK - ?Hello Ellen , i am at work that day ,just get back for my holiday :) Oh yes, psoriasis can have ... More »
Rosey - Sun doesn't help ,when it's out I sure get some rays,humidity effects me and skin,going to be a h... More »
Rosey - And why are you now The Hulk ,John,a man of many costumes,dont tell me you have turned green? Haha
John, THE HULK - Hahaha Rosey nooo, i turn spotty and flakey, Dont make me angry, you wont like me when i am angr... More »
Bev - Soooo happy for you Michelle and John. Couldn't be more deserved than you two. Love is in the air... More »
John, THE HULK - Thank you Bev :) :)
Sarah - Lovely news Michelle!
James - My job can have its moments, some service users can be challenging. By and large though, I get so... More »
Clint - You got to do what you got to do😀
Rosey - No I don't if it causes pain ,life's to short not to do what I need to,which I come first,t o ol... More »
Kloey (Nuggets) - Just decided to do it cold turkey lol. 🙂
Ellen - Awesome Khloey............!!!!
Clint - Good luck 🍀 with both.
Michelle - Lisa. Love the pic! I agree with Clint, lemon takes time, so try it for a couple of weeks and see... More »
Rosey - Keeps the vampires away too,and men haha ,now just started on cod liver oil so I'll add fishy aro... More »
Rosey - Sarah what did the doc suggest as a supplement or something to aid your p?
Susan - I think so. Probably moreso us living ourselves then loads of great things happen in a good way.
lisa - i was just using different samples i got from hospital when I was having my light treatment but d... More »
lisa - and I still worry n feel discusting that I've dumped my boyfriend now I can't get that light unit... More »
Bev - I hope you get better soon Sarah. My hubby has also had a sore throat for a while plus chest infe... More »
Justin - I suggest raw fresh garlic - it keeps colds away but also keeps people away!!!!!!!!!!
Clint - Post nasal drip Room temperature tea water that was boiled add salt cut a straw in half snort w... More »
Michelle - I guess the 33 degrees are helping. Get some sun, even when its cold outside and rays are coming ... More »
Michelle - Clint I agree. You should see my tan. Damn! Coal tar is the best way to get that olive tan ;)
Clint - LOL 😁
Bev - Good Luck with the new bio Steve. Let us know how it goes
Sarah - Hope its working out great for you on the new medicine!
Lynn - Hoping the new bio helps, Steve!
Michelle - Did you ask the chemist if they can order for you Ellen? I only use 1 type of coal tar shampoo an... More »
Rosey - Yep got go get a good chemist to make it u p ok the forms the wait is worth it
Ellen - Will go speak to the chemist tomorrow.... thanx ladies !!
Sarah - Couldn't agree more Zain 👍
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