Psoriasis doesn’t define you.

Jennifer - I drink apple cider vinegar and put it on skin sometimes, but I knew a lady who put it on her sca... More »
isabel67 - I bath in baby oile and try every cream it is so itchi my dokter perskripe cortesoon it help n bit
Jennifer - Psoriasin and bag balm have worked well for me, especially when I wrapped with plastic wrap while... More »
Mavis - Thanks Jennifer I will definitely give it try.
Jennifer - Your welcome, psoriasin has coal tar in it and can be bought at Walmart, bag balm I got from a fe... More »
Cheryl - I am noticing slight improvements all the time. My tummy only has a couple of small patches .. my... More »
Cheryl - Good to hear your changes have improved your problem areas John 😊 keep up the good work !!
john - thank you cheryl :).i still have a couple problem areas,but no one would notice as its hidden.,ma... More »
Christine - Hello, Craig! Your plan sounds good. Keep us updated with your results.
john - hello chissiechad, welcome to flaym, glad you are excited thanks :)
Mavis - Welcome
Gretchen - Research, find a understanding and knowledgeable doctor, get into a support group.
Hannetjie - This is a confition you have to live eith.
Hannetjie - I havebread and stil read everything about this desease
john - psoriasis is not from the skin its from within, it what we do that makes psoriasis happen,its in... More »
Abdullah - Thank you all I know it take's time to see if anything change's I know im not alone I know there ... More »
john - i wish you well abdullah :)
john - ihope it works well for you gazza, i dont use them so, i dont have any experience with them,i use... More »
Mariebar - Hey Gazza I'm going to be very interested to know how you get on and your thoughts about this it'... More »
Trevor Crowe - Hey Gazza. I bought a phototherapy stand which has 5 bulbs. Literally a sun bed which stands on i... More »
Jennifer - What medication?
Cheryl - Thats amazing! What worked best for you? How long did it take for it to make a difference?
john - hello helen, thats what i thought when i got it from him so i went the easy route with food,no of... More »
john - hello darren , just seen your message and thanks,glad all is going well with you ,18 stone, you l... More »
john - i should say which was my belly :)
darren - I currently take Vit d3 have been for a few months nothing to lose
Nan195 - Although I take a Multi Vitamin/Mineral tablet daily I will take a VitD as well, I read it is re... More »
lisa - I've nothing to lose trying it then :)
john - hello pedro, it can be done, i have managed all my life with it and arthritis for 14 years,think ... More »
john - hello spottytotty, great name :).summer is good as long as i dont go in the sun at peak times,in ... More »
Sherry - Not sure where you are situated but if you can get to a beach, the combination of sun and salt wa... More »
Cheryl - It helps to be in a group where everyone understands 🙄
john - yes agreed julia, theres plenty of us here and around,hope you find things here to help you,i am ... More »
Alan - Welcome! Plenty of us facing the same thing...together!
john - yep . still in the dark ages, it was in the 70s i was a little boy, i remember mothers of childre... More »
Ra11 - Yes I understand Sherry, I was employed in education and there are a lot of backwards people in m... More »
Mariebar - Hey Sherry That's terrible I'm a nurse too unfortunately there is still a lot of fear and lack o... More »
Emma - I don't I wear short sleeves....if some doesn't like it they don't have to look and I have it elb... More »
Christine - Thank you for all your answers. I really appreciate them. In less than a week, I discovered such ... More »
Psoriatic4good - Thank You for those kind words!
john - hello cathy,mine are no where near as bad as they used to be though my finger nails looked well n... More »
john - oh , and welcome to flaym, hope you find help here with your skin etc thanks :)
Harold - I would feel something "fall" in my ear. I'd shake my head and a huge flake would fall out. Reall... More »
Craig - Our bodies, no matter the situation, are quite the miracle :P
Linda - Yes...especially on the bottom of my feet.
Mickg48 - My advice is never use a sunbed they are banned in Australia and some illegal sunbeds have just b... More »
Kim - Don't use sun beds Kelly. Mick gave you good advice.
santosh - just try to contact people here...we all are same ...so just go and follow people u like and ask ... More »
Victor - You are not alone love you have us and if you need support the TVChix website have some good foru... More »
john - hello joanne welcome to flaym,sorry you feel alone, you are not here,be good to yourself and if y... More »

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