Cut the cost of psoriasis.

alex73 - Hi Millie, the bad influence of smoking and alcohol was proven scientifically by different resea... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Millie! I've had a time like this where I thought the coverage would never stop... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Diet /lifestyle changes will help in the long term Millie, i wish you well and welcome to flaym :)
Michelle - I am reading it too Ryan. I have had it for a couple of months but have just been able to pick it... More »
Michelle - Hi Ryan. I'm trying not to change my diet as it may be a shock on my immune system. It sounds gre... More »
john,THE EASY RIDER - Hello Ryan, i know of this book but never read it, i do follow his diet, which is simple enough t... More »
Peter - Not sure I'm in JHB, did you Google to see or ask your dermatologist if they know of one maybe
Sarah - Hi Kenneth, welcome to Flaym! If you use the Meet Others section on the top bar, you'll find Flay... More »
Michelle - Hi Kenneth, welcome to Flaym. There are a lot of Capetonians on Flaym. Maybe you can arrange a me... More »
Michelle - Good idea Jinger! I hope it can be helpful for you. Best of luck with your bath & job interview... More »
Sarah - Was it good Jinger? Love the sound of it! Let us know if it helped!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Karin! I use grapeseed oil to soak my scalp and it is so effective at keeping t... More »
Poppy - I have psoriasis, but I also recently got a group of red, itchy, sore bumps on my chest area, my ... More »
Michelle - Hi Joanne, Welcome to Flaym! Apple cider vinegar as well as lemon applied to my skin have both be... More »
Sarah - Ouch Joanne, so sore. Oo yep need a trip to your GP to see what it is. My son just had hives for ... More »
Ace - What do lemons on your body do?
Clint - Heal psoriasis
Michelle - Ace, give it a try. It is working fantastically for many of us trying it out :D
gwen - Well may I say have just used Vaseline 3 parts with lemon and it seems to be working, however wen... More »
Norma - Slowly coming to learn to cope with psorious Arthritus. Trying lemon juice with bicarbonate soda ... More »
Michelle - That is so great to hear Gwen! Thanks for sharing! Hi Norma, I hope you are getring on okay w... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Thanks natalie, its okay not bad but not ideal,i will get used to it though,i try to work my way... More »
natalie - Not too bad. Once you have a goal you will get there. All good here john thanks.
john,DARTS VADER - Ah good, better than being bad :) yes its true,thought while i can save get them done, did have ... More »
Sarah - Ah wow that is interesting that you've noticed a big difference! All we can do is try 😄
Jenny - I started taking Kefir in February and although I have seen no improvement to my psoriasis I do f... More »
Catherine - I've noticed a huge change taking kefir.. along with diet changes . I also haven't noticed any ch... More »
Sandra - I use Epaderm on my sons face and hair seem to eork for his pustular psoriasis
Michelle - Hi Jenny, Welcome to Flaym! I like to use coconut oil when needed for those areas. I also us a lo... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jenni! I use the Aveeno range of colloidal oatmeal moisturisers, and they are g... More »
Paul - It can be caused by many different things, for me it was deffo stress and a chest infection ,but... More »
esther - wow my life is stressful more on the family and personal relationships. thinking of ways to get ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, esther. For me a few main things are my triggers that I know of... emotional st... More »
Michelle - Jennifer, great to hear flax oil is helpful for you! What results have you seen using it?
Lisa - I used one a few years ago. It helped but I stayed in it only for about 5 minutes 2-3 times a we... More »
Susan - Dave keyes UVA helped me years ago but my psoriasis came back. Tanning beds really didn't do muc... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Latticia! I guess you might have hit a "trigger" - did something change in your... More »
Millionways - Is it every year? Is it a climat / humidity change where you live in that time of the year? Or ar... More »
Lynn - Mine was always at it’s worse during the colder months so I’m wondering where you live/where you’... More »
Lynn - No problem so far it really is awesome i have not itched in a week and let me tell you that alone... More »
Lynn - Awesome news. My Psoriasis has been clear almost three years now because I changed my everyday pr... More »
Lynn - That is awesome
Susan - Ellen sorry you are going through so much. I had psoriatic arthritis too but am healed and I can... More »
Kim - Hi Susan, how did you manage to heal your p arthritis? What joints were affected? My fingers,wri... More »
Susan - Hi Kim. It was really bad in my 20's. I had knobs on my fingers, could hardly walk, horrible in... More »
Ellen - I find yeast products tend flare my p in flextures. So find this interesting Jj. Have you tried t... More »
Jj - hi Ellen yes i use the tablets in conjuction with the tissue salts and it is really good for al... More »
Michelle - I have read that brewers yeast is the same as Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is found in Probioti... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Maria. I'm a South African living in Gauteng :)
Richard - Washington
Tammiebee🐝 - I'm 🇨🇦 Toronto area
john,DARTS VADER - Hello valarie, i have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and i did have nail problems,i improved all ... More »
Sarah - Yeowwwch Valerie! Nail beds are so sensitive... and under so much pressure a lot of the time. I'v... More »
Ellen - I have had this issue and docs have seen them but no medication offered hmm I may look into that ... More »
Bev - Sorry to hear you lost your Mom. It is always stressful losing a parent no matter how old we are ... More »
Michelle - I am so sorry to hear about your mom Lynda. That is one of the greatest losses we can endure. Sen... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lynda. Wise words! Stress is a massive factor for lots of us living with psoria... More »
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