Cut the cost of psoriasis.

lynne - Love this
Ruben - Saving up for a "bean bag" :D
john,darts vader - HAHA Thats funny , :)
Michelle - I love the mix of coconut oil and tea tree oil on my nail as well. It gives them a good soak and ... More »
Sarah - Hi Geri, welcome to Flaym! I use Aveeno moisturiser for everthing! When my toenails were awful an... More »
Geraldine - Hi Geri I'm a Geri Too! lol 😁 Aveeno is a good moisturiser I agree with Sarah, tea tree oil a... More »
Geraldine - My ears are a problem too,
john,darts vader - sorry to hear this tiredofit, sounds like most of us,dont be ashamed,i am a lifer and i have deal... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Tiredofit! Hate to hear of people feeling ashamed about psoriasis, although I d... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Kristen! The insurance issue is such a problem. If you've tried all the lotions... More »
Ruben - Hey Kristen, welcome to Flaym. Since I read Steve's posts I started taking a vitamine D and curc... More »
john,darts vader - Hello kristen, diet/lifestyle changes may help in the long term though that is a choice a choice ... More »
Bev - Shame Alison I hope you do find another more suitable job
JThegg - Every way. People judge you on how you look. It's so important to have clear skin because you are... More »
Judi - Some days I am unable to walk because of the pain...
steve - Regarding alcohol, the jury is still out for me. As kombucha contains alcohol and since I use lo... More »
Susan - Steve I think when you get your gut health and general health better then alcohol should not be a... More »
steve - Yep, I agree. I don't really worry too much about what I eat, I just watch quantity and timing n... More »
Aliff Azhar - Try using the Sebitar Shampoo. It works on me.
Sarah - Welcome, Barbara! Have a browse of the themes section under scalp. Loads of posts there! Aliff, d... More »
Aliff Azhar - Hey Sarah! No I didn't use vaseline for my scalp. Not sure how vaseline works on scalps though.
Allegra - Hi Johanna - Came across something new on Facebook: making tea from a few twigs of thyme. Since... More »
Sarah - Welcome Johanna! Loads of people have p and tinnitus... many in the same boat as it were! Glad yo... More »
Michelle - Hi Tina, there are many different approaches you can take to keep your skin under control. If you... More »
Sarah - Hi Tina, it really depends on what type of p you have and where. There are a few different types ... More »
Teresa - I know how you feel. The Dr told me today not to use the medication more than twice a day due to... More »
Christy - That's been the worst part for me. The itching in my ears absolutely drives me nuts!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Linda! Ears are so the worst for itch. I've found steroid gel (gel not cream) t... More »
Paul - Welcome to the site Georgeta...A lot of really nice people here and solid sound advice as well.
john,darts vader - welcome to flaym geogeta , glad you are happy and happy birthday :)
Sarah - Welcome Georgeta! Glad you found us. Keep posting!
Rebecca - If you want to get involved I'll give you a message 😊
john,darts vader - hello rebecca,i personally wouldnt myself now , they had plenty of money out of me 20 odd years a... More »
Roxanne - So true John.
Sarah - Hi Ivette, glad you've found us here for experiences and tips! Welcome aboard and hope you'll com... More »
Sarah - Hi Deirdre, welcome to Flaym! It's great that you've brought your experience to the Flaym communi... More »
john,darts vader - hello deirdre i have done 48 years, i have psoriatic arthritis also, i treat mine with diet/lifes... More »
Sarah - I've felt like this before with p too many times. I have to stop and ask myself "what can I do to... More »
Michelle - I have felt the same as well for many years, 22 out of the almost 25yrs for me and P. It wasn't u... More »
agb - Yes, some days it does for me
john,darts vader - hello carol, welcome to flaym
carol - Hi all I live in WI so very much in the USA. I love libraries but I don't think they use dewey ... More »
carol - I am not sure who I am following but hope everyone is doing sorta OK. Bout the best we can hope ... More »
Deleted account - agb, if it was esr which was the test they gave me also called sed rate. The test actually meas... More »
agb - I also had X-rays done on my hands and feet. They were checking my joints to see how bad they wer... More »
Deleted account - Me too, I think I may request a release of information for the veterans hospital , but then I had... More »
cheLLe - Thanxxx!!
Sarah - For me, oatmeal, and grapeseed oil
john,darts vader - diet lifestyle changes will help but, its not cheap for me, healthy living is good for anyone tha... More »
Susan - Peggy one day at a time. For me, as I don't eat as much as a man, the diet changes are not costl... More »
Nan195 - Hi Peggy, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Be positive and never give up, your Jo... More »
Carol - Fight any negative things in your life. Make a list of "Can do's" and start from there.
Jimmy - Same here
Michelle - It sure can be Jeanette. Not so nice. I find a good soak and then file and paint helpful hiding i... More »
Sarah - Welcome Jeanette! The nails are so stubborn, and just soooo slow growing... I've only so far had ... More »

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