Cut the cost of psoriasis.

Susan - Peggy one day at a time. For me, as I don't eat as much as a man, the diet changes are not costl... More »
Nan195 - Hi Peggy, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Be positive and never give up, your Jo... More »
Carol - Fight any negative things in your life. Make a list of "Can do's" and start from there.
Jimmy - Same here
Michelle - It sure can be Jeanette. Not so nice. I find a good soak and then file and paint helpful hiding i... More »
Sarah - Welcome Jeanette! The nails are so stubborn, and just soooo slow growing... I've only so far had ... More »
Kelly - I have it in my ear also. I would go to a dermatologist if I were you.
Carol - Doc giveback me ear drops. I can't remember the name. Worked a treat. Ask your pharmacist, they m... More »
Sarah - Hi Nita, amazing! Always wondered about the salt therapies and have never tried them. Fridging th... More »
Michelle - Hi can be so hard trying to find the best treatment path for us. Have you ever tried d... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Tracie! It's a long road to find what works for you, especially as it changes o... More »
Susan - Loaded question Robin... I have been diagnosed with many autoimmune diseases over my life, psoria... More »
Kelly - I developed it in boot camp. I also have psoriatic arthritis which was caused by the stress and t... More »
Otto_M_Moon - thank you for your service Kelly.
Theresa - How did you get clear, this is new this year for me, I know nothing
Sarah - Hi Irena, welcome to Flaym. That is great that you are pretty much clear now, and equally great t... More »
Leasha - You must be doing something right, I just turned 50 I've had it since I was about 7, the beginnin... More »
sandy - susan and John you guys are amazing... I cannot believe how positive and determined you are. Bein... More »
Susan - Sandy that is very kind of you to say. So many of us, Michelle, Sarah, john, Nan and other's I h... More »
john,darts vader - thank you very much sandy :), yes there some as susan has mentioned here who want to help,what f... More »
john,darts vader - just realised you were talking to susan about children, i should wear my glasses agb,:)
john,darts vader - haha sarah, that made me laugh, it is hard, many are around friends etc and it is hard to eat ver... More »
Susan - Sarah that's funny. My son is kind of like that too. I can go in his car and see fast food bags... More »
Joel - I agree with them. Just quit my rheumatologist and trying to find the best diet to heal naturally... More »
john - good for you joel,slow elimination is key to success with diet/lifestyle changes,do it over month... More »
Sarah - Hi GeminiQueen, if you search "psoriasis diet" or AIP diet (anti immune protocol) on Pinterest, o... More »
john - that is true as mishlyn has said,i like a treat now and again but,i dont crave it,i find i stuff ... More »
Don - fizzy drinks mean beer.?...I want to be supportive....but...everything out but beer.... you can ... More »
john - beer aswell don is bad but, on the odd occassion, i have low alcahol lager and thats ok, no infla... More »
Susan - Janice I'm really proud of the changes you have made. Good on you girl. That stress stuff can b... More »
Eric - i just really people that are really & truly sharing and dont try to bring you down,pls keep it u... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Natalie. We're all about sharing experiences of living with psoriasis! But I'm ... More »
Michelle - Hi Jennifer! I hope you are well! Welcome to Flaym!
...feeling happy mohamed @mohamed1


Harold - Hi Mohamed.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Mohamed. Good to see you're connected!
john - good for you jeremiah, i hope it continues every day for you :)
Sarah - Hi Jeremiah, welcome to Flaym. You're in the right place for sharing psoriasis experiences!
Harold - Great stuff Jeremiah
Michelle - They sure are great Tammy. Very relaxing as well as a great form of meditation 💖
john - hello tammy,funny when i first heard about adult colouring books, i really thought it was naughty... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sue. It's great to be able to share experiences here!
Chris - All about sharing , coping and different ideas Sue
john - hello sue,welcome to flaym, think most people have it like that, good and bad,glad your relieved :)
Kloey (Nuggets) - Welcome to Flaym Meysam.
john - hello and welcome to flaym meysam :) glad you are hopeful :)
Susan - Linda that is a very tough spot. I have had it too. You might want to try a bath with lots of o... More »
Nan195 - Hi Dave, that patch probably likes money, go out and spoil's a sign 😀
Dave - I better spend it Nan before it burns a hole in my pocket...and a hole in my a..... lol
john - sorry to hear this brenda,i hope things will get better for you, hope its a bad day ora few and i... More »
Susan - Oh darlin' Brenda/joy... Life is filled with "things" going on all the time. God did not give us... More »
Jennifer - I am doing well with depression it's the anxiety that has me going bat shit crazy. I am on a med... More »

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