Cut the cost of psoriasis.

Jerry Adedapo Peters
Kim - Honesty Jerry, come on! You are on a forum for people who are suffering and you ask that question. 😡
Flaym - Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease which is characterized by patches of abnormal skin... More »
Kim - Thank you Flaym. You said it exactly as It should be.
Marietes - Hi John ..i do work in nursing home too.. Yes I want to have that kind of dispenser stalled in my... More »
Claire - I prefer a pump dispenser in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink and on my desk at work. I've got a... More »
Mary - I never leave house without my itch cream
john - I worked in hotel and catering for 23 years and decided to make changes like my lifestyle now , I... More »
adrian - I work as a retail supervisor on a holiday park
SimonLFC1976 - I own my own business running 3 service websites, after spending 22 years in the Telecoms industry
john - nope, i wouldnt ,i changed my lifestyle, its the safest way,it is a choice though,a few have been... More »
Kim - You would spill it! What a waste!
Raymond - I'd spill my chlobetasol before I spill my beer lol
john - I remember at work , dropping a lot of paper files off a cabinet and a big tub of medicated body ... More »
Kim - Hi Paulo. Well done clearing your skin. This is not a charity forum so I don't think you will get... More »
Susan - Raymond and everyone...TGIF... I work from home so everyday is Friday. LOL... The only problem w... More »
Raymond - Susan, the things I would do to switch places with you lol
Susan - Raymond you are funny. My life is definitely not perfect but at 56 (almost) I needed a change fr... More »
Lauren - Heya! Welcome to Flaym. I'm new here too!
Kevindavistr - Thank you Lauren ,that's pretty cool.
Tamara - I'm new too welcome
john - good morning shankarlal, glad you are happy and welcome to flaym if you are new here :)
Lynne - Hi Bonnie, I have also had PS for many years and only recently have I been able to get on top of ... More »
Bonnie - Thank you everyone for all the info, I have been told not to use soap and not to put anything in ... More »
Susan - Bonnie I really think stress does affect our psoriasis. For me it does. If I have a bath I ALWA... More »
Helen - I am in Canada. Havent done it myself but know others that have for rheumatoid and osteo
allan - I have oestioarthitis and have had a total knee replacement with the other due , got PIP now it h... More »
Ajit - Better than being made to feel like a mutant with some supressed yet- to-discover super powers...... More »
Jan - Well ? Recycling ... suggestions??? (Giggles)
Jan - You are quite right Sherry, like John, he cheers me up so much. Laughter is a natural healing ... More »
john - hello hakim,glad you are happy, whats the problem?hope to help thanks
...feeling happy Prince @prince


Prince - how are you
john - hello prince, glad you are happy and welcome to flaym, hope you find ideas to help you here thank... More »
john - i wish you well harsh,no i havnt , it is a choice though, sorry you are afraid ,good luck

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