Cut the cost of psoriasis.

Susan - Linda that is a very tough spot. I have had it too. You might want to try a bath with lots of o... More »
Nan195 - Hi Dave, that patch probably likes money, go out and spoil's a sign 😀
Deleted account - I better spend it Nan before it burns a hole in my pocket...and a hole in my a..... lol
john,Hulk - sorry to hear this brenda,i hope things will get better for you, hope its a bad day ora few and i... More »
Susan - Oh darlin' Brenda/joy... Life is filled with "things" going on all the time. God did not give us... More »
Deleted account - I am doing well with depression it's the anxiety that has me going bat shit crazy. I am on a med... More »
Nadine - Dry patchy itchy spots
Sarah - Been wondering this myself...
john,Hulk - hello winona, i have had that bad in the past but,not now thank you :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Winona
Susan - Christopher I agree... We just buy stuff and don't think about it. Sometimes money is an issue f... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Melissa, I am happy to hear that is not so bad on your skin anymore! Was it medication that he... More »
Janice - Good Luck and wishing you every success.
Susan - NggetsMcr (Klo) I think that's terrific. Hold on tight, use your relaxations skills, and enjoy t... More »
john,Hulk - hello nuggets, good luck ,hope all goes well :) :)
Sarah - Hi Marjorie. How did your psoriasis develop throughout your life?
john,Hulk - hello marjorie me to , i was born with it and joint disease(psoriatic arthritis) came 34 years later
john,Hulk - happy you are here clifford, welcome to the flaym community :)
Jill - Hi Clifford and welcome!
Diana - Hop on board Clifford and look around you'll find lots of support and interesting facts.
Annette - I have basic "free" Canadian health care. So perscriptions are NOT covered. I try everything non ... More »
Susan - Yeah Annette. People think everything is free here. Unless we have insurance through work, or w... More »
isabel - Of course, it is, for me, it's really hard to pay for doctors and expensive treatments. What I've... More »
john,Hulk - hello munira,diet/lifestyle changes
Sarah - Hi suraiya, for me grapeseed oil helps a lot
michael - I use bethnovate and 3 different antihistamine tablets for itch. Good luck to you.
Jill - It's very frustrating....but we are all here to help and support you! 💜
Val - Yes we are like one family here.
Missy - I hear you Kathryn . I gave up on trying not to be stressed out and now I feel like I have less s... More »
Sarah - Welcome! When I joined I started by searching terms and topics I was interested in using the tags... More »
Diana - Hi Ricky, welcome. You can read the post for what is trending now and just add your experiences o... More »
john,Hulk - helloricky, do you have psoriasis?welcome if you do thanks
Julian - It's totally changed everything for me. Devestating, delibitating life altering SOB!! It's been a... More »
Jane :) - P has not totally affected my work, but there are times when I'm to stressed out, it really flare... More »
john,Hulk - if you do change yourlifestyle Julian, this is the only way forward,clean yourself inside to outs... More »
Maribel lopez - I need help any one who can help me with my pills
Sarah - Hi Maribel, have you tried your normal routes? Hope you find what you need
john,Hulk - hello michael , they dont always clear it completely on my understanding ,they can improve it,bew... More »
Sarah - I was offered immunosupressants a few months ago but couldnt quite make the leap yet... love to h... More »
Maribel lopez - it works seriously
...feeling alone saeed @saeed

Mishlyn - Hi Saeed, I hope you are well and feeling better today! You are not alone, we are all here for yo... More »
Clive - Hi there Saeed , sorry to see your comment but really glad you are here on the site , a really go... More »
Trina - Hello Saeed, I am so sorry you feel alone but let me just say, you are not alone. We are all here... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Neil. Have you ever tried natural health supplements for anti-inflammatory rel... More »
Jill - Hi Neil! What kind of anti-inflammatory meds are you taking?
Mishlyn - Hello Betty & Welcome! I hope you are well! 😃
john,Hulk - welcome to flaym betty, glad you are happy :)
Deleted account - Hi Betty, welcome.
Jill - Glad it worked for the arthritis.....the skin is a little easier to deal with.
john,Hulk - hello paul, i have both too,my arthritis is good, and skin getting better slowly through lifestyl... More »
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