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john - i got offered a kitten today,well my girlfriend did and asked me,thought not though,wasnt easy as... More »
Psoriatic4good - Love that litlle ones :)
Anthony - How do you cope during this summer e'ryone..
Barrie - it is tough anthony it does help with support from family and friends
Dolores - It all comes down to just trying to be comfortable in your skin and don't care what people think.... More »
john - sorry to hear that patricia,thats the thing isnt it, we have the condition and then we got all th... More »
Monuhor - I am the same 25 now. Trying to work and keep psoriasis under control . But it's not happening
santosh - hello Patricia....even i am 25 ...i am suffering the same ....depression makes ur psoriasis accel... More »
Oliver - buy me various tools to help with reaching my back so I can scratch it!
john - a tree ,a wall a door ,a door car mirror, a stick,i have done them all and more :)
Dolores - My husband says he doesnt care and he loves me just the way I am. He married me this way so what ... More »
Jane Tsipi - Hello Angela. I understand what you feel. I just would like to suggest that you can help her by r... More »
Nan195 - Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, wishing you all a happy special day xo
Harold - Thank you Jane
santosh - I felt the love much more from my family who understands me and my limping (when P on my feet are... More »
john - hello luis, i made changes and my skin is great,glad you are proud :)
Sarah - I have 2 grown up children and so far neither of them show signs of having it, however, I didn't ... More »
Dave - I have 3 boys, one girl, all grown up. My youngest son has it, my grand daughter by a son who doe... More »
Marianne - None of my four children has it. It often skips a generation... One of my grandchildren has a m... More »
Robbie ghee
john - hello tash, i am a lifer, 48 years since birth and psoriatic arthritis 14 years.
john - i managed as i had no choice with psoriasis, i treated it every day without fail with creams from... More »
john - I decided to make changes as i had a flare last winter and my creams are declining now in what i ... More »
Fintan - Try something like petroleum jelly, those sticks for chapped lips also help.
john - with great difficulty :)
Stacie - Thank you john. What changes have you done? I've taken him off of dairy as he started to get a b... More »
john - helo stacie.i do the full diet,it may be hard for your son at his age though? night shades foods ... More »
john - stacie,if you can get him if you like? to drink bottled water each day, i drink 2 litres or more ... More »
john - hello vani,try 2 litres of bottled water a day(not tap water as it has chemicals ) good to hydr... More »
john - how are you vani? hope you are well ?
MARTA - My fingernails grew back after I started following dr. Pagano's diet, after i did food intoleranc... More »
Sandysandy - Teatree oil and coconut oil x
agb - not that I have found
john - to janice, i never had a problem with my eyes until i got psoriatic arthritis,wether persons with... More »
Harold - There's a definite genetic component. It depends on how recessive or dominant the defective gene ... More »
Psoriatic4good - According to ALL My doctors it's three things: - genetics - some "weak" spot in body like sor... More »

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