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RedSpotEliminator - Par for the course when you have P
john,Hulk - Hello sharon most of us know about that for sure, i had a few looks last year, aaaghhh whats that... More »
Sarah - Oh man, Sharon that is hard to deal with. I wish people could keep their comments to themselves! ... More »
Lindakay1948 - Oh by the way I also use Saran wrap on my feet and spots on my legs at night after I apply my pre... More »
Louise - Sarah, I have an old towel I put on my pillow the nights I put oil on.
Louise - It’s a little pricey but I was given Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner samples and I love 💗 it ju... More »
Sarah - Hi Margaret, it's great to see you're here supporting your family! Yes I heard that baby shampoo,... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Graham, Welcome to Flaym! If you browse the themes section for scalp you will find a lot of ... More »
Sarah - Argh Graham, the scalp is so tricky and persistent for so many people. Awkward to treat in many w... More »
john,Hulk - Hello graham, mine is better with hair shorter, lets the scalp breath i think,i used to have fair... More »
Sarah - Hi Love4vols, welcome to Flaym! Have you had your type of psoriasis diagnosed? Is it guttate psor... More »
Zigmars - As Ruben mentioned-its all about food. Cruical is Omega 3 fats (EPA and DHA), which must be in ra... More »
Ruben - I read that us flakeys better avoid omega 6 (common in fried food)
Alexandros - Raquel does that mean if you get strep throat (which I got constantly when I was younger) you wil... More »
Sarah - Hey Angela, yes some people have visible p in different generations of the family and some do not... More »
john,Hulk - i was born with it, a gift from my mother, i look at it that she passed me the faulty gene with s... More »
RedSpotEliminator - What's his diet?
Mishlyn - Hi Oriel, Tgel extra strength works really great for my scalp, clears it up quickly! Has he ever... More »
Sarah - For very bad flares in the past I did a "scalp blitz" recommended by my derm. Alternating coconut... More »
Sarah - Steve does the Kombucha yep Ruben. Really glad your supplements are helping!
Ruben - Oh, got some people mixed up. But as the curcumin helps, i'm quite sure that the kombucha has to ... More »
Sarah - Me too yep I'm sure anything with turmeric and ginger has got to be good. However you take it!
Nancy - If your insurance requires a referral you may need one. But if it doesn’t then you can seek one o... More »
Nancy - Sarah I haven’t tried vitamin d analog cream. Searching on Amazon for it. Not a lot of choices. W... More »
Sarah - Nancy Flaym don't permit discussion of medication names on posts. But I will follow you, and if y... More »
john,Hulk - hello rose, we all want good health, glad you are happy :)
Sarah - Hi Rose, welcome to Flaym! Health is the goal!
Susan - BTW... Cradle cap is pretty normal I think. Sarah, mine both had it for a short time. Don't str... More »
Crystal - My oldest son had cradle cap as a baby. He just turned 12 and I do believe he has scalp psoriasis... More »
Sheila - 3 grownup children and they’re all clear thank goodness!
Mishlyn - Hi Ann, cold tar works really great for me. I use tgel extra strength shampoo and it works quite ... More »
Sarah - Hi Ann, welcome aboard! Yes I've had good results from coal tar shampoos as a child (Alphosyl), a... More »
Mishlyn - Happy New Year Laura!! :)
john,Hulk - thank you laura,hope no one kicks my butt? :) happy new year :)
Sarah - Love that Laura! HNY & welcome to Flaym!
Deleted account - They said the same thing about cancer being hereditary, I guess you didn't read the article
Sarah - Sure didn't Otto...
Laura - I have heard it can be. Both my children have eczema. So I’m not sure.
john,Hulk - hello pete you are welcome , i am glad you are having some positivity to help your son after comi... More »
Sarah - Love that John. Pete, you are so organised and dedicated! It is really amazing to see. Perhaps on... More »
john,Hulk - thank you sarah, :)
Karen - Have you tried coconut oil ? It works wonders. Its a natural antibacterial and helps soothe the n... More »
Sarah - Hi Carol, welcome to Flaym! The itch is very distracting. Have a look at the topics section for p... More »
Cherie - My scalp was itchy last night so I put Udder cream on the itchy areas. Very soothing . This morn... More »
john,Hulk - even thinking about lizards make me cringe,would be nice wouldnt itcris :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Cris! Would the new skin underneath be psoriatic too though?! We sure do a lot ... More »
Ruth - I wish so too
Sarah - Hi Sharon, welcome to Flaym! I don't know if it is inherited as such. I guess our DNA is always m... More »
Lee - My grandfather had it, my father has it, and I have it... so I presume so, yes lol
john,Hulk - nice to have some things handed down NOT :)
Mishlyn - Hi BBw71, I Love that you can see the good that can be had with Psoriasis. It can be hard to see ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, BBw71! I agree! Who knows who we'd all be without our psoriasis in our lives. V... More »
Beefchop - I agree psoriasis made me who I am still struggle to accept it finding it hard to socialize with it
Mishlyn - Wonderful to hear your uvb treatment is going well Marilyn! 😊 Welcome to Flaym!
Sarah - Welcome Marilyn0508! I heard UVB is tough to administer on the scalp so respect to you for gettin... More »
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