If only we could take their place.

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Casey! That's so great that your injection has cleared you. I'm not on biologic... More »
Jason - I've been on biologics for 13 years....and yes if you have it bad you need it for life....flare u... More »
Deleted account - I have only had one break out, and with in a few months I was 80% covered, head to sole, even my ... More »
Ruben - Hi Emma, don't be afraid to show this. Nothings wrong with Psoriasis! (I'm from Belgium, also not... More »
Michelle - Show your parents Emma so that they will know that you are on a safe site. Also tell them that y... More »
Sarah - Hey Emma, go for it I say! Your parents will more than likely be really happy that you found some... More »
Mishlyn - awww your poor girl :( I wonder if you mix some tea tree oil with coconut oil if it would be soot... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lisa. That sounds so sore 😣 For me as a child for scalp psoriasis the best thin... More »
Michelle - I am so sorry to hear Lisa. It's always heartbreaking to hear when a child has psoriasis. I have ... More »
Michelle - lol. Sarah, I got my psoriasis at 17 years of age. Still today I'm scared my daughters might get ... More »
john,Hulk - hahha thats funny sarah, you must be checking your children like a chimp picking at another chim... More »
Sarah - Absolutely John. That image should be hilarious because it is surreal but actually it is real! Th... More »
Sarah - Hi Donna, welcome to Flaym! Argh the misdiagnosis strikes again... I had misdiagnoses too for 8 y... More »
Lorna Penner - The nurse that came to my place to check out my support with home/care to put my support stocking... More »
Mackamlady - Mine is apparently stress related. The sun helps so use a sun bed once a week. Tho prefer the rea... More »
Dex - Hey Sandy! Welcome to Flaym!! The best part of this group is we can all relate to each others st... More »
Shirley - Me too I can't even sleep
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sandy. Is it the itch bothering you in particular? Check out the topic section ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Caroline, Tea tree oil shampoo is quite helpful for me as well as tgel when my scalp Flares. I... More »
Dex - Michelle reminded me that I used Dr. Bronner's Castille soap for literally almost everything!! So... More »
john,Hulk - hello caroline, its what you eat that causes psoriasis on the outside to get worse and joints,if ... More »
Rose58 - Bit did it help your legs?
Sarah - Haha Zumara! Wrap the sandwiches in tights, and the legs in clingfilm. Role reversal! How are you... More »
Zumara - Nope! It didn't help.. onto Grapeseed oil!
john,Hulk - congratulations pamela :)
Julie - Congratulations Pamela 👶
Pamela - Thanks everyone! At the moment I am not seeing anything different. But I am just in the forth tri... More »
Sarah - Welcome to the Flaymily, Claudia! Lovely to see that you're feeling hopeful. There's hope and str... More »
john,Hulk - helo claudia and welcome to flaym, plenty of ideas here to try,glad you are hopeful :)
Julie - Welcome Claudia
Joel - I agree with them. Just quit my rheumatologist and trying to find the best diet to heal naturally... More »
john,Hulk - good for you joel,slow elimination is key to success with diet/lifestyle changes,do it over month... More »
Sarah - Hi GeminiQueen, if you search "psoriasis diet" or AIP diet (anti immune protocol) on Pinterest, o... More »
john,Hulk - chris thats good news with no itch,, have a good weekend :)
Chris - One of those days you smile people smile back,hold the door open from someone and get a thank you... More »
Sarah - Lovely Chris! Showing psoriasis who's the boss. Respect that!
Sarah - Totally agree, Chris. What a worry. My elder son doesn't have any signs of any skin conditions so... More »
Fern - Neither of my kids has psoriasis. None of my grandkids has it. None of my siblings has it. I'm th... More »
john,Hulk - i dont have any children as far as i know chris? :) if one comes knocking on the door scratchin a... More »
john,Hulk - good and welcome to flaym caralee :)
Rich - Let's hope she can grow out of it..
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Caralee. Lovely to see people using Flaym to support loved ones with psoriasis.... More »
Deleted account - I was going to say...flippin life of luxury you have, we have to shovel our own🤣🤣
Deleted account - When she was younger she was less happy to oblige but soon did when I paid her a '£1 a Patch' (wh... More »
Deleted account - When needs must Jacqueline...why get it all over your fingers when she can instead....for a quid ... More »
Deleted account - Jessica - so far my 14 year old has escaped it. But then she could still develop it when older, l... More »
Deleted account - Yann, Il s’agit d’un groupe de personnes atteintes de Psoriasis, pas un site de rencontres. Vou... More »
Deleted account - ....Et je n’ai jamais été divorcé 2 fois??
barbara - Wash with clear water n cap full of clorax
Diana - Barbara, for real....have you had positive experience using chlorax? I know what a chlorinated sw... More »
Susan - Sounds busy Gail. Too bad we can't post pictures of our pets. They bring us so much joy and hel... More »
Susan - That's cute.
Mike - Kids really dont understand what we go through and they are always honest what they see
Lynn - Yes, I hear you and understand what you are saying. Ive heard so many comments about my skin from... More »
Karin - That is so cute, and I think actually really a teddy bear is an excellent treatment for most ills.
Susan - Very sweet. Gotta love kids.
Cherie - He sounds like a little sweetie, trying to help mummy.❤️
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