If only we could take their place.

Mishlyn - Hi Stephanie, Welcome to Flaym :) You will find so many helpful tips here and great support from ... More »
Kari - Me, too. Even on Biologics towards the end of my round, my hands get so sore and unsightly!
Linda - Cheryl, beware of dermatologists suggesting pregnancy to help with psoriasis!!! Yes, the hormone ... More »
Cheryl - Hi Linda, I've been through 2 pregnancies myself, I'm aware of the flare ups afterwards, as u poi... More »
Susan - Cheryl you can be my surrogate with my new beau. His wife had 2 kids when he got married at 20 (... More »
john,Hulk - hello lisa, glad you are hopeful and welcome to flaym :)
john,Hulk - hello gideon, these are types of psoriasis,google it it will come up andlook at pictures s of it,... More »
Gideon - me too.. haha
Janice - Oh Darren, so sorry things are not working out for you at present, you were doing so well with di... More »
Sarah - How did you go with your derm Darren?
darren - Hi Sarah back on light therapy for 3 months had 3 sessions this week already feeling hopeful didn... More »
Deleted account - I used to explain it as 'bobos' to my then 3 year old who would then dress up in her nurses costu... More »
Deleted account - Kids are sponges and are innocent. Tell them the truth and educate them as best as possible. The... More »
Susan - I remember my daughter asked that too. I said something like "it's called psoriasis and it's jus... More »
Kim - Don't apologise Chris for not being a God person. It's a choice not a requirement. I'm not one ei... More »
Susan - I think the creams should not be an issue. Why would that bother anyone? It's your body. Howev... More »
Sarah - Are you experiencing a flare up Alan?
Mishlyn - It sure can be Alan. It can bring some dark days..but just know that those days can get better. ... More »
Jill - Is the psoriasis making you feel so down? I'm sorry you are hurting.....please feel free to reac... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Noluthando & Welcome :) You are not alone in this. We are all here for you. I hope you will be... More »
...feeling alone saeed @saeed

Mishlyn - Hi Saeed, I hope you are well and feeling better today! You are not alone, we are all here for yo... More »
Clive - Hi there Saeed , sorry to see your comment but really glad you are here on the site , a really go... More »
Trina - Hello Saeed, I am so sorry you feel alone but let me just say, you are not alone. We are all here... More »
john,Hulk - hello, how are you and welcome to flaym :)
Sarah - Welcome Abdellah
john,Hulk - hello yolandi,do you have psoriatic arthritis aswell glad you are hopeful thanks :)
Kim - Hi Lisa. What an awful situation for you. Unfortunately she is your sons choice so all you can do... More »
Lisa - No he's quite upbeat and confident he goes swimming and doesn't let it get him down its just her...
Kim - It must be heart breaking for you. I wish I could offer more advice.
Jullie - Sorry to here this Kathryn . My thoughts are with you as this is a very slow and painful process... More »
Jill - So so sorry for your loss. Stress is definitely a trigger for us. I'm sure your skin is paying ... More »
Chris - Hi Kathryn , mine started when I lost my dad x
Mishlyn - Hello Skye. Does your daughter have Psoriasis? I can only imagine what it's like to watch your ch... More »
michelle - Welcome LilyMae
john,Hulk - hello and welcome lilymae, I changed lifestyle to help myself with skin and joints,psoriasis is n... More »
Kim - Hi MJW. Keep trying with the foods. Good luck.
john,Hulk - hello baby bear,glad you have a good mummy bear :)
Jullie - Love your mum 🙂
Janice - Your mum sounds great.
Deleted account - Hi Lucia, welcome aboard.
darren - Welcome to our family
Jullie - Cool and don't think you have to suffer alone our friend. 🙂
Susan - Sorry to hear that Tamara. Hope it gets better as the day progresses. Chill and listen to some ... More »
Tamara - Thanks Susan I will check it out
john,Hulk - i got offered a kitten today,well my girlfriend did and asked me,thought not though,wasnt easy as... More »
Psoriatic4good - Love that litlle ones :)
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