Love and war with psoriasis.

Annette - Good for you - grab with both hands x
Susan - Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I had a super great time, drove out of the flatlands of th... More »
Clint - Mission accomplished...
Erin - I have heard Pfizer had been doing a trial where they input a device in your collar bone the size... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this Erin, i can only say, if you can?cut out dairy including eggs,cheeses,milk etc... More »
Clint - Start to use lemon 🍋. On your psoriasis it will work tingles or burns then heals leave on until s... More »
Sarah - I just buy mine in the health food shop in my town. It costs about £2.50 for a bottle that lasts ... More »
James - Marion, Lisa, Sarah is talking about grapeseed oil, made from the pressed seeds of grapes. Rapese... More »
Sarah - Thank you James, yes I mean grapeseed oil not rapeseed / canola oil...
James - Roy Rogers arrived in Holywood for the premier of his latest movie. He checked into the Hollywood... More »
Susan - James you must be in a good mood too. LOL. Thanks for the chuckle.
Sarah - It can be hard to meet people in real life in the modern world!I guess it is worth thinking about... More »
Susan - Rachel I went on a dating site. LOTS of weirdo's and men wanting one night stands. Not my style... More »
john, DARTS VADER - I always found, it happens when you dont look for it, best things come to those that wait i say, :)
Cherryl - A good start may be to eliminate certain food groups, anything with wheat is a no no for me, dair... More »
Sarah - I think different things can bother different people with psoriasis. The common groups seem to in... More »
Sylvia - I don't know if this helps everybody but since I became a vegetarian and started taking Tarmac & ... More »
natalie - hi elaine. if i wer u i would just throw it out there. just say it like its no big deal u no. if ... More »
Sarah - Maybe if you have any appointments coming up, you could just say "yeah coz I'm going for an appoi... More »
Michelle - Hi Elaine. This is something I also struggled with for many years. I was always so worried and fu... More »
natalie - the sun is very good.
Sarah - I've never yet found anything to "get it gone" but have had really good results at different time... More »
Randy - Well it sucks to because I have chrone's disease which messes with my immune system, I think that... More »
MariaL - When I'm so stressed, I search horror movies in Youtube or in any other movie sites, it can carri... More »
Susan - natalie all I know is that stress is not good for any of us with any autoimmune condition. I did... More »
natalie - Thank you Susan..
john, DARTS VADER - So true MariaL, i am happy to be single now :) maybe a few special girlfriends in time who knows,... More »
natalie - well said maria. xx
MariaL - That's good John, we deserve to be happy, enjoy life & have fun! 💖
Michelle - Jennifer, great to hear flax oil is helpful for you! What results have you seen using it?
Lisa - I used one a few years ago. It helped but I stayed in it only for about 5 minutes 2-3 times a we... More »
Susan - Dave keyes UVA helped me years ago but my psoriasis came back. Tanning beds really didn't do muc... More »
Paul - Tell her about it Liam ,If she dumps you she's not the right one, if she doesn't then all cool,P ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Liam So true paul,plenty of lovely people out there if all dosnt go well?hopefully she will... More »
Jim - I was misdiagnosed for months, dr told me it was a fungal infection and highly contagious so we d... More »
Michelle - Hi Eleanor, Welcome to Flaym! I personally tend to stay away from stuff on the market. Too many a... More »
Sarah - Welcome Eleanor! I don't know of any new creams! The ones I have had have been around ages. I kno... More »
Davy - Hello Sarah, Both books should not that expensive in total better then all the creams we do an... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Davy,welcome to flaym,yes pagano is a legend though i have heard that the Psoriatic diet as... More »
Michelle - Sarah, I found my book online for $13.00 😊
Michelle - Try and keep your head up Tom and know the right person is out there and waiting for you! Jay sai... More »
Millionways - I like what Jay said. Your p is an extra tool: It’s a natural way of pre-selection. Its very eff... More »
MariaL - Hi Tom! you are not alone , we have a "fear of rejection" having this P, but dont let P knock you... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ismael. Yes I know that psoriasis is linked to social isolation, and many of us... More »
carol - The bios are certainly worth a try if only to get the flare under control. I am hoping for the b... More »
Michael - Thanks a lot I’ll try lemon 🍋
Sarah - Yes it does make it a lot worse for me. I think my skin is already "injured" and picking it cause... More »
Sarah - That's hard, finding something that helps you to have it taken away. Are there any other similar ... More »
Lou - Michelle, Tell me some natural remedies I'd love to try them.
Michelle - Lou, what I find is working best for me is the addition of probiotics and an omega 3 that contain... More »
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