Love and war with psoriasis.

Steve - Most might be in the same boat as me with Corona virus, since I've been on Bio's for 17yrs & lack... More »
dave - Had my jab , phyzer one , dead easy , in and out in 15 mins , no issues at all just a sore arm fo... More »
Debbie - Good Morning! Just searching for feedback on biologics. Got vaccine and psoriasis got severe. R... More »
Peter - Hi Andrew welcome what are you looking for?
Brenda - She's looking for Susan127
Michael O’Rourke - Donna, you are like me , I have had it since 1964 and have not found any thing that really works.... More »
Donna - Working as a keyworker and a broken relationship isn't helping my skin has flared up really bad.
Rosemary - Had my P since 1939 I'm 86 now and a widow and have heart failure now all I say is I'm still her... More »
Claire - I don't think my psoriasis is the reason I'm single, but it definitely is a factor in my persona... More »
RIAZ - Definitely more self conscious, can't have a flake out of place. Don't give up though. We live... More »
Larry - with covid 19 even scariear was doing the needle thing prior nonsolont but stoppet that now you c... More »
Polar - Thank you very much Lynn. It is being quite hard to go ahead. I am trying to keep on going.
Peter - Welcome Polar, if you have any questions ask and someone will help and usually more than one of ... More »
Clive - Hi there polar , sucks to have to join a group , but this is a relatively good and informative pl... More »
Claire - Thank you, Michelle. I believe that the love of my life is still out there in the world. I hope h... More »
Pat - please use crime talk search to know what the background is to protect yourself & family.
Claire - Thanks for your concern, Pat. If I ever decide to jump into the dating pool again, I will keep th... More »
Clive - Hi Joe , i have scoffed at the idea of diet based treatment from the outset , maybe to my signifi... More »
Claire - Hi Joe - I've transformed how and what I was eating and also find a big difference in what's happ... More »
Claire - Hello Michael - I've found that some people respond to my posts will all four emoticons! I don't... More »
Alexander Bruce - Thanks here in Scotland no deaths for 10 days across the border in England things are quite bad, ... More »
RIAZ - Ahhh turkey... Wish I was going. Gonna stay away from people for a bit. Pso meds and C19 are good... More »
Alexander Bruce - HI Lela I am good always happy think positive hun good to see you I pray all is well with you xxx
Alan - I always get stress relief
Claire - Alan - that's exactly how it should be!
John - A great way to relieve stress let your imagination go 👍
Clive - Hi Mark , i have been on the same for nearly 4 years , unfortunately my dr never mentioned bloods... More »
Ellen - Hi Clive … I suppose the side effects also depend on your dosage... when I first started Metho al... More »
Clive - Thank you for letting me know, it helps me to decide if i am going to continue using it , or try ... More »
RIAZ - You are not alone, we all have that feeling. It's a rollacoaster of emotions. Medications that g... More »
john,Hulk - Just thought to let you know that , I have cured my irritable bowels, thats was rough. I havnt ha... More »
Rita - Hi John, Glad to hear that you’re feeling a bit better. You seem to be doing everything you can t... More »
john,Hulk - Thank yu Rita, I still feelrubbish but better rubbish lol, mainly because of eye strain vision pr... More »
john,Hulk - No not as such as i am an essential worker, i work in a nursing home in maintenance, Scary thing... More »
Irene - Got worst p atm .. so sad , I feel freak or beast and my husband is the beauty .. "Beauty a... More »
Michael Chidwick - My daughter is an Almoner in Stafford
Troy - I feel your pain Diane. Going through the same. Gonna bite the bullet and try a biologic.
Michelle - awww G. I'm sorry to hear this but hey, chin up. Children are precious and they only see the good... More »
G - Thank you michelle ❤️❤️
Chris - I also think this is a great idea
Michael O’Rourke - Great idea !!!
Clive - I think it is an awesome idea , why wait !!!
Elaine - Michelle, you are always upbeat, loving, nurturing and supportive. I'm going to endeavor to be m... More »
Michelle - Ed, I'm sorry. Yes your mom is too old to change now I do agree with you but hey, keep your chin ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Ed. So sorry here this , May explain why i was so bad with psoriasis when i was a child, i... More »

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