Love and war with psoriasis.

john - hello romance nd welcome to flaym :)
Sarah - I think the worst psoriasis related thing I've experienced was during pregnancy when my whole sca... More »
Sarah - Hi Leul, welcome to Flaym. Glad to see you're feeling hopeful now you're connected on here
Sarah - Actions can sometimes speak louder than words but feelings are very important too! Psoriasis is v... More »
Ken Martin - Thank you very mush Sarah
Marke Joseph - I don't know too
Ken Martin
john - welcome to flaym ken, hope you find help here for your skin etc :)
Susan - Joann I think many people have tried CBD oil. I used it on my skin quite a few years ago. Did n... More »
Robert - I started toady, CBD oil🤔
Don - this sounds kind of weird but I give my puppy rocky cbd oil for both a skin condition and pain fo... More »
Dave - Happy. Irthday Leanne.
michael - Happy birthday Leanne. tomorrow is the start of new hope. May you be blessed with health and l... More »
Jacqueline - Oh boy, so young! 😉 What I'd give to be 39 again...I was free of psoriasis then too! Many happy r... More »
john - hello maria, avoid potatoes,tomatoes,peppers,sugar,sweetners,eggplants,smoking,alcahol, all sauc... More »
john - i wish you well maria, it will take time, no quick fix at all but, it is a choice and some change... More »
Maria Corazon - Thanks John for your info now I'll try avoid those food,hope for the better.
Cyril - You should wreak havoc on the weather :)
Roxanne - Good morning all.
Sarah - Good morning Firooz, welcome to Flaym.
john - good morning firooz and welcome to flaym :)
yves - SALUT SUIS nouveau par ici et je maîtrise pas grandes choses , quelqu'un pour me guider ?
Dave - Bonjour yves, vous pouvez écrire en anglais comme il sera plus facile pour vous aider, sinon, j’a... More »
Sarah - Hi Yves, welcome to Flaym, our common site language is English though we come from all over the w... More »
MishLyn - I am a Taurus as well 💖
Charmaine - Scorpio.
Cc - Same as you. Scorpeeeyo! We rock!
john - does it help angel with what you use? do you have psoriatic arthritis aswell?thanks
john - sorry yes you do have arthritis, i missed it in your post sorry, hope thats not very bad for you ... More »
Don - gay or " straight " doesn't really matter in the grand scope of things....really. Don't make thi... More »
john - the answer is to me, love yourself and people will love you,i am glad you are confident in yours... More »
Charmaine - Doubt it Nuggets
Kathie Lukas - See if you are facing psoriasis problem then I can suggest you a product which I use on daily bas... More »
Stephen - I had the same problem..but if they love won't make a difference
john - i am very sorry to hear this stephen, its a shame nothing has ever changed in atittudes towards ... More »
Paul - I have had P since 14...I just never hid it or made a secret about it...I found open and honest c... More »
...feeling insecure Jack @jack2


john - hello jack, i had the same problem back in 1987,i couldnt join anything,dont know why maybe, they... More »
Sarah - Ah Jack, what reason do they give? Are they worried about medical expenses? My friend couldn't do... More »
Buhle - Hey Jack. Sorry to hear that hope u feel better
Susan - Isn't that the truth John. The BEST thing I ever did was clean house with the people in my life.... More »
Lorna Penner - Count your blessings name them one by one!
Susan - Lorna Penner... I love that song! Used to sing it to my kids all the time!
...feeling excited Deleted account

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ruth. Glad you found us!
john - welcome to flaym ruth, hope you find some tips here to help you :)
Beth - Thanks Mishlyn! We've tried some things like that and does help. To be honest it's silly things l... More »
NS - i think the part that potentially hurts my relationship is my own awareness that it is there. th... More »
Susan - NS that touch when we have psoriasis from another person is really tough. I would like to share ... More »
john - sorry about this becky,what are you worrying about, your psoriasis?
Sarah - Hi Becky, what kind of p do you have?
Shelley - Sending you a hug! I hope that you are able to find a help for your worries. I would be glad to c... More »

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