Love and war with psoriasis.

Kim - Hi Craig. My ex husband always said, " I don't see your skin" and I think that is true for genuin... More Β»
john - hello craig, i never have had a problem to be honest. i used to date a lot in the past, it never ... More Β»
Monaka - I don't date any more (got a Husband ) but when we were dating it was just on my knees and it was... More Β»
Kim - I know Jane. Maybe it's not clear enough why we are here. I hope you haven't got the same message... More Β»
john - luckily, i have had polite messages from people,maybe some just want friends? as you can see, i ... More Β»
Jane Tsipi - Hello Kim! Well, received messages but so far most are friendly mails. 😊
Matthew - This cracked me up mate have been there a few timesπŸ˜‚ hope it clears soon
Mavis - I know how you feel Dean. I leave flakes everywhere I go!!!! So very frustrating. I am always du... More Β»
john - sounds like good exercise :)
Jane Tsipi - I'm on this site because of my boyfriend and I'm really glad I'm here for a good reason... Not lo... More Β»
Cheryl - It's great to have a laugh .. some of my friends have started calling me Michael Jackson because ... More Β»
Kim - Wish I had thought of that Cheryl.!
john - hello pradeep, i am well thank you :) glad you are hopeful :)
Pradeep - Iam pradeep 38,single serching serious relationship
Precious Babe - Are you serious
Nan195 - Wishing you all the best Lisa with your new venture...Love does make the world go round ❀️
Kim - Ditto what nan said. Good luck. X
Williams - yes lisa its a good idea please i am intersted
john - ihope it works well for you gazza, i dont use them so, i dont have any experience with them,i use... More Β»
Mariebar - Hey Gazza I'm going to be very interested to know how you get on and your thoughts about this it'... More Β»
Trevor Crowe - Hey Gazza. I bought a phototherapy stand which has 5 bulbs. Literally a sun bed which stands on i... More Β»
Gazza544 - Hi Lori, what's up?
john - hello lori, welcome to flaym,we are all here to help if we can,thanks
Kim - Hi Lori what advice do you need?
Gazza544 - Nothing worse than a selfish lover lol, but seriously I know where you are coming from.
Psoriatic4good - I love orgasms! That is honest :)
Rose - @siddion11 that's why you can never satisfy me you are thinking of ravishing to please yourself..... More Β»
john - hello anwaar, good poetry,glad you are excited :)
Kim - Hi John. I tried too. I have since found out that the Police force wouldn't take us and neither... More Β»
Kim - Sorry I can't edit my post! Awful spelling!
john - no worries, i always make mistakes and trying to correct as its going forthe comment,too late but... More Β»
santosh - welocme active and help others with your valuable thoughts and suggestions
john - welcome to flaym salim,glad you are okay :)
Sharon (Sherry) - I have a question. Has anyone else experienced a warning of an eminent pso outbreak? The last t... More Β»
john - haha, i am glad i dont need to looking forward to taking my weekend up slapping creams on,most pe... More Β»
Christian - Depends on were your looking I guess nothings hard or impossible never know when paths will cross... More Β»
Jennifer - Definitely would have something in common lol but I seriously have never met anyone else with pso... More Β»
santosh - Lol....i can relate to my thoughts...well said together gets stronger and bra... More Β»
john - hello spottytotty, great name :).summer is good as long as i dont go in the sun at peak times,in ... More Β»
Sherry - Not sure where you are situated but if you can get to a beach, the combination of sun and salt wa... More Β»
Bill - Ive tried to grow a beard but it didnt work for me i just got really flacky dry skin staying clo... More Β»
john - yes i know what you mean and one gets itchy as the beard grows :(,it was more for the hiding of i... More Β»
Gazza544 - Hi bill, just think of it as somebody who is uneducated about what we have and our condition, eas... More Β»
john - yep . still in the dark ages, it was in the 70s i was a little boy, i remember mothers of childre... More Β»
Ra11 - Yes I understand Sherry, I was employed in education and there are a lot of backwards people in m... More Β»
Mariebar - Hey Sherry That's terrible I'm a nurse too unfortunately there is still a lot of fear and lack o... More Β»

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