Love and war with psoriasis.

chute - not bad feeling anyway what do u think?
isabel67 - Welcome
Kim - Hi Mohammed. Welcome. What type of Psoriasis do you have?
john - welcome to flaym mohammed , I hope you find good things to try here if you have psoriasis :)
Kim - Ok, I am Kim Thursday today then.😀
Josh - Family you have no choice in, friends and partner are the family you choose
Cheryl - I am sure you will get some good tips here Amaal. We all have something in common so you know you... More »
Ronnah - Hello Amaal.....I get you 100%. I felt like it ruined my life as well. The awesome thing is that ... More »
Nisha - Oh Amaal. I have had Psoriasis since 14 now 49 it's awful. Terrible horrible traumatic but there ... More »
Illy - Whats green treatment?
john - hello chute ,plenty of green vegetables?,i do plaenty of those raw and cooked , glad you are hope... More »
chute - my mother got p. so got to learn stuffs. she prefers natural sometimes
...feeling happy OSENI @oseni

JULIE moosa - Hie how are you
john - hi oseni, you have psoriasis,if you have then welcome to flaym :)
john - wow that's good mariebar :) its good you have been with her with changes by doing the detox,most... More »
agb - Yeah!
Kim - Enjoy!! 😀😀😀😀
Messo - Hhhaaaahha Thanks Yeah that's all what I need enjoying
Jill - Which one do you take? I meet with a new doctor this week to discuss my options....
Mike - Really sorry to hear this. How long were you together?
Raffy - 3 years
Mike - Sorry, I don't understand. Are you saying your partner just found out after 3 years that you have... More »
Raffy - Thanks
john - welcome back raffy, hope all is well with you ? :)
Stef - Hi Kelly, happy to hear that but are you sure you are on the proper site ?
john - come here to this site,maybe the other way round,you may have to care for him with all the creams... More »
Raymond - Hopefully you're not fond of dark colored bed sheets.
TravelRocker - Raining in Manchester, England too. Have a great day
Stef - Same in Toulouse, France...
john - yep, autumn has come early in the south of England rain and rain,supposed to be better tomorrow?
Janice - She obviously loves you for who you are and has a good sense of humour Josh.
Josh - It certainly isn't my charm!
paul - sexy flaky
Stef - Kim Kardashian has so it is not a matter of money to have THE cure... You have to find your thin... More »
Kim - Psoriasis is an auto immune condition that affects everyone regardless of social standing.
Monaka - yes they do I was reading a response that Kim Kardashian Has Psoriasis and it reminded me that sh... More »
muki maher
Annie Williams
Messo - Me too I love everything about u Keep excited you look good
Kim - Maybe for you Cheria, but not for most of the people on here. Read the posts
Jullie - You tell her Kim.
Roxanne - I don't fine living with P very easy but some days are better then others.

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