Brutally honest confessions.

john - thank you vanessa, hugs to you too :)
Mary - Is back pain from p
Mary - Do you work
Kim - Hi Mike. I have also just read your bio. I am very happy to see that although you deal in remedie... More »
Annette Gill - Hi I had infantile eczema then contact dermatitis. It wasn't until I had to go onto steroids for... More »
Mike - Wow! Thank you all for sharing.
Kim - Do you think it's because it's playing on your mind?
Debakshi - @Foody -thanks for the reply. Ummm...Of course there is a good chance that it is because I am dr... More »
Kim - That's interesting. I've never thought of anything like that before.
ElefteriaEllory - ...It really helped me and I hope it will help other people.
Kim - Hi. I just googled it. It's a steroid which I avoid thee days but thanks for the tip. I am glad i... More »
Alex - Hope I feel good
Mary - I have asthma and pneumonia about twice a year hospitalization. On breathing treatment tobramycin... More »
Karan - Have some probiotics and turmeric hope it works well
Emil - Alcohol was the HARDEST thing for me to give up. Haven't had a sip of anything for 1 and a half y... More »
Kim - I don't have that problem with alcohol. It doesn't make me itch at all. If I have overdone it the... More »
john - skin can get itchy through the healing process,when its clearing . I have experienced this enough... More »
Cindy - Thankyou john, 75% clear for me is a miracle I have skin in places I never knew existed before l... More »
Mary - I have no life to change. Except carbs maybe
Susan - David that is really interesting... I just googled lectins and the foods we eat that put lectin i... More »
Susan - Thanks John. I'm going to look into a filter for my tap in the kitchen. I only have an apartmen... More »
john - I know the filtered water tastes a lot better susan,i can say all harmful content is removed and ... More »
john - the ph level in the uk tap water well in the south is pretty poor with chemicals and such in it .... More »
john - you want a lifestyle change plan mick? haha :)
Aitch - Well done man! I've list a stone and a half since reducing the carbs and the beer ( though the b... More »
john - that's good aitch :)I am pleased for you that you made some changes ,some changes are better th... More »
Mickg48 - I had mine cut on the weekend they are ok if you tell them you have it rather than they guess but... More »
john - hello mick, my hairdresser does know about my psoriasis, its ok, I have always told them,just in... More »
Karan - Coconut +apple cider vinegar and check out homeopathy mother tinctures drops on know your potency... More »
Roxanne - I find humidity helps me a lot so someplace hot and humid.
john - I try to go the canary islands in the winter for a week ra11, holidays are cheap and I go all inc... More »
Holli - Yeah, it's well annoying. Hope you find something that works for you :)
john - yes though not bad nowadays, :)
Sharon (Sherry) - I have a couple of spots in my ears... not really bad, but would rather it went away!!
john - hello stef,can you do this with anything or just lemons?,would a banana work ?does he call himse... More »
Jullie - Good luck Stef...
Stef - OK, Ive to find something else...
...feeling happy Hallye @hallye


john - hello hallye, welcome to flaym,any questions help etc, just ask :)
Dave - @foody, well done Kim, good luck with it.
Kim - Thanks Dave. It's my HRT. I have other another 6 tablets to take so should finish about September.
Holli - Hope you feel better soon <3
Ajit - My doc used to say that I need to believe in the meds if it has to have a positive impact on me..... More »
clsak - Are there any good otc lotions that have worked well for anyone?
Cheryl - When you asked this question a couple of weeks ago my answer would have been no .. now it is yes!... More »
Dave - Neither does soap in bar form...dries the skin even more.
john - yes, I have been told about soaps being not good years ago dave, I thought about it yesterday and... More »
john - no real response on this one and its a cheap way to keep the scales at bay from your body and fro... More »
Madmum007 - which child's farm moisturiser are you using for your scalp, there are many moisturisers in that ... More »
Caitlin - The grapefruit one ATM. Hoping to get the other one too.
juan - i dont get haircuts anymore bc of my psoriasis 😒😒
john - yes oz, I agree , gotta have some life . all in moderation :)
Jan - Just made a tray of vodka jelly shots, I get lots of invites to parties down to these babies, jus... More »
Mickg48 - Jan you sound like a party animal I must admit I have had them but never made jelly shots have to... More »

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