Brutally honest confessions.

Michelle - My hair dresser is pretty great too. They really see it all. They are more understanding than we ... More »
Justin - Do you use prescription shampoo and scalp applications?
Stacy - I can’t stress enough how as a hair dresser we do not bat an eye when someone with psoriasis come... More »
Clint - To funny Nat what do you think of that😉
natalie - cool.. your no fool and you think lemons rule.. 😂
Clint - They worked magic for me I. Kid you not and they didn't cost much and did a great job I'm healed ... More »
Sarah - He's 2. I'm like that too I think!
natalie - Aww my son turned 1 in January there so funny at that age.
Susan - Hang in there Natalie. You've come this far. I guess we get to ride the rollercoaster of life. ... More »
Clint - 8 doses for under a buck (pound)
Clint - Big John with the dramatic responses lol 😁
Susan - John that's great! There is something to that lemon juice and it's all natural!
Michelle - I would take coconut oil infused with lemon 😀 Bev, would you mind sharing what you put in your h... More »
Catherine - I'd hope it was an island full of cocout palms and aloe Vera plants with a fresh water supply 😁 t... More »
Catherine - God dam predictive text ...COCONUT 🌴🌴🌴🌴
Mavis - I like it 😁😁
Sarah - Maybe you should hang around the lemon aisle John, see if you can get any of that on you...
john, DARTS VADER - haha, i could indeed sarah, may have to accidently drop one and hope it spilts open and squeez... More »
leanne78 - I have been reading a lot about diet etc since joining here and have googled it.I glazed over a f... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Thats great Leanne78, it does pay off for sure, slow elimination is key to success, i never thoug... More »
Sarah - Leanne78, I think it is a tough thing to do especially if you are starting from a not so great di... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Oh yes, alcohol can do that, deaden the nerves,thats my excuse to drink when i do :)
Rita - I’m not a drinker anyway. :)
Rita - I think one of us is going to have to change her name! 🤪
Lynne - I wonder if Realemon juice in the bottle would work as well. Mine is on my scalp so it is easy t... More »
Clint - Lynne I tried that with some results but not as good as the real deal lemon 🍋
Ellen - Thanks Clint ....
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Mary,diet/lifestyle changes may help over the long term with this, i have seen improvements... More »
Sarah - Hey Mary, welcome to Flaym! I use a few natural things on my head that help me a lot. One is usi... More »
rachel - I get heel pain now but don't recall before the P.
Jane - The first thing I noticed before psoriasiswas sting on feet and lower legs. It was just like fire... More »
Sarah - Yes I think mine would fit that description in my heels Jane... how unusual
Ruben - Oh ow... Lemon and tumeric everywhere!
Susan - john I think you are right. I had the nail issue too long before the arthritis and, yes, it is a... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Build up of inflammation and eventually it gets everywhere else it seems Susan, i know it can be ... More »
Janice - I have lots of white patches on my hands and arms but they are scars caused from using steroid oi... More »
Kathryn - On my forearms ive got white patches . It's not nice im not sure why I think it could possibly be... More »
Sarah - I don't have vitiligo Chris but I do have patches of lesser pigment where my psoriasis has cleare... More »
Susan - Ummm john, good idea. Lizards need to be kept hidden. LOL.
john, DARTS VADER - well, i shouldnt say that anymore susan about the lizard as i may upset someone here, some dont h... More »
Chris - #freethelizard 😂😂😂😂😂
Leonie Mateer - I just read the article.. amazing...
john, DARTS VADER - We will all be going to clear the shelves out in the shops of this :)
Michelle - I just read it as well, thanks for sharing. Amazing indeed!
Clint - It will work
john, DARTS VADER - well, i did put some on him, wasnt too bad so, lemons in my pants it is on a regular basis :)
Ruben - Lemony fresh lizzard 🤣
carol - We could never get away with murder. We leave our dna everywhere.
Jayne - Well done on new job Josh x
Michelle - LOL. not unless we glad wrap ourselves Carol.😳
Chris - Michelle its finding a nice lady to make nice memories with,what would you call it in Canada ?
Susan - john you are funny... I did the topless and bottomless with or without psoriasis. Not sure if th... More »
john, DARTS VADER - oh dear, we do have funny terms to try and get our wicked way in the uk :)
Michelle - Yoouch!! Oohh sounds so painful Leanne. Hope it is feeling better soon! What an odd feeling..whe... More »
Sarah - Argh gouging! That does sound so sore... try to train your brain not to gouge / scratch if you ca... More »
Ruben - Added vitamine D to my diet after joining Flaym, haven't regretted it a second!
Sarah - I really think it is too Atul
Susan - Atul it is an important vitamin. I get most of mine from the sun but also from my Moringa too.
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