Brutally honest confessions.

Roxanne - Sure I would love to help out.
john - hello diane, i could tell you about the dark ages from many,very many moons ago, i have just liv... More »
john - thank you lucy,,yes, she says things straight out, i am surprised i am ok with that :) i put some... More »
Lucy - Bless you. That’s the blooming downfall of steroid creams. It’s just a matter of time sweet. Just... More »
john - yes, it is especially the face,one can hide it any where else ,been a problem for a while now and... More »
john - i have jacqueline,i feel very lucky,they always show you the worst i find of anything when it co... More »
David - Is there a link for this Jacqueline ?
john - hello david, just go to google or write it in a tab and put in pictures of psoriasis then all the... More »
Haydn - Thanks for the replies! I shall give your suggestions a go and try and figure out what's causing ... More »
michael - Try some anti histamines as you may be reacting in the night.
Alfredo - Hi Haydn! My mom purchased a somewhat expensive humidifier that I keep on through the night. Over... More »
Jasmine - Anxiety has been something that has dominated me since I got my first showing of it when I was 19... More »
Dave - Good to read you are getting back to normal Jasmine. It isn't easy, nothing worth having ever is.... More »
Marietes - Sue .so sorry to hear that,.i am cover of p all over too .i was thinking of killing my self too @... More »
Lorna Penner - My friend used that one time--the tar lotion and she had to lay in the sun in the nude--shes did ... More »
Janice - I do so admire you John, you have such determination and I am so pleased that all your hard work ... More »
Lorna Penner - I always loved my coffee but now I drink hot water with a lemon slice and a bit of honey several... More »
Jacqueline - To calm me I listen to sleep aids - apps that you can tweak certain sounds to play together to cr... More »
Dave - I have some of those on a Binaural app, that gets me to sleep of I'm struggling a bit.
Nan195 - Mine is Silk Road by Kitaro and anything by Helmut Lotti with a block or two of Lindt Dark Chocol... More »
Paul - God bless you Chris
Paul - Anything that helps calm your spirit helps....when you mind or spirit is troubled I tend to find ... More »
john - not for me chris but, if it helps others then thats good :)
hope - I have those days and when I have psoriasis flare ups they come with psoriatic nail disease and p... More »
Sarah - Oh no Vicky, flare up cycles are the worst. Do you know your triggers? Can you go about identifyi... More »
john - let me know how he is, hope hes ok your son thanks
hope - Hi, Im older...53...but I'm a mom and my girls each had health issues that affected their involve... More »
john - sounds good hope, you need a prize for your posts ,hope flaym is watching :)
john - the answer is to me, love yourself and people will love you,i am glad you are confident in yours... More »
Charmaine - Doubt it Nuggets
Kathie Lukas - See if you are facing psoriasis problem then I can suggest you a product which I use on daily bas... More »
john - thank you nan and james, be good to see things improve now i am in hiding like a lepar thank you :)
jacqui - Hi John@chewbacca, love "chewbacca.). would you mind or want to maybe have a chat sometime. y... More »
john - ah thank you jacqui, thats so kind of you to say that,that so sweet of you :)i am sure you are a ... More »
john - thank you andie, i feel battered but, ok thank you :X)
Dave - Glad you are back with us and on the mend John 👍👍
john - thank you very much dave,yes,i hope things better fast, quite sore and painful to walk but,could ... More »
Paul - Btw...last night ..I slept all night again :D This stuff is amazing Psoriasin...go out and get s... More »
Nan195 - Hi Paul, welcome to this amazing Site where you will find answers, advice and communicate with th... More »
Paul - Thanks Nan ) I already am in fact
MishLyn - Tea tree oil is a favourite of mine as well, along with Lavender & Calendula 😊 I use coconut oil ... More »
Nan195 - My best is Lavender and German Chamomile, I add it to Grapeseed Oil or Coconut Oil for my hands a... More »
Taylor - You’re most welcome Mishlyn. I hope it benefits you in some way :)
Sarah - Hey Virgis! Yes I make fresh juice in my kitchen, I use a juicer. The best mix I've found for my ... More »
Susan - Virgis I mix just a bit of fruit with my Moringa powder and my whey protein powder pretty much ev... More »
john - hello mick,hope you are ok? exposing your legs on here, we keep saying its not a dating site, try... More »
Jayne - Hope the op went well and your skin is clearing x
Maria Corazon - My fingers got swollen and they said its psoriatic atriatis my small finger cannot be straight an... More »
Susan - Never had it on my feet Chris. That's tough for so many of you. I really do have to applaud you... More »
Sarah - I love that film! Do you have it all on your feet or just soles? I only have it on the foot bridg... More »
Chris - Ankles and top of feet,I take my socks very carefully now Sarah
Susan - Victor I hope it works for you. I googled Cushing Syndrome a while back. This can be something ... More »
Janice - So sorry to hear this Victor, I also wonder if this is why I was diagnosed two years ago with typ... More »
Susan - Good for you Janice. Every little bit can shift our lives.
Susan - Hi Virgis. Welcome to the site. I got better, healed, from my psoriasis and other autoimmune di... More »
Sarah - Welcome Virgis! For me I reduce gluten and nightshades, abd I add in as many anti-inflammatory fo... More »
Sarah - And how did you get on with your turmeric tea Virgis?

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