Brutally honest confessions.

Jim - I think it would be easier John if you listed the few things we can eat.
john,darts vader - well jim,you know we are all different , i will tell you what i do, i eat white meat like chicken... More »
john,darts vader - Idealy 80% of the diet is ideal, so you can have a few questionable things in the diet though it ... More »
Michelle - Thanks John! 😃 Food effects us in so many ways, not just skin issues. Its great you can spread yo... More »
john,darts vader - I do hope so michelle, most dont want to listen, answer, i could be dead tomorrow so i eat what ... More »
Susan - john that's cool. I have 2 kids (20 and 28). They were raised by me to eat like I do now. They... More »
Paul - I hear ya there John, me too. Need to invest in another humidifier as my old one died out on me.
john,darts vader - Hello paul, does that really help you ,the humidifier?i heard many say this, i do have one but i... More »
Michelle - Hey John, a humidifier is really helpful for me in the winter, I wouldn't want to live without on... More »
Susan - Good on you Sarah! Don't let that stop you. It's just flakes. Many with dandruff wear black. ... More »
Chris - Love the double black Cardigan that's brill
Kez - I feel the same. Most of my clothes are black
Michelle - So great to hear Meaghan! It sounds amazing! I would love the recipe as well if you are able to g... More »
Bev - That sound fantastic
Bev - After using the steroid gel until it cleared. I moiturised frequently. I've been using a home m... More »
Sarah - Not too far, Bev! 😣😣😣
Bev - I'll be careful I promise
john,darts vader - Thats great mjw , glad you have come back with good news, i am so happy for your husband and for ... More »
Sarah - Welcome back MJW! What did you use that was natural, and what diet changes did you make? Thanks f... More »
MJW - Thanks all 😊
Susan - Another good video. Some I agree with some I don't. But... I always give feedback and love gett... More »
Ruben - Will check it out today! Keep up the great work!
Bev - Good Video RSE
lynne - Love this
Ruben - Saving up for a "bean bag" :D
john,darts vader - HAHA Thats funny , :)
carol - Lol, you should have glittered it up and put it in a locket
Sarah - Muhahaha! What a thoughtful gift. How kind! Was it the biggest flake you could muster, or just a ... More »
Michelle - Lol. Silly girls. well we could always laminate our flakes....
john,darts vader - so true jenny, some changes is better than none, its not easy i know,i try to just fill myself by... More »
Susan - Jenny we do have to live and the odd treat is ok. I don't find it living though in a good way wh... More »
john,darts vader - Me too susan,i make sure i am full as can get ,i am usually stuffed as a turkey :)
Michelle - So Happy to hear that you are feeling better Alana. We are all in this together :) Welcome Abo... More »
Sarah - We feel better with you here too, Alana! ✨✨✨
Jennifer - Hi Alana, I live in northern Nevada wish I was in southern during winter lol tho I was diagnosed ... More »
Michael - Have you tried tea tree oil for nails!??
Ellen - No I haven't ... how does one apply it....
Sarah - I used tea tree oil on my nails when they were terrible. It's meant to antibacterial! Not sure if... More »
Sarah - A chain pub is where there are lots of branches of the pub across the country. This one is Wether... More »
Jayne - Sounds good Sarah - am off to Wetherspoons tonight - I will try it x
Sarah - Do it Jayne! It was nice! And great to have something cooked for me, instead of having to do it m... More »
carol - I have just recently realized that stress is probably at least part of my problem and my stress c... More »
Brownie - I agree with carol. I seem to have little control over the stress. But I don't take anything fo... More »
Michelle - I try to be in the moment as often as I can. I find it very helpful with enjoying what is right i... More »
Karen - I just cut it up to the size of my patch and put it in a glass bowl let them soak in it then plac... More »
Michelle - Thanks Karen, I just Love hearing and trying old remedies passed down from loved ones ❤
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Karen! That sounds great. Thanks for sharing! Apple cider vinegar is a wonderfu... More »
Susan - Mark does little dog poop count? Hahahaha
Sarah - I like your psoriasis measures people! That is cool to see how others check their progress. For m... More »
Michael - Me it's the red also!
john,darts vader - Yes i put a post up quite a few months ago about this with products like E45 was a culprit, why s... More »
Michelle - Just horrible! :( My goodness, Very scary indeed.
Michelle - 😳 terrible news. well, we need to be very careful now.
Sarah - My crock pot is my best friend Richard. Could you post your favourite recipe? Would love to see w... More »
Susan - Thank you Nan. Positive can have it's challenges at the beginning for sure. I soon becomes a wa... More »
john,darts vader - Thank you nan, you are wonderful, so true susan, you are wonderful too , infact, you all are wond... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Good for you - the more I research veganism and its benefits, the closer I get to becoming one my... More »
Richard - Mark I doing the same and the last month starting to see some improvement. My biologic is every o... More »
Rani - are there any side effects of this biologic injections that you know of

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