Brutally honest confessions.

John, THE HULK - Thank you Julia , i go leave uk today at midday get to my destination tomorrow afternoon ,long j... More »
psomom - Have an excellent vacation John!
Rosey - You have a great break John, enjoy ,look forward to tommorrow
psomom - Yes seems like it’s the most commonly used natural treatment.
Rosey - Yeah it's cheap an effective in way s,I can smell it on me so guess others can ,it's not a nice ... More »
Michelle - Lol psomom, that's the first thing we will think but hey, we are not alone. Sounds like an alien ... More »
Jen - Yes try that Greg. There's one that s made with cornstarch, Aloe and Vit E.
Millionways - You can use lubricate zinc ointment or bepanthen / dexpanthenol ointment. This can also be lubric... More »
Sarah - Sudocrem is good!
Rosey - Just slept John,lol,been hard working after 2 weeks off and now we using iPads,and they call it p... More »
John, THE HULK - HAHA, nooo, i am good now thanks Rosey now i am IRON MAN :)Thats all it was i was lacking,I am fl... More »
Rosey - Enjoy what I'm there to do which is help ppl in their homes,simple job one would think,iffice mak... More »
Michelle - Haha John, very witty. But I'm glad you're feeling so much better. Being tired all the time is aw... More »
John, THE HULK - Yes true Michelle, i think may had an affect on my P who knows,i gone down to one tab a day now o... More »
Clint - John is on a tear party like it's 1994
Millionways - Thanks John! I will take a look at those filters. Ow yes, winter is coming. Just ran to store to ... More »
John, THE HULK - Your welcome Millionways, hope you can get on top of it this winter , I dont like the winter, ne... More »
psomom - Thanks John. I tried to answer before but I often have problems posting.
Sarah - Scalp psoriasis is definitely the most uncomfortable part of my psoriasis without a doubt. I find... More »
Rosey - Michelle have you scored work as yet?John rye bread if u have the need for bread,dark is better,b... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Rosey,No i dont need bread though i have it sometimes when out as all you get is junk at re... More »
Michelle - Hi Rosey. Got a half day job but it was takung minutes only. Im still looking though. Thank you f... More »
Rajesh - Dear Friends, I have been suffering from Psoriasis (majorly Scalp) for the past 14 years, and cam... More »
Bev - Not sure if you could get this shampoo where you are for your son @Psomom
Rajesh - Dear @bev43, @psomom, it can be shipped to Canada, just google it, "Atrisor Shampoo"... It is a a... More »
Rosey - Was going to use finding,apparenty great results after 2 mths,but now read about fossil powder? A... More »
Sarah - Mine always gets worse during onset of illness so this is interesting, thank you!
Rosey - Rince it after cooked to get starch out,always have always Will,no idea why,just know to do it
James - I've always done it before. I add a splash of evo and a splash of lemon juice to the water to sto... More »
Michelle - Never heard of that method James?
Sarah - That is very difficult, I hope your psoriasis doesn't limit your new career...
Sarah - Couldn't agree more Zain 👍
Clint - A local bee 🐝 keeper here would make a skin cream here that was working for me check the internet... More »
psomom - Thanks all. Clint that’s a great idea. I will look for something. I’ve tried everything to make ... More »
Sarah - Coxing oil isn't my favourite on scalp either for the same reasons. In fact I don't like using an... More »
Sarah - Hope you're feeling better soon!
Caroline - I wish, I now have a really bad cold and a sore throat and my asthma getting bad again 🤣. Having ... More »
rachel - Great that your skin is clear in those areas now, bet it looks lovely :-)
Mavis - Great news Sarah
psomom - My plan is to do a short blast and ween off slowly, meanwhile doing the coconut oil and hoping to... More »
Rosey - Well 2 application s of d cream cured my scalp,I swear,just use coal tar shampoo now,and scalp cl... More »
John, THE HULK - Good for you Rosey, That should give you more positivity to hopefully get the rest sorted ,I got... More »
Barbara - Exactly what I'm doing. I cut down on junk. Look to protein, probiotic, Vitamin A. I feel bett... More »
Shawn - Hallelujah
John, THE HULK - Good for you Barbara ,good your cat is on a diet/lifestyle plan too, well done to you :) :)
Deleted account - Is there steroids in it ??
Fahd - No all organic
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