Brutally honest confessions.

Susan - Sarah I remember that. I still have scars on my elbows that get diminished in the summer. Actua... More »
Steve - The P!
Otto_M_Moon - Steve below the knee? or above? Under my knee is the only place I get the P
Michelle - Hi Stuart. Looking forward to sharing my experience with you as well and vice versa. You will abs... More »
John - Looking forward to read your experiences.
Sarah - Welcome Stuart, that is indeed very exciting! Love to know more...
john,darts vader - ,tooo early isnt it mind, i used to do that on holiday ,far too early drinking from 9am to 3 am ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - John, do they still closes pubs after lunch till dinner time and are they open to 2am now like he... More »
john,darts vader - pubs are normally closed by11.30pm, last orders at 11pm,some pubs are open during the day from 10... More »
Susan - John you are right. Being healthy in our diets is always good with or without autoimmune disease... More »
Michelle - Good stuff John! I was the same way when I did elimination 2 years ago. I was able to eat certain... More »
john - i go to the toby carvery next week but, i will eat all veg and some meat, i can have as big plate... More »
Susan - Hey Chris, yoga and moisturizing as the same time. Great multitasking. LOL
Sarah - Hehe wow, good efficient planning, Chris! Just don't get so slippery you can't get up from the lo... More »
Michelle - Fantastic John!! 😃
Otto_M_Moon - Maggie Lizard cream is a Englishmen's way of saying Johnson's wax
Susan - Wow john... Good news. OMGoodness you all... Just had the most fun reading all your comments... ... More »
Josh - Stay positive, you will find a solution
Sarah - The change is yet to come, Line! Psoriasis is such a wax and wane problem, hopefully the "wane" p... More »
Line - Thank you all, you are so sweet❤️❤️
Sarah - Love that, Mark! Hope is out there...
Susan - Mark I had pretty baad psoriasis at 20 when I met my now ex husband. 2 wonderful children and my... More »
john - thats great mark :) :)
Susan - Aww Nan... Thanks. You are an angel too. Lots of Angels on this site. :)
john - hello susan, you are great,earth angel sounds great too for you :)you are busy susan :)thanks sha... More »
Susan - Yup. john you and your humor... LOL
Michelle - Tgel won't work for psoriasis. I would suggest either a cortisone or a linotar gel. It takes the ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Kathleen! TGel can work for some people living with p. I am one of them! The th... More »
Emma - I have it on my arms and under arms it’s keeps me awake most nights/ I use a hot flannel x
Otto_M_Moon - I hope the lizard survived ok, after all one has to have their priorities ..roflma
john,darts vader - thanks will21,he dosnt look battered like a sausage now like he did, i took a comment from tim ab... More »
Don - you seriously are "the lizard king"...
john,darts vader - thanks susan,i have drank 2 litres of filtered water already, a punet of blueberries.a veggie mea... More »
Nan195 - Oh John, was it worth it 😊 Feel better soon and take care ❤️🌹
john,darts vader - thanks nan,its ok, it pushes me to think about a tooth implant also i feel since detox,i dont ha... More »
Susan - Sarah I betcha you smell puuurrrrty!
Javeed - Keep it up, enjoy your shopping
Michelle - hahahahaha. I love the sense of humour on Flaym.
Dave - Topical steroids in very small amounts can be put pretty much anywhere, its only long term over l... More »
Sarah - True yes large areas or frequent use not to be advised! I think there are some places where I've ... More »
Lisa - Try Alternating,Anti Fungus, And Hydrocortisone Ointment,( Has To Be Ointments) After It Has Soft... More »
john - so true anita about clear skins,should be in our shoes who say this but, one can make it better ... More »
Roxanne - Anita Dont let others stupidity get you down.
Michelle - @Josh, "Due to heavy winds my DNA can be found in several areas across the world." really made me... More »
john,darts vader - thank you sarah, i have just put a post up, water drank by 2 litres,fresh veggies and now i party... More »
Janice - Enjoy yourself John, you deserve to.
john,darts vader - thank you janice,it was good night,made me realise though that i shouldnt drink as much as i used... More »
Sarah - Hi Line, I see why your status on this post is sad. That is sad to think you are in pain when exp... More »
Line - Hey Sarah, i just moved a while ago, so I have to figure out a lot with new docters ans stuff lik... More »
Sarah - Sounds you've got plans to sort it out though in your new area, that's great. Hope the weekend wi... More »
john,darts vader - thanks all,i need to take good care of my pet lizard,hes not sore feeling all the time at the mom... More »
Briana - Hi John! I would love to know the name of the cream. Thanks!
john,darts vader - hello briana, pm sent, good luck :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Petra! It's great you're getting to know your triggers. I'm not really sure how... More »
Paul - Well put Bonnie
Polyp - Music x
Ajit - Listening to old classics and staying close to the ones who care for me, for they are the only re... More »

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