Clothes come off and psoriasis is out.

Nesta - I don't think so unless you were on medication for psoriasis
isabel67 - Welcome
Kim - Hi Mohammed. Welcome. What type of Psoriasis do you have?
john - welcome to flaym mohammed , I hope you find good things to try here if you have psoriasis :)
Cheryl - I am sure you will get some good tips here Amaal. We all have something in common so you know you... More »
Ronnah - Hello Amaal.....I get you 100%. I felt like it ruined my life as well. The awesome thing is that ... More »
Nisha - Oh Amaal. I have had Psoriasis since 14 now 49 it's awful. Terrible horrible traumatic but there ... More »
...feeling happy OSENI @oseni

JULIE moosa - Hie how are you
john - hi oseni, you have psoriasis,if you have then welcome to flaym :)
...feeling happy So @so

Carla - Well I've been bathing in Epsom salts and receiving light therapy, it's almost like sunbathing wh... More »
Messo - Stop cortisone Stop cortisone Stop cortisone
john - hello zahid, cure no heal yes, you cant cure it as its in your immune system,think, we all could ... More »
...feeling happy ma @ma

john - hello, are you flakin itchin and scratchin basically, feeling like pants? if you are then welcome... More »
Kim - We are all cyber friends on here Alex because we have a common problem that binds us. Welcome.
john - welcome alex if you are itchin,scratching ,flaking and possibily aching
Kim - Hi Phillip. Diet and supplements are the way to go.
Shawn - I agree with Kim - start with diet - google search holistic approach to psoriasis and diet and ps... More »
john - life style changes will help you phillip, do it gradually and it gets easier in time ,2 litres o... More »
Surendra post
john - hello surendra and welcome to flaym :) glad you are hopeful :)
Claire - Wow, I am so sorry.
john - sorry to her that rory,sorry you feel alone, you are not here thanks
john - good morning shankarlal, glad you are happy and welcome to flaym if you are new here :)
john - hello Mehdi, I am john. glad you are excited :)
David - I have started taking daily baths in Dead Sea Salt with some mild improvements. It at least help... More »
Will Coile - Hey Damoz! I recommend a product called Ahava! They make amazing dead sea salt scrubs + lotions
Mary - I have but worked just as good as bath oils. The dead sea salts are too expensive for my budget! ... More »
...feeling happy leo4 @leo4

Janice - Mickg48, I tried acupuncture about 27 years ago when I broke out with pustule psoriasis on my han... More »
Susan - Mickg48... You know you make me laugh... Just have to make sure you are clear on that. LOL... La... More »
Sonia - yes i have mirrored image, where ever there is a patch on my right side the same one on the left.
Harold - Hi Ahmed
Dave - @flaym That's a great help, thanks very much....its also important not to encourage these people... More »
Jan - I just ignore the fruit loops they go away bored eventually.
Dave - Good for you Jan, keep em guessing!

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