Clothes come off and psoriasis is out.

Deleted account - If you have it elsewhere then more than likely, if the dic thought it was C instead of P....he wo... More »
Deleted account - Lol..."The dic..." no pun intended should have said "the Doc" ....admin...edit function please, t... More »
Martin - [...] cream had it there gone now doesn't take away your sensitivity
Diana - Hi Stuart, I have not heard of him but I look forward to reading his book on diet and psoriasis. ... More »
Kim - Hi Stuart, I think a few people on here have used that book although I haven't. Loads of us here ... More »
Diana - Talks about the body's pH level and the ratio of alkaline to acidic being 75: 25, saying our diet... More »
john,Hulk - hello stuart,you can help yourself just be making some changes if you wish,when you see things ca... More »
mark - no matter what happens to me,, i dont feel sad or bad , there is always a ddownfall in life and t... More »
Susan - Great attitude mark. Love the resurrection!
Rains - I feel your pain I have had psoriasis for 20 years and still have to tell diffrent people every... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sally, please don't give up on what truly matters to you. It is too important, you deserve to ... More »
john,Hulk - now showing at a cinema near you , a widescreen presentation,flakes of skin in 3D remember to br... More »
Sarah - Haha! Ive often thought if my p ever goes I'll get tattoos where it was. So that's pretty much my... More »
Gideon - I have tattoos when its very mild, its fine. I got another tattoo, my P's level up to more than m... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Melissa, I am happy to hear that is not so bad on your skin anymore! Was it medication that he... More »
reza - 🌷🌷🌷🌷😉
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym Reza, you're not alone here now you're connected!
john,Hulk - hello reza,sorry you feel alone, you are not now here at flaym and welcome
Shane - Definetly not. Yeah we do. Nice to know not the only one ha
Ruby - I find regularly soaking in a warm not hot bath with one or two cups of sea salt and baby oil hel... More »
Bill361 - No alone Major pain .gets worse at night
Vandit - It only helps with dryness and itching for me.
Chris - Under my eyes sometimes
Harold - I use it when I need to remove stubborn scaling, especially on my knees.
john,Hulk - hello lisa, glad you are hopeful and welcome to flaym :)
john,Hulk - hello gideon, these are types of psoriasis,google it it will come up andlook at pictures s of it,... More »
Gideon - me too.. haha
john,Hulk - haha harold, what acracker heee hee,maybe i should stop drinking too much water, i nearly peeed m... More »
Susan - God Harold... Very funny! Thanks for the laugh.
michael - Thanks for the laughLOL. Anymore
john,Hulk - hello dave , diet/lifestyle plan is sent to you , it is a choice, a choice for everyone, i wish y... More »
Jill - I have been having some success with earth longevity salve. They advertise on Facebook. If you ... More »
melissa - your not alone.. i am suffer psoriasis for long time
michael - Roy, stay positive and know that you have control over psorasis and that you maybe should lower... More »
Roy - Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. I have to say it is great to be able to talk with ... More »
Chris - That is totally a natural response. I was 45% covered at one time. The more you stress, the wor... More »
Sarah - Welcome Roy, you're in the right place with Flaym
michael - Hello Roy. Hope you are well and not suffering
Tee - Yup since i was 27
Susan - Each and every one of had it, have it, struggle or don't struggle. We are a support system in ev... More »
Steve - Yep going on 40yrs. for me, welcome to the club!
Sarah - Welcome! When I joined I started by searching terms and topics I was interested in using the tags... More »
Diana - Hi Ricky, welcome. You can read the post for what is trending now and just add your experiences o... More »
john,Hulk - helloricky, do you have psoriasis?welcome if you do thanks
...feeling happy dac @dac

john,Hulk - hello dac and welcome to flaym,if you are new here
Sarah - Positive post, I like it!
...feeling alone saeed @saeed

Mishlyn - Hi Saeed, I hope you are well and feeling better today! You are not alone, we are all here for yo... More »
Clive - Hi there Saeed , sorry to see your comment but really glad you are here on the site , a really go... More »
Trina - Hello Saeed, I am so sorry you feel alone but let me just say, you are not alone. We are all here... More »
Robert - Im on [...]

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