Clothes come off and psoriasis is out.

Kim - Hi Craig. My ex husband always said, " I don't see your skin" and I think that is true for genuin... More »
john - hello craig, i never have had a problem to be honest. i used to date a lot in the past, it never ... More »
Monaka - I don't date any more (got a Husband ) but when we were dating it was just on my knees and it was... More »
darren - some people are so strange - this guy clearly didn't learn about the birds and the bee's lol
Mariebar - You are so right ! We are conditioned to need peoples approval in our society and to follow what ... More »
Gazza544 - Thanks all, and after finally coming to that conclusion I have had my first decent nights sleep s... More »
Gazza544 - Nothing worse than a selfish lover lol, but seriously I know where you are coming from.
Psoriatic4good - I love orgasms! That is honest :)
Rose - @siddion11 that's why you can never satisfy me you are thinking of ravishing to please yourself..... More »
santosh - welocme active and help others with your valuable thoughts and suggestions
john - welcome to flaym salim,glad you are okay :)
Christian - Depends on were your looking I guess nothings hard or impossible never know when paths will cross... More »
Jennifer - Definitely would have something in common lol but I seriously have never met anyone else with pso... More »
santosh - Lol....i can relate to my thoughts...well said together gets stronger and bra... More »
Bill - Ive tried to grow a beard but it didnt work for me i just got really flacky dry skin staying clo... More »
john - yes i know what you mean and one gets itchy as the beard grows :(,it was more for the hiding of i... More »
Gazza544 - Hi bill, just think of it as somebody who is uneducated about what we have and our condition, eas... More »
santosh - we all are good can join us...and welcome
john - we are all friends in here with all the same thing or things,welcome to flaym,glad you are happy :)
Andrew Steven
chris - John can help you with some practical advice
john - Hello andrew. you may know i made big changes to help the skin and my joints.i would like to offe... More »
Liz - Hi Andrew just believe in your self don't stress but chill take it easy
Psoriatic4good - It's common, but not mandatory.
santosh - i have tonsils from my childhood ..but now i dont feel any ...i dont know whether it disappear or... More »
spottytotty - I had mine out years ago, it did not prevent p or make it any better
Sharon - Stress can play a huge factor
Susan - That's how mine started when I was 7 years old. Took almost 50 years to find a solution...
MartyF - I was going to suggest stress as well. I have noticed I can have a terrible time due to stress, V... More »
john - well if it works , we will all here be puffing like crazy :)
Monuhor - Alcohol makes it worse for me . Every time I drink next day I get so much spots here and there an... More »
Victor - I used to smoke and since giving up have seen a slight improvement so I figure it cannot be all g... More »
Tatjana - What did you used???
William - I've used a natural medicine from my country, good thing is no side effects
Ra11 - Hey William, do you know what the name of the natural medicine is and where I can find it? Thankyou
Mahima - Yes there is... I suffered from psoriasis for a very long time... It was all aver my foot... Then... More »
ranjith - Yes there is treatment, I am getting treated ayurveda
Md - Change your diet psoriasis will be cured
john - hello winfield, glad you are hopeful. :)
john - hello qayyum, glad you are hopeful :)welcome to flaym :)

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