Oh my God is it contagious?!

Michelle - Hi Rains. Some of you might suffer from the cold but here in South Africa Johannesburg its 34 deg... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Agreed Michelle, more devastating to when one has to stop the meds ie back to square one and pos... More »
Sarah - I think it's great you are sharing your experiences with this John, and I hope lots of people wil... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Thank you Sarah, well foods that are good for us , is good for general health anyway, eating corr... More »
Chel - I notice if I drink a lot of pop I break out more. If I way h out what I eat and how much I eat i... More »
john, DARTS VADER - It is a choice though Patty, but sodas is junk ,a lot of people suffer itching because of what th... More »
patty - Ji try to ignore it but my stress level high and thats one of my causes
Jayne - I had one from somebody called Pratym today
Peter - yes , they are trying to scam people , i answered to check no sooner did i answer and get a respo... More »
Bev - I got one too but didn't answer
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Yes its the uk weather the joy of it Nuds,yes i am good thanks, no problems here ,i go in the sun... More »
Genevieve - I'm downunder, as they say, so summer is just starting for us - yayy! I've been swimming in the s... More »
Zain - Awesome have a lovely time do enjoy
Bev - Loved my Mediterranean Bowl it was delish and so much I couldn't finish it
Chel - It is chilly here in Michigan US but not cold.I don't to see cols weather here
Roxanne - I have hat problem too.
psomom - Took me 4 tries to post ‘me too’. 2 times to post this one.
Sonia - I get that all the time! … especially on hotter days when people are wearing shorts and tank tops... More »
Jasmin - Yes Susan i agree! but unfortunately, i havent gathered enough courage to do so. I'm newly diagno... More »
Lorna Penner - Hi Everyone,,Im really broke out on my hands and my right arm and I been spraying vinegar on my ,... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Hello Linda, no i dont anymore, alcohol like spirits can turn it to pain in the fingers mainly, i... More »
Ellen - What are you doing on World Psoriasis Day? Each year, the 125 million people around the world li... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - ?Hello Ellen , i am at work that day ,just get back for my holiday :) Oh yes, psoriasis can have ... More »
Jenny777 - Hasn’t worked for me but someone in my group also cleared completely of her psoriasis by followin... More »
Nina - Nothing has ever worked for me I've had psoriasis from the age of 15 with never getting any bette... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Certain foods can give some a big reaction,I changed my diet/lifestyle for my joints near 2 years... More »
Afina - I like your name and picture John 😁
Michelle - True John, I can't take any crappy food in my body, not because I don't want to but because I can... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - So true Susan ,Michelle :)
Diane - I am so pleased I did. Feeling better and I can count my P spots on one hand.
Mavis - I haven't done anything about it either Rebecca as I've to much of others things going on. Also ... More »
Rebecca - I have it on the back of my hands forearms, shoulders , ankles and starting to go up my shins. I... More »
Mavis - I'm sorry to hear that Rebecca. Nothing worse than the itching. You end up scratching and then ma... More »
Michelle - Did you ask the chemist if they can order for you Ellen? I only use 1 type of coal tar shampoo an... More »
Rosey - Yep got go get a good chemist to make it u p ok the forms the wait is worth it
Ellen - Will go speak to the chemist tomorrow.... thanx ladies !!
Rosey - She certainly will,good one Kim .
Michelle - Hey Kim. Wonderful work you've done by directing her here. Flaym is the best support site. Hope ... More »
Kim - Thanks John and Michelle, I had a lovely week away. Back to the grind now though👎🏻
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Hello Greg, i managed to control mine for how long i do not know? i been using childs farm moistu... More »
Greg - Good to know, cheers John. It’s hard to know what route to take with inverse P. Some say keeping ... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - I know all too well the battle with this , I rather it go somewhere else than there, i rarely use... More »
Michelle - Now you're talking my language John ;) Justin, stop being silly or you will stay at home :)
Clint - A dollar 💵 and a dream is all you need.
Michelle - So true Clint :)
Michelle - Hi John. I just try not to eat all the crappy stuff and I drink my turmeric as well. Not every da... More »
john, Psoriasis Terminator - Thanks all, thanks Michelle,yes turmeric is great,anti inflammatory curry for me tonight, I been... More »
Bev - Yip we going to do the elimination diet again once Spring arrives. We have also been cheating a b... More »
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