Oh my God is it contagious?!

MishLyn - Hello and welcome Richard! I am from Ontario Canada, and also found Flaym through Facebook.😊
Diana - Hi, from North Carolina. Saw an add on FB. Welcome to the group.
Steve - Hi Richard I'm in Poole Dorset found Flaym on twitter
Lorna Penner - True Quote.
agb - have the quote on my wall. Let your light shine. :o)
Jill - Welcome! Stress is a big trigger for me, so I feel your pain! 😢
Steve - Stress is a big factor for me so over the years I have learned how to deal with it which helps a ... More »
Kim - Stress is a big trigger for me too.
Susan - Marietes we are all in the same boat. It might take longer for some than others to get to the pl... More »
Lorna Penner - I talk to my friends mostly some times my doctor but Im going off any meds from doctor concernin... More »
Ajit - The best part of having psoriasis is you are only surrounded by people who love you for what you ... More »
Liz - Welcome cling film cream does it on feet well all over I'm doing the cream /cling films to help m... More »
MishLyn - Welcome Clive!
Jack - The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun?
Fernando - Lets say when there is tomorrow, there are many reasons to enjoy today as well.
Jill - Welcome! Feel free to ask questions and share what you have learned as well! :)
john - hello Elizabeth and welcome to flaym,hope you find help here :)
michael - Wellcome and I hope you find the help you need here
Susan - Good Lord! I have never had anyone laugh at me. Never! Looks of looks and stared though. Brin... More »
Robert - How are you today Aurora? No laughs today i hope !
Aurora - No laugh today Robert,pretty good day
Robert - What meds ? If you dont mind me asking .
Robert - Im new to treatment , like to know whats working for others.
Angel - No worries @lilymae
Jill - Is there a name brand or a specific type that you use? I just looked it up on Amazon....and ther... More »
Afina - Where do you buy it? My stress level is still to high to take over controle
Nesta - Same here have all over my body .but interestingly girls love me 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jack - Cheers John, yeah things are alright. Normal ups and down. Hope you're doing well mate!
john - yes thanks not too bad,just got a hurnia,will need an operation soon no doubt ,not good but,could... More »
agb - Doing better. Knowing I am not alone has been awesome!
john - well be in here 48 yrs so, its ok :)
Janice - Thanks Nan and the very same to you too. I hope your date went well Susan.
Susan - Thanks Janice... It was a great date! Very nice guy and has gone through puberty. Thank God! B... More »
john - good susan, glad hes gone through puberty haha :) that's me on the chopper who replied to you on... More »
Giulia - Forgot to add I took off the vest! The whole point of the story! And it went great!
Shawn - Hello Giulia
agb - wonderful. Its great when you have supported friends.
Mariebar - Hi John yes my comment on your other post was for you . I know the hairdressing issue is a proble... More »
john - I see, its a way to travel for a haircut but, I can understand that,,all hairdressers should kno... More »
Cheryl - The last lady who cut my hair was fantastic.. even in saying that .. I need another cut but I'm ... More »
Vanessa - Hi, saw your post just now. I am struggling, but trying to focus on future and not dog myself out... More »
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