Oh my God is it contagious?!

Shane - I find I'm too open about it. Especially dating, Because I'd rather them not have any suprises !
James - Only if I feel there's a reason to. Not to hide it, it's just that psoriasis is not me.
Karin - Yes, if there is a need for it. Mostly people just say 'oh yeah' and then we talk about somethin... More »
john,darts vader - how are you today lucy ?
Lucy - I did really well today I was so blooming proud of myself. I just went in and thought I can do th... More »
Sarah - That's fantabulous, Lucy!
Sarah - Is this prescription stuff or natural stuff? Most natural stuff is available online, and for pres... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Audrey! The only thing that ever brought my (horrendous) ears under control was... More »
Cindy - I was 25 when stared I'm 60 now
Sarah - I've had it 21 years Zharmeyas. Welcome to Flaym! Glad you found us here. We're all in the same s... More »
john,darts vader - hello zharmeyas, since birth so i am lifer, i know no different without it and 34 years later p... More »
Bryan82 - Michelle a was gonna say something else for got where a was xx
natascha - Awesome 😊I'll try it.
Bryan82 - Yeah give it a go trial and error xx
Sarah - Hey Aliff! That's ace that it is working for you! It's great to simplify like this... gives a sen... More »
Tes - Sounds like you are making your ears weep. Try coconut oil on cotton buds or see a doctor.
Linda - Coconut is a great natural healer. I also use my liquid meds such as [...] or [...] on a q-tip f... More »
Sarah - Quite a few people experience watery stuff from the ears with psoriasis. I don't know what the li... More »
Sarah - Welcome Awio! Flaym is full of experiences and tips to share about daily life with psoriasis. Gla... More »
Sarah - Hi Sarah, love your "tattoo" philosophy! I have often thought that if my psoriasis clears up tota... More »
Sarah90053 - Hi Sarah, thanks. you're brave thinking of tattoos with ink! When I get clear spells which is n... More »
Sarah - Ooo sounds snazzy, Sarah! Got to take the good times and make the most, shimmer and all!
Michelle - It is such an amazing feeling Jessica :) I hope you are feeling better today!
john,darts vader - it great jessica :)
Chris - Did the same easier to apply
Sergey - Well, I raised a beard and meet the status quo.
Sarah - Hi Sergey, hope you like your new hair do! Good to see if it will help your p. Keep us posted!
Barbara - Try getting some meda Derm cream it helped with my ears. Look on line
Atul - Might reduce staying long in sunshine,
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Robert! In the themes section there are collected posts about psoriasis in the ... More »
Lilly - I hope I find relief because it took three dermatologists and a podiatrist to finally get diagnos... More »
Lee - They treated me for ringworm for about a year thinking it was that before my diagnosis lol
Sarah - Welcome Michele! Misdiagnosis is an unfortunate occurrence for lots of people on Flaym. I'm one..... More »
Sarah - Ours ears affect us so much. Some great posts on ears in the themes section! Happy browsing.
pippilongsock66 - thank you for reading my post on here yes i have seen the doctor she gave me dro... More »
Bev - Are you still feeling off balance?
Sarah - Have a blast, Lord Vader!
Beth - Darts Vader, may the AIM be with you!! Enjoy!!
john,darts vader - thank you all, very kind wishes from you :)i poisoned myself a lot, i had so much fun, drank too ... More »
Rich - Hope it's stays that way 😊
Sarah - That's really brilliant Barbara! I know we don't name products here on Flaym, but was wondering w... More »
Michelle - Hi Vasso, it's great you can be here for your family. You will find many great tips browsing the ... More »
Sarah - Hi Vasso, welcome! That's a long line... but on the upside it means you have lots of close-to-han... More »
Lee - Yes, I have psoriasis; my dad has it; and my grandfather had it.
john,darts vader - thats great victor,you are a good influence obviously, thats great :)
Susan - Well Victor you are easy to follow and you have great things to share. Likeable guy for sure. :)
Nan195 - Go well Victor🌹

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