Oh my God is it contagious?!

Johnny Green
Johnny Green - What kind of chatroom is this?
Dave - Its not a chatroom, its a support group for people with psoriasis, a lifelong skin condition...if... More »
Dave - Blimey Hayleigh, that’s what I call an, welcome to the group. Maybe something to put ... More »
franco - follou ultimate
Dave - Olá Framco, bem vindo ao grupo, como podemos ajudá-lo. Nossa grupos primeira língua é o inglês, t... More »
Dave - Hi NS, welcome to the group. I have heard that sunbeds are unsuitable due to the strength of the ... More »
James - My doc explained as, two types of UV in sunlight, A and B, A being the biggest percentage. Tanni... More »
Dave - Hi, this is a group for people that need help with psoriasis, a skin condition. How can we help you?
Dave - Hi, this is a group for people that need help with psoriasis, a skin condition. How can we help you?
...feeling excited Daniel @Ohitsme


Dave - Hi, this is a group for people that need help with psoriasis, a skin condition. How can we help you.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Daniel. Great to see you're connected!
Dave - Lol, you aren’t helping James....
Robert - Oh, lol ive been wondering and thought a few peoples post very odd.
Dave - I must have reported 7-8 this afternoon to evening, just done another...its a joke!
Jacqueline - این یک سایت دوستیابی نیست
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Z. Our community language is English - looking forward to seeing more posts! So... More »
john - sorry injectables, cant spell for toffee though, i dont want that :)
Lucy - 5 months! I reckon I can handle it. We’ve all got this. We’ll all get through it with each other’... More »
john - holdon tight then lucy,geeze,i dont know if i cope with the cold for 5 months ,seem to manage tho... More »
john - hello ns, i know what you mean,i am on spot watch at the moment have been for months, it clears t... More »
Sarah - Yes I sometimes think this too NS. Now, when I've found something that helps, eg a good moisturis... More »
Jacqueline - I don't date! period! So I don't need an emergency Get Out clause 😝
Chris - Haha so funny,love your attitude Jacqueline
Susan - I love dating. Get's me out of my comfort zone which is always fun. My guy now is more permanen... More »
Sarah - Hi Gideon, you know Flaym, interesting stuff every day!
Brian - Hot and humid really bother my P
MishLyn - Great question NS! I'm quite interested in finding this out also. Perhaps we can conduct a little... More »
john - hello ns, mines good if not too hot and sweaty in the sun say morning and late afternoon i find t... More »
Susan - Carrie the longer you are on the site the more confidence you will get and I do believe eventuall... More »
Dennis - Why are you sad
SUE - No not sad you become a shame of your psoriasis you hide, I to did this ever go to far from the f... More »
Mike - Why Work Out Exercise is good for your immune system, and it helps fight inflammation in your ... More »
Mike - Olympic Swimmer Dara Torres Has Psoriasis
NS - are there any studies available detailing demographics or climate in regard to psoriasis ? spec... More »
Don - At first I was having a hard time figuring out the message from you,.. but yea...I get it now...a... More »
Lucy - I do tend to be the confusing kind. You’ll get use to it. 😂
Don - you and someone else I
MishLyn - Hi Percy, I'm sorry to hear your having a hard time. Try to remember your blessings and hold them... More »
john - hello percy, how is your psoriasis? sorry you are frustrated
Roxanne - Good morning all.
Sarah - Good morning Firooz, welcome to Flaym.
john - good morning firooz and welcome to flaym :)
Paul - God bless you Chris
Paul - Anything that helps calm your spirit helps....when you mind or spirit is troubled I tend to find ... More »
john - not for me chris but, if it helps others then thats good :)

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