Oh my God is it contagious?!

Kim - Hi Alex. We all know how you feel. I hated going to my hairdresser when I had it there. Thankfull... More Β»
Penny - I feel the same way... I hate going to the hairdresser. And I am a hairdresser too. I get migrain... More Β»
Jennifer - More often than not I find the bigger deal I make out of things, the more others notice. When I ... More Β»
Ciara montess
darren - why you confused?
john - hello ciara, sorry you feel alone , you are not here, do you have psoriasis or arthritis or both... More Β»
Matthew - This cracked me up mate have been there a few timesπŸ˜‚ hope it clears soon
Mavis - I know how you feel Dean. I leave flakes everywhere I go!!!! So very frustrating. I am always du... More Β»
john - sounds like good exercise :)
john - hello joe, sounds good, glad you are happy :)
Gazza544 - Hi Lori, what's up?
john - hello lori, welcome to flaym,we are all here to help if we can,thanks
Kim - Hi Lori what advice do you need?
Jennifer - What medication?
Cheryl - Thats amazing! What worked best for you? How long did it take for it to make a difference?
adrian - I know what it is and it us crap
Sherry - Yeah im pretty sure i know it too, good luck luv, i hope it works for you πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜Š
john - hello beverly, good luck to you, i was offered pills a few years ago, dr said, there is another a... More Β»
Christian - Depends on were your looking I guess nothings hard or impossible never know when paths will cross... More Β»
Jennifer - Definitely would have something in common lol but I seriously have never met anyone else with pso... More Β»
santosh - Lol....i can relate to my thoughts...well said together gets stronger and bra... More Β»
john - hello steven. welcome to flaym,i been called many things but,not beautiful why thank you :) glad... More Β»
Emma - I don't I wear short sleeves....if some doesn't like it they don't have to look and I have it elb... More Β»
Christine - Thank you for all your answers. I really appreciate them. In less than a week, I discovered such ... More Β»
Psoriatic4good - Thank You for those kind words!
lisa - great idea!!!
santosh - @flyam ....its a good idea .....i think everyone will love it...better implement this idea as soo... More Β»
Victor - Oh how I love it when an idea motivates like this x
Sharon (Sherry) - Guess I'm used to it, since I've had most of it all my life... but yes, it does get annoying when... More Β»
chris - hey guys - i have mentioned a few times about the link here. Ask John - his P is improving and as... More Β»
chris - HI Annette. Physio may help with managing your symptoms, but you need to address the root cause. ... More Β»
john - love is all you need and a good heal up :)
Janice - Awe, that is so nice and right back to you <3
Cheryl - And while love is in the air I will share some around too ❀❀
Edward phillips - That's such a good attitude
Ashleigh - πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ
Mickg48 - Have you seen a skin specialist? If not go to one. But try moisturizer morning and night load it ... More Β»
Gazza544 - I have plaques covering most of both forearms and I have had 'have you been painting' and 'can't ... More Β»
Psoriatic4good - OMG, I almost made it :) That's the reply :)
Joni - I usually get people asking if I got into poison ivy or if I just have a lot of bug bites :)

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