Oh my God is it contagious?!

Glenn - Michelle, my Dr explained to me how the effects of vitamin D absorbed from UVB greatly benefitted... More Β»
Glenn - I know that feeling James, I went to a village Dr with a very infected big toe and he syringed my... More Β»
James - Thanks Glen, I needed to laugh, work is stressful this evening and I'm getting tired.
Susan - Michelle I think there is something inside of me and other's that just will NOT let psoriasis def... More Β»
SimonLFC1976 - Hi Michelle, I have a rare version of Psoriatic Arthritis which is also linked to sepsis. Sometim... More Β»
Michelle - Some people are accepting Simon, I agree but then you get the ignorant one's. The patience us suf... More Β»
Michelle - Excellent said P4G. Love your positivity and confidence. :)
Erica - Good for you! In the end you have only one life to live. Buy more dresses!
Joseph - Well done!!Keep on doing these kind of acts!
Linda - I am so glad I found this site. I do find it very helpful! β€οΈπŸ‘
Ruben - Feel the Flaym-Love!!!!!
Sarah - πŸ’› πŸ”₯πŸ’šπŸ”₯ πŸ’™ πŸ”₯πŸ’œπŸ”₯
Clint - Psoriasis makes you humble Beating psoriasis makes you powerful Lemon πŸ‹ makes it possible.
Sarah - Yes I really feel that living with p makes me a more compassionate person πŸ’š
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Michelle, i dont think its made any difference to me though i think i have compassion for p... More Β»
Michelle - Awesome Chris!! πŸ˜ƒ
Michelle - Hahaha Chris. I hope you played a fair game and did not take revenge on the boy who asked you the... More Β»
rachel - ha ha - brilliant !!
Michelle - I see you found your Mr Right Sue ;)
Sue - As long as they have a job or at least a car not that fussy really just a decent guy will do but ... More Β»
Michelle - I'm sure he's not just any guy Sue. :)
Jasmine - Not really, I literally just stop combination therapy with UVB and it’s come straight back... fin... More Β»
Ava - So sorry to hear it, Jasmine. Perhaps you can resume UVB treatments?
Michelle - I hope you can get it back under control as well Jasmine. I am happy to hear that P has not botto... More Β»
Ava - I suppose it depends upon how intolerable you find your P to be. My own take? If the "cure" can... More Β»
Sarah - MonnieB! For me when I was in your position, I said no to the tablet. But I felt it was extreme a... More Β»
MonnieB - Thank you for the support. I'll soldier on with [...] for now....
Psoriatic4good - Honey I didn't saw You, but I know You were beautiful :)
john,DARTS VADER - Good for you Honey :)I take my helmet off to you :)
Sarah - Wahoooo! More days like this now Honey!
Michelle - Good morning Peter. Hope you are doing well?
Michelle - Hope you have had a good day too, Thanks Peter!
john,DARTS VADER - That would be great thank you , :)
Sarah - Welcome Jonathan, good to see you here!
deborah - Do you have psoriasis yourself Jonathan?
Justin - I felt just like a new man after the Chinese massage!
Justin - Acupuncture has been around for more than 2 thousand years, so there must be healing in it SOMEWH... More Β»
Jen - Acupuncture has helped me a lot with neck shoulder and hip pain. You usually don't feel them goin... More Β»
Jonathan - Mix with almond flour for better texture :)
Michelle - Hi Ace, I use tgel ex strength shampoo when my scalp is bad & use tea tree oil with mint based sh... More Β»
Sarah - I use right now Aldi Lacura anti-dandruff shampoo. Before that I used Boots Coconut Shampoo. Oatm... More Β»
Susan - Rachel no other way, in my opinion, but to do life. Live it! It's really tough without a doubt ... More Β»
Jen - Very well said Susan I totally agreeπŸ‘ it's not always easy but it really does make life easier if... More Β»
Clint - Epic responses Susan can throw down with the best of them.😎
john,DARTS VADER - Ok nice, never been there, i know of many people from there though :)
Peter - Summers are as hot as the ones in South Africa, so cant wait after the -1 this morning
Michelle - Ai Peter. I'm sorry and I do hope it gets better quick. The nice weather will also contribute to ... More Β»
Michelle - Ruben. In afrikaans we call it voetbal as well. 95% of Afrikaans vocabulary is ultimately of Dut... More Β»
eva - Chris that some great you have the confidence to enjoy youth night out. I am also following Socce... More Β»
monica - Aqui no Brasil tudo para para,ver o futebol! Ter um dia tranquilo Γ© importante para a nossa pso... More Β»
Jen - Hi Sue. Such a shame you are required to drive so far for work. I used to be a disability communi... More Β»
Sue - Yes have brought it up with work unfortunately they have not listened,even showed them how bad it... More Β»
Sue - Thanks Ava for your lovely response nice to know others here are understanding and wonderful peop... More Β»
john,DARTS VADER - haha , thats great Chris,I am happy too as i get pissed tomorrow night and eat crap as its my ni... More Β»
Chris - Sounds like a good night to me John !
Clint - Nice reach out and touch someone...
Melanie - Yes I agree, there are so many factors. It’s the β€˜why’ are we affected by this? They said 2% of ... More Β»
john,DARTS VADER - Try more than that now Melanie, i was told 1% 30 years ago now, i was told near 10% and that woul... More Β»
Sarah - Psoriasis is said to be caused by so many different things! And I'm never sure what is fact and w... More Β»
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