Oh my God is it contagious?!

Susan - Totally agree john. I'm pretty similar to you. I guess it's how badly we want it. I didn't jus... More »
Michelle - True John, I can't take any crappy food in my body, not because I don't want to but because I can... More »
john, Psoriasis terminator - So true Susan ,Michelle :)
C - No , it's cheap company driven
C - Fed up even Here , where companies use to us here simply to make money ,, does my head in .rant... More »
Michelle - Aaaw my Ellen. I'm sorry to hear. Have you tried LPC from dischem?
Laurie - Michelle what is the LPC from dischem? Just wondering - I usually use p&S liquid for my scalp to... More »
Michelle - Hi Laurie. Hope you are well? The LPC is a coal tar moisturiser, coal tar mixed with aqueous crea... More »
Rosey - She certainly will,good one Kim .
Michelle - Hey Kim. Wonderful work you've done by directing her here. Flaym is the best support site. Hope ... More »
Kim - Thanks John and Michelle, I had a lovely week away. Back to the grind now though👎🏻
Rosey - There's curerash too a baby cream and powder form too (prob has cornstarch in it) good for betwee... More »
Zain - Thanks lol Gonna definitely try it and also check if I find the baby cream too can't cope with th... More »
john, Psoriasis terminator - I know what mean Zain, try not to stress by it,thinking if mine plays up, i may put some sea salt... More »
Michelle - Now you're talking my language John ;) Justin, stop being silly or you will stay at home :)
Clint - A dollar 💵 and a dream is all you need.
Michelle - So true Clint :)
Michelle - Hi John. I just try not to eat all the crappy stuff and I drink my turmeric as well. Not every da... More »
john, Psoriasis terminator - Thanks all, thanks Michelle,yes turmeric is great,anti inflammatory curry for me tonight, I been... More »
Bev - Yip we going to do the elimination diet again once Spring arrives. We have also been cheating a b... More »
Millionways - Erica, is it okay to send you a dm?
roslyn - i stare right back
roslyn - i ask them if something is wrong, most of the time they stop
Sarah - I have just made a whole load of turmeric paste which I put melted coconut oil in, and I spread w... More »
deborah - What do you do with the C oil! I tried it and I hated the smell. Just couldn't get over that. It ... More »
Justin - I have been using coconut oil for ages and I now, cannot smell it!
Susan - Hi Bren. You have a super day too! Off to do some wedding stuff. LOL.
Sarah - Good to see you Bren!
Michelle - I don't measure my turmeric intake. 1 teaspoon every morning with cooled down boiled water and I ... More »
Justin - I put some fresh Turmeric in my morning smoothie and also take a Turmeric capsule!
agb - Sounds yummy. I will add to my lentil soup
Michelle - Thank you Justin. I've read about people going there to get treatment for their P and it sounds g... More »
Justin - I was a Uni. student, so I was living on an extreme budget. I paid a small amount to get there... More »
Michelle - Thank you Justin. Sounds great!
Jannie - I agree John. Additives ,sugar ,pesticides,dairy all triggers for the big P
Susan - I think that it's important for US to be the voice. If we hide, then there is no awareness. Bar... More »
Kelli - I’m not sure what the answer to this is, but there’s no much stigma regarding psoriasis in our so... More »
Michelle - Love this Michelle!! 💛💚💙
Dave - These are the words of encouragement that I’ve learnt to expect from Michelle. 👍
Jill - Love your positive feedback Michelle...
Michelle - This is very interesting. I don't have dry eyes (yet) nor mouth so I hope my immune system is gre... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I think the nose is usually fine Michelle, mine was when i had it bad, i dont get this problem no... More »
Michelle - Thank you. Sounds like I'm all good so far. :)
Jennifer - Definitely worse w age.
C - mine has eased I must say from been a 17 year old who played hurling , to a recluse , covered 70p... More »
john, Psoriasis terminator - You sound very positive C, that does help for sure, yes i drink beer now and again,makes no diff... More »
john, Psoriasis terminator - Thank you Michelle :) thank you Sue and for giving me a laugh ,you are doing well here :), and ... More »
Rosey - Haha Lindakay,beam me up anytime,always up for new experiences.
john, Psoriasis terminator - haha,as long as you leave the flakes in the transporter Sue, dont want to beam those with you :)
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