Globetrotting with psoriasis.

john - hello pedro, it can be done, i have managed all my life with it and arthritis for 14 years,think ... More »
john - hello rhiannon,if you are in the uk, its damp and my rented house is damp too as its old and in w... More »
john - hello andie no miles, i dont see em , thats a long round trip :(
Hassan Daniyal - Be grateful, think about people who are in worse conditions.
Andie - hassan, Not only do i think about people who have worse conditions, I help them to the best of my... More »
john - hello jamie,welcome to flaym,glad you are okay :)
Jorge Ayuso - Really? I can't believe that! Uff... You have got all my support.
oz - Unacceptable, sorry you had to be treated that way. You should no less report it to a manager or ... More »
john - indeed,agreed with oz, report them
john - hello lallybajwa, sorry you feel alone , you are not here thanks
Eilish - I've just gotten off of holiday and it was a panic for me too putting a bikini on and having my l... More »
Nan195 - Hold your head up high and shine, you probably notice it more than anyone else. Go and enjoy the... More »
Trish - Try working on your confidence, then you will manage a lot better. No-one will bother and if you... More »
Ingrid - Honey is antibacterial,it has immune modulator properties,anti-inflammatory properties, anti-fung... More »
Ingrid - Honey have many properties : it is antiseptic and antibacterial,immune modulator properties,helps... More »
dimidi - Pleas team ,share with me more from your experience with UV treatment ...for example ..may I use ... More »
john - hello maureen, you are not alone here,i hope you can ind things to help you here , sorry you are ... More »
Sheri - You are not alone we are all in this together to help and support each other sometimes we want to... More »
MishLyn - We are here indeed :) keep reaching for that better feeling thought. Hold close to your heart al... More »
john - hello tracy, glad you meds are working and welcome to flaym :)
Dani - Hello
john - hello there and welcome to flaym :)glad you are ok :)
carlos10 - great advice... definitely will do.
john - my father used to know a guy at work years ago that used to have p bad,he wouldnt treat it at all... More »
...feeling hopeful Sue @suebee


john - hello sue,welcome to flaym :) i am glad you are hopeful :)
john - problem with today,bad advdertising for junk foods, mcdonalds,good example ,not good,things are n... More »
Michael - Why Perth. The climate varies In Perth and can get very very hot during the summer
Susan - Good for you. Vitamin D is a big deal... Limit your sugar too... Fruit, bread and pasta... Sugar... More »
john - hello johanna.
john - thats equilac mares milk,the company says, you need to be on a diet for it to work.i did get in t... More »
oz - Love and hate for me, I get jealous of everyone else being able to expose their skin freely, whil... More »
Rodparis - Summer is usually hard for me when it's hot and humid. But this will be a nicer summer. My arms c... More »
Jeannette - Me too its a nightmare trying to find holiday clothes that give a light enough cover without expo... More »
Rodparis - Enjoy. Stay on the coast, inland can be somewhat boring.
DesignedDifferently - Like Be in Baca 👌🌞🌞🌞🌞🌊

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