Globetrotting with psoriasis.

Michelle - Good Luck Eduin! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Eduin! I think a two pronged approach helped me. Short term I used some topical... More »
Eduin - Thanks for your information 🤗
lynne - Me too
Flaym - Why is it not available to you?
Fiona - I dont know is it in capetown south africa or a doctor that has that injections.
Michelle - Hi Mo, Welcome to Flaym! Its good to hear you found somthing that works well for you. When my ear... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Mo! Ear psoriasis is very distracting indeed. Steroid gel really helped me get ... More »
Claire - I think this Flaym well help me. Glad I join 😀
Sarah - We're glad you joined too, Claire!
Lynn - That seems to be the norm for the creams and ointments they prescribe. They work for a while and ... More »
Michelle - I guess we would all look like little gecko's when the temp rise James. Out in the sun all day. T... More »
Sarah - Yep v glad I wasn't seeing things, and hallucinating about flakes! Although to be honest that wou... More »
john,darts vader - yes, i saw the flaking sarah :)
Jen - I'm in Townsville FNQ had the most wonderful rain today at last. Hopefully the dam fills up!
Geraldine - Yes hope it does ,enjoy the rain Jen I was travelling around australia in the 1982 and friends ... More »
Raja - I don't try to swim in any swimming pool because somebody would say like that, i don't want to ... More »
Stacy - I could be totally wrong here but reading people’s comments on posts it seems to me people must b... More »
Sarah - That's outrageous! That's for sure!
Nan195 - Oh John please get better soon and take care ❤️🌹
john,darts vader - thank you nan and michelle,i am being a good boy and eating drinking water sensibly, i drink less... More »
Sarah - Yes Otto, I will find out in gluten week won't I! That'll be interesting.
Jim - Diane, maybe you found the answer we’ve been looking for. Go to Bangkok, eat some Thai food, get ... More »
Susan - Very funny Jim. Good one for me to end the day with. No Bangkok on my bucket list. Now for sur... More »
Lorna Penner - Good news Diane!
Bev - I used steroid gel then moisturerised frequently and my ears are in a good way at the moment
Sarah - Perhaps you can browse Flaym for some ways to boost your immunity and get your immune system stro... More »
Sarah - Uhhh Norma the imagery! Yes mine feel like that sometimes too. Or well they have in the past. Che... More »
Allegra - Hi Johanna - Came across something new on Facebook: making tea from a few twigs of thyme. Since... More »
Sarah - Welcome Johanna! Loads of people have p and tinnitus... many in the same boat as it were! Glad yo... More »
Jenny - Welcome Karel. Do you have PsA or just psoriasis? I'm also in PE. I had psoriasis for about 10-15... More »
Sarah - Hi Karel, welcome to Flaym! Glad to see you, loads of advice here. Check out the themes section f... More »
Michelle - It sure can be tiresome trying to figure it all out sometimes allen. Is there anyone who may be a... More »
Sarah - Planting your own skin garden, allan! Very eco 😊 It does get boring moisturising all the time. Bu... More »
Nan195 - Hi Allan, never too old to start something new 😊
john,darts vader - and to you to diane , happy new year,glad you are happy :)
Sarah - HNY Diane!
Derrick - And the same to you
russ1894 - tbh overcoming my fear of nudity has been the biggest self esteem and confidence builder. if some... More »
Steve - I'd just be worried about burning the mid section :) lol
Jeri - Not the mid-section I was thinking of....just saying...
russ1894 - not to sound un classy... no way does santa have my body😉
Michelle507 - Lol... Your humour will take you far. Santa in training or not - just give it a few years and he... More »
russ1894 - you have a great day as well my dear. lol
Jeanette - Thank you Sarah
john,darts vader - welcome to flaym jeanette, :)
Jeanette - Thank you John
Deleted account - Singing? you mean tinnitus?
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Francois. A few people are posting about tinnitus and psoriasis... maybe you co... More »
john,darts vader - as long as they sing a good tune :)
Michelle - Aww David, I am sorry to hear this. Has it stayed localized to your ears? Coconit oil helps keep ... More »
john,darts vader - welcome to flatm david,sorry to hear this about your ears, i use coconut oil also if skin is dry ... More »

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