Globetrotting with psoriasis.

Susan - Sarah good for you... Always putting a twist of humor in things. LOL.
Lucy - This always happens to me when I’m on my jollies. Least you laugh about it 😂
john - hello maria, avoid potatoes,tomatoes,peppers,sugar,sweetners,eggplants,smoking,alcahol, all sauc... More »
john - i wish you well maria, it will take time, no quick fix at all but, it is a choice and some change... More »
Maria Corazon - Thanks John for your info now I'll try avoid those food,hope for the better.
Nan195 - Thank You Jacqueline I never knew 😊 🌹
Julie - Pruritis....itching. My Dr put it as one of my diagnosis, a long list
john - indeed i do jacqeline :)
Dave - Great stuff Rob, let us know how you get on, good luck, hope it lasts for you.
Rob - Fingers crossed!! I didn't use Dead Sea travel but I would definitely next time. I travelled on m... More »
Rob - The pharmacy here have recommended some different things too. LCD cream if anybody's heard of it.... More »
john - i use what ever my girlfriend buys :) i never used to use it but, in very hot climates its wise i... More »
C - I don't at start ,but inly stay out ,20 mins first day ,, then usually 20
MishLyn - Hey Sarah, I'm the same as Susan, I don't wear any at all unless it's all natural. The chemicals ... More »
Susan - Well Diane I really hope being home and have some normal routines will speed up your recovery. B... More »
Lorna Penner - Maybe you need to choose another destination for the next holiday.
Dave - Sorry to hear that Diane, never mind, now you ate home you can get back into routine and hopefull... More »
john - simple, its crap haha :)
Atul - Google it😂
Flaym - Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease which is characterised by patches of abnormal skin... More »
Susan - Oh dear Sarah... Poor family. Glad they have you around.
Jacqueline - I think I can manage the itching simply because I'm so used to it for the past 15 years...because... More »
Sarah - Yeowwch Tim! The jellyfish sting looks mega sore to be fair. Jacqueline, I know what you mean abo... More »
Betty - I use tea tree oil and vicks vapor rub and it works sobwellnfor me. And Ive tried everything
Sarah - I find stress to be a massive trigger too. In winter I use more oil based creams, and I soak my s... More »
Emely - thank you @betty1 and sarah! 😊
Janice - Have a safe journey home and hope you don't suffer with holiday blues upon your return.
Kim - Hi Diane. So sorry to hear that. Have you tried to use a wound wash before applying the cream? Mi... More »
Sarah - Argh Diane that's so sad that your holiday is ending like that! I keep some wound washing wipes i... More »
...feeling alone AOmid @aomid

Sarah - Welcome to Flaym AOmid
john - hello diane, when i went to tenerife last march,i was eating so much fish and veggies and the hot... More »
Susan - You lucky girl. Blessed more than lucky. I bet food decisions are tough. Probably so many choi... More »
ayush - Mr ARJ MD AYUSH ministry
Darren - Sarah, I'm curious: what moisturizers do you use? The only one that has worked for me is a very l... More »
Susan - Sarah you are funny. Have a wonderful holiday. Hope it's a blue sky one!
Nan195 - LOL have fun and enjoy 🌹
Linda - Sun and salt water are good.
Susan - Christopher my thoughts are swim all the time. I don't really care at all what anyone things and... More »
Sarah - Mine isn't bothered whatsoever by it! Frustrating for you
MishLyn - Hi Deborah, so many of us can relate to these feelings. I remember being at that point myself man... More »
john - helo deborah, i agree with mishlyn, diet/lifestyle changes do help a lot and can take some time i... More »
Licey - My experience with the sun & salt water has been great. It's not all clear but I'm able to wear s... More »
Susan - Licey salt water always helped me without a doubt. No salt water in the interior of BC Canada th... More »
Mike - Sun is good,I know you can buy thru tops and shorts that might be better if you feel uncomfortabl... More »
Vandit - Susan, apparently it is very famous among Russians, they come to Soap Lake every year during summ... More »
Sarah - Enjoy Vandit! Have a great break
Susan - Vandit I am going to check it out one day. Maybe next summer. Not sure if you knew I was Russia... More »
Mickg48 - This bloody site I always have trouble I give up.
Nan195 - Hi Mickg48, what happened?
Sarah - My only tip would be to get some sunshine (safely) on it if you can!
Harold - And along with the sunshine mentioned by Sarah, I'd add moisturise & have lots & lots of fun.
Annette - I stick to light material long skirts or dresses over my swim suit. When no one is around I can s... More »
Brenda/joy - I take Vitamin D supplements daily
Roy - Awesome John, Glad you had a good day 👍
john - thank you roy,it was perfect day,a good day for a releaseto eat rubbish and drink rubbish which i... More »

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