Globetrotting with psoriasis.

Messo - Nop I live in Lawrence Boston ma
Kim - No sorry. I am In England.
john - south of the uk England :)
Emil - Glad sun is helping! How long do you stay in the sun for? Does your body itch after getting burnt... More »
Elizabeth - Enjoy Spain Have u thought of moving. I went to cyprus for 2 years a d was great
Sharla - I clear up almost completely in Mexico too...that's why I try to go annually in December/January...😉
Stef - Hi Kelly, happy to hear that but are you sure you are on the proper site ?
john - come here to this site,maybe the other way round,you may have to care for him with all the creams... More »
Raymond - Hopefully you're not fond of dark colored bed sheets.
Kim - Hope you make it to London. We are a scatty but welcome people.
Susan - Oh man Roxanne... I wanna come and I'm jealous!!
john - thankyou cheryl, it was great,could had been better with weather,nice to see people old and new ,... More »
Vanessa - I have dealt with my hands for years, breaking out, itching like mad! I have found just about eve... More »
Vanessa - I am interested in your lifestyle change and how to go about it?
john - haha cindy, its gonna be a lot of boozing for sure,will be drinking most of the time as everyone ... More »
john - it will be , hydrate sip water ,de hydrate sip beer through out the time , i am doing both at the... More »
Mickg48 - During my drought I was drinking water and the more I drank the more thirsty I got the more I drank.
Kim - Hi DebiB. I can't say my psoriasis has ever been weepy. It's normally dry and flaky. It's also no... More »
Kim - Welcome back.🌞
Mickg48 - Good to hear from you again missed your chat popped my back out on Saturday but my p is slowly cl... More »
Susan - Julie hope you had a great time. I actually thought you were making joke... Flaunt your stuff s... More »
john - sounds good will, can you make my psoriasis disappear? only joking :)
Kim - Mine too Will please!
Marietes - Take mine too ..please Will 😍😗😘
john - thanks ,what ever that means susan if its good ?which i think so?then you are too :)
john - good night, time for bed ,good night all :)
Susan - John I meant you make me chuckle... Again... What's new... LOL
Susan - Hope it works for you Malcolm. Did that for years. Eventually bought my own machine. I still h... More »
Kim - Hi Austin. Welcome. Can't help you with the group I'm afraid.
Joni - Try looking on the National Psoriasis Foundation's website. They hold different kinds of events a... More »
john - I think craig, my opinion, talk to them if they are very good with you, tell them about your skin... More »
Jacqueline - The only effect it has when I travel is the darn flakey things go where I go. Hard to shake them ... More »
sue - Take all my own lotions and potions and have found if we travel in the outback and using the arte... More »
john - i have to be careful in my job not to feel ill as i drive for the company ,go up ladders etc, i t... More »
Mariebar - Hey Susan just wondering if the tea works as well. She said she won't take the tablets. I'm getti... More »
Susan - Mariebar I really don't know about the tea. Probably wouldn't work as well as the pure moringa b... More »
georgette - New here still fumbling around not sure how to inbox you please send me info also
Joanna - Hi Simon. Sorry to hear you've had a rough time if it. Send me info on your website.
Kim - Hi Simon. Are any of your trips going to the Dead Sea?
Roxanne - That's for sure.
Roxanne - The sun and humidity help me.
Susan - Thank you John. I know we will. We always have fun together.
Marianne - Have a great time!! What lake are you going to? The weather is so great! Not for the forest fi... More »
Susan - Marianne and anyone, we went to Blanket Creek/Lake... Absolutely gorgeous! Lots of mosquitoes bu... More »
Susan - Diane Moringa is a plant. It's called the Miracle tree. Many of the third world countries take ... More »
Janice - We have just got back from a week on a camp site John but we tried a lodge as in our advancing ye... More »
john - hello janice, tuesday was bad i know with rain.I did walk to the capsite which they are converti... More »

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