Globetrotting with psoriasis.

Steve - I was strictly a sun tanner till I got on Biologics, summer & tanning helped me a lot .
Lorna Penner - I think salt water swimming pools are good for psoriasis,,but other chemical pools are not.
Becky - For most people the sun and salt water help and improve there psoriasis, howling have you lived i... More »
Sarah - No one ever wanted to steal my chair in the office :)
john - psoriasis can be used to benefit in some ways it seems :)
Don - I would think that the temps and weather would be a little warmer than pec....but not too much. ... More »
Carol - It's cold here in February. Bring your duvet! You can get all the creams you need here in any hig... More »
Susan - Lucky you! Roxanne you are going to have a super time!
Sarah - Welcome, Em! You're no longer alone now that you've joined us here at Flaym! Many of us have psor... More »
Sarah - That's really brilliant Lauren!
Susan - Hey Lauren! That's such a blessing for you. Have fun!
Janice - Great news Lauren, have fun with your family.
Nan195 - Hi John, Keep your chin up and take one day at a time. 2018 is going to be an amazing year for ... More »
Theresa - Wishing you the very best
john,darts vader - thank you theresa and thank you very much all :)
john - i am finishing up my fliten free bread after weekend and i will cook up my quinoa, hope it tastes... More »
john - dont know why that came out wrong, fliten/gluten free bread :)
Susan - Good for you john. Gluten free is processed anyway. You will like the quinoa flatbread. Soak i... More »
Carmel - Feeling energetic now
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Carmel! Just think of all that vitamin d soaking into your skin 🌞
Marykate7 - So sorry for your loss!
Anita - Sorry for your loss
agb - I am so sorry for your loss.
Joel - I agree with them. Just quit my rheumatologist and trying to find the best diet to heal naturally... More »
john - good for you joel,slow elimination is key to success with diet/lifestyle changes,do it over month... More »
Sarah - Hi GeminiQueen, if you search "psoriasis diet" or AIP diet (anti immune protocol) on Pinterest, o... More »
Ilze - I call my flakes my fairy dust. That's my story and I'm sticking to it ;)
agb - I stick to my food choices 90% of the time. I will now only eat a small portion of something if ... More »
Susan - Been doing this a long time. Always a big salad, olive oil on the side, protein of some sort. T... More »
Susan - And heck if you want something have it. It really depends on if you want to stay better or have ... More »
harry - Many thanks Sarah, as a complete novice of psoriasis, but getting great medical advice here in F... More »
harry - Hi Lyn
Sarah - Harry, yes plenty of tips here for you to browse! Diet, exercise and more. Have you tried using t... More »
john - hello ahmed and welcome to flaym, glad you are happy :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ahmed! Glad you found us
Susan - Sarah good for you... Always putting a twist of humor in things. LOL.
Lucy - This always happens to me when I’m on my jollies. Least you laugh about it 😂
colleen - Hi John, The list of foods that you sent to Maria is very interesting . Have never heard that foo... More »
john - you are welcome colleen,even if one can make some changes , it will make a difference over time t... More »
Susan - Maria Corazon and Colleen John has given you a similar list to mine. We both have had huge succe... More »
Nan195 - Thank You Jacqueline I never knew 😊 🌹
Julie - Pruritis....itching. My Dr put it as one of my diagnosis, a long list
john - indeed i do jacqeline :)
Dave - Great stuff Rob, let us know how you get on, good luck, hope it lasts for you.
Rob - Fingers crossed!! I didn't use Dead Sea travel but I would definitely next time. I travelled on m... More »
Rob - The pharmacy here have recommended some different things too. LCD cream if anybody's heard of it.... More »
john - i use what ever my girlfriend buys :) i never used to use it but, in very hot climates its wise i... More »
C - I don't at start ,but inly stay out ,20 mins first day ,, then usually 20
MishLyn - Hey Sarah, I'm the same as Susan, I don't wear any at all unless it's all natural. The chemicals ... More »
Susan - Well Diane I really hope being home and have some normal routines will speed up your recovery. B... More »
Lorna Penner - Maybe you need to choose another destination for the next holiday.
Dave - Sorry to hear that Diane, never mind, now you ate home you can get back into routine and hopefull... More »

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