Globetrotting with psoriasis.

Michelle - Hi Bev. My mom is doing good. Will be going home today and visiting my sister so she can keep an ... More »
Bev - That's good news Michelle
Mavis - Glad your mam on the mend Michelle and coming home
john,Hulk - Have a good day Jannie,enjoy the fish and chips too :)
Michelle - Sounds lekker Jannie. Have a great time in the sun and enjoy the fish and chips :)
Jannie - The sand was lovely the sea salty and soothing the sun was soooo hot....the kids were b*****s. T... More »
James - I just made a pot of vegetable soup and added a teaspoonful along with the black pepper. On the P... More »
Glenn - I dont have high blood pressure, but I do have thinned blood due to anurysms and clots in both legs
James - I had a TIA 5 years ago so I try to look after myself now. I've been using turmeric in smoothies ... More »
Ellen - Hi toe nail sufferers.. I have nail P ... I soak my feet in hot water with Bicarb & Apple cider v... More »
Michelle - Send me your email address xxx
Lindakay1948 - best advice for me was Epsom salts thank you all but when I am bleeding no way can I use the sa... More »
Michelle - That's Wonderful news Bob! Defintely a great combination! I'm happy for you. I'm also out in the ... More »
Peter - thanks i got my self a pare of special flying socks now at the pharmacy to help now leaving on th... More »
Michelle - Wonderful! Have a safe flight Peter. :) Lucky fish.
Bev - I hope the socks helped Peter. I always wear them when I fly. Have an awesome holiday in Poland
Michelle - Sounds great John and happy you enjoyed it. Walking around without a shirt shows your confidence ... More »
john,Hulk - Thank you Michelle :),I think its because of here at Flaym that made me draw up the courage,Kim s... More »
Michelle - And Kim is right John. Why should we cover up. I wear shorts and mini dresses in summer and don't... More »
Mishlyn - Have a wonderful time Ava! Sounds like the perfect remedy for your skin & soul ❤ Enjoy!!
Jen - Great Ava ocean and sunshine! Have a wonderful time. Relax and enjoy.
Susan - Have a super vacation Ava!
rachel - Relaxation will do you good Peter. Have a good one.
Ruben - Hi Peter, the salt mine in Krakau? I was in Poland two years ago. Unfortunately wasn't able to vi... More »
Sarah - Have an awesome time Peter! You've been through the mill recently. Some R&R needed, it will hopef... More »
Mishlyn - Sarah, you have inspired me to make an instagram account as well! Thank you! Love your dishes! Th... More »
Rita - I already had an Instagram account (not used too often) so I’m now following you both Sarah and M... More »
Michelle - And so will I. I have one but never posted anything on there. Not even sure how it works
Mishlyn - try adding some tea tree oil or lavender to it.. or both! :)
Rosey - Or Vaseline ,stops rubbing burn on inner thighs,so tender there,or curash a baby cream,
Sarah - Too slippery for me!
Michelle - Going to miss you Sarah! Enjoy and think about us okay? Be naughty !
eva - Have a great time ,Sarah
Psoriatic4good - Come by to Croatia :)
A - Lotion with seasalt in it, as I can not take a seasalt bath on vacation. Sunscreen that doesnt ... More »
Michelle - way to go Million! :)
Letitia - I have been trying a new oil, I'll try and put on a photo so you can see, it's called Balneum soy... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks John! Its from the late and great Dr. Seuss! Many words of wisdom found from that man ;-)
Melanie - Thanks Michelle! I have tried lemon the back of my knee and my back as well. I will try lemon in... More »
Mishlyn - I have used on my scalp and it seems to do the trick! Best of Luck & have an amazing time! 😊
john,Hulk - Sounds very nice Sarah :)
Mishlyn - Have a wonderful time Sarah!! Cant wait to hear about it and the sulfur spring! Sounds intriguing... More »
Martha - Itchy ears back again ,al least I had a month clear
Sarah - Look forward to hearing more, Lynn!
Ava - Hoping it works wonders! Please give us an update in two weeks.
Lynn - will do :)
Lorna Penner - Ladies this is a good support group..I hope you find the proper help here. Psoriases is differen... More »
Rosey - Yes been tested I don't have RA ,have OA,but they just think it's that,first it was a hermans nod... More »
Ben - Eva would you please PM me.
Dakeyras - Just posted a response and not here?
Mishlyn - Have a great time Dakeyras! Hope you get plenty of Rest and Relaxation! :)
Michelle - Hi Dakeyras. I was looking for your response to John's question but I can't find it. Might be on ... More »
john,Hulk - It is difficult as most people are not happy about having it well who would be , I have approach... More »
Sarah - I posted about a similar situation recently too eva, a lady at a playgroup I go to was there and ... More »
Jaye - I have psoriasis really bad, I would rather someone approached me and asked me about it, and if t... More »
Sarah - Welcome Maciek! The swimming thing is quite a dilemma for lots of people, similar to exercising a... More »
Michelle - Hi Maciek. It doesnt matter where we go in SA there is always a pool. Almost every second to thir... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Maciek and welcome to flaym, plenty of good ideas here to try , thank you :)
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