Forgive me, for I have skinned.

James - To be honest if you keep using them they have a side effect. They weaken the skin, make it thinne... More »
Theresa - James nice to know you can grow beard, I worry about my gave me hope😄
Susan - Yup Muir... Ask john... He can really tell you all about the withdrawal... My side effect was not... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Welcome Matthew
Roxanne - I love goats milk soap and lotion too.
Susan - Otto, maybe I'm daft... I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry... :)
Susan - Ahhh. I think I might be understanding. I had some sort of thermal imaging thing done many moon... More »
Otto_M_Moon - doesn't matter what you have...eating right helps says my Jewish friend...all you need is Chicke... More »
Mark - Hi mine was for zinc you ordered a book. By someone called Ross Gambrill. I think he used to spam... More »
Nan195 - Thank you Mark and sorry about the scam that had you out of pocket, Those kind of people should ... More »
john,darts vader - no but, i am itching to read it michelle@ 1021 :)
Susan - I've never done that but would be a nice smell and worth trying. Welcome to the site John. Anot... More »
John - Christa, there is a non alcohol version of artificial vanilla extract available. Make sure it has... More »
Sarah - Hi John, welcome to Flaym! Yes I've read about the links to vanillin, though have never tried it.
Sarah - Hi Kenneth, glad the sun and water are helpful. Sun is so helpful for me too... I need to plan a ... More »
john - hello kenneth, welcome to flaym, i control both my diseases with diet/lifestyle and does improve ... More »
john - welcome becky and chantal if you are new too?yes can be frustrating , diet/lifestyle changes do h... More »
Christa - Sometimes the itch get worse with me
Sarah - I've always found that colouring my hair actually improved the p somehow, very odd but true. I st... More »
john - nope, it actually burnt it out for a while, you can see in my photo, i am bald :)
Michelle - You're very welcome :) I hope you can find some relief soon! I have also just discovered Moringa ... More »
Enaid - I use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil or jojoba oil. Coconut oil works great f... More »
Sarah - Welcome Taralyn. Grapeseed oil, on the scalp, 2 hours before washing hair. Works for me!
Christa - I wash body and face with Elizabeth Anne's baby shampoo. For a while I used only Eucerin cream. ... More »
Christa - Tea trea oil burned me.
Christa - Avoid dishwashing liquid. Aggravates symptoms
Patricia - Hi I tried coconut oil once, what a mess!!! someone at work recommended tea tree oil massaged int... More »
Sarah - Hi Debs, welcome to Flaym! For me grapeseed oil every time. Put it on a couple of hours before wa... More »
john - geeze will, that thumb looks painful, takes me back when mine were like this, i hope its not pain... More »
Otto_M_Moon - John , I'm not in any pain. It was worse a couple of years ago
john - thats great will, i remember my nails being so bad and ripping them off etc, they would ingrow on... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Javad! Glad you've found us here. Sorry to see you're feeling sad, maybe now yo... More »
john - welcome to flaym javad, sorry you feel alone, you are sure not here thanks
Otto_M_Moon - fancy way of saying arthritis.. PsA , welcome to the club
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Adelle! That's maybe good that you have a diagnosis, frustrating as it is, beca... More »
john - hello adelle,yes, i got both aswell and treat it with diet/lifestyle changes. sorry about this, i... More »
john - I got rid of mine by keeping my nails very short on the advice of an old style doctor
Sarah - Hi Anne, welcome to Flaym. Take a look at the themes section under "nails" - you'll find lots of ... More »
john - hello linda, i used to have a lot of problems with my nails, i changed my diet/lifestyle and they... More »
Otto_M_Moon - how long John, my toes got pushed aside because of the frozen shoulder , which is healing remarka... More »
john - great will, i took around 6 months i think?,i really didnt look at them until one day i looked at... More »
Sarah - Hi Missie, welcome! I have had it on one foot in the past, including the big toe. I do have some ... More »
john - hello missie, i used to have a problem with all my nails if you are talking about fungaland comin... More »
john - fungal and coming away, i should read my comments before i post it sorry
Sarah - Hi Magda, I've had really good results using a steroid gel in the ears. The cream form didn't hel... More »
Magda - Thank you so much, I will most definitely going to try it
Sarah - Let us know how you guys get on with it Magda!
Krhoda - I'd take that over my big bald spots. It's to the point there is not enough hair to cover all of ... More »
Sarah - Hi, Felinekas, the flaking is difficult to deal with as it can be so visible and can make us feel... More »
Rosemary - I find E45 Itch Relief cream helps
john - hello jp,to relieve maybe to heal it no unless its a steroid but, they are not good to use thanks
Sarah - Hi jp, check out the themes section for posts about psoriasis and moisturising. For me, Aveeno is... More »

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