Forgive me, for I have skinned.

Mavis - Yes. I hearing problems in both ears. Sounds are muffled and it seems like I need to pop my ears ... More »
Afina - Yes I do ....hearing problems....rumbling or/and whistling....and I have psoriatic arthritis........ More »
john - thanks for your replys,, i havr had a problem with one ear for well quite a few years,it goes up ... More »
Donna - Reading all these real life stories I know now not to feel like I'm the only one with this. Thank... More »
Kim - I think for all of us Donna regardless of the amount we have its never easy. 🌟
Kim - Happy Birthday Lisa.🎂🍷
santosh - happy birthday Lisa
Victor - Amen to that!
Josh - @molly - it was unbelievable!
Cheryl - Hope you enjoyed it anyway !
Jane Tsipi - Hello Penny! I suggest you go back to your doctor and complain about the effects of the medicine ... More »
john - psoriasis is not from the skin its from within, it what we do that makes psoriasis happen,its in... More »
Abdullah - Thank you all I know it take's time to see if anything change's I know im not alone I know there ... More »
john - i wish you well abdullah :)
Pooja - Hey kriston, I don't have any knowledge about Shampoo or conditioner bt I scrub my body ND head w... More »
Matthew - Hi kriston I found its trial and error some made me flare up others irritated me more keep persev... More »
Afina - Should paying make your treatment better? I hope you find someone and something that helps you.
Afina - I use a supplement myself....also quite expensive but it works for me....When I have a lot of str... More »
michael - Ask your doctor for anti immune medication
Alan - Sure, I'm interested....
Libby - I am suffering from an heart mend, an emotional trauma, I need love and a good partner in my life
Mickg48 - Day 2 with out the chia seed butter blend oil and it's clearing up more news later.
Cheryl - I have my fingers crossed for you xx
Sue - T GEL, It shoulda said
Lepa - Hey Sue try coconut oil put it on before bed and glad wrap over and rinse it off in the morning 3... More »
Mickg48 - Yeah Jamie I kept a food diary for 2 yrs wrote down everything I ate and the rashes I got in or a... More »
Jamie - Hi mick, do you have psoriasis, eczema?
john - i wish you well harsh,no i havnt , it is a choice though, sorry you are afraid ,good luck
Mariebar - Hi Kim you are a hero going through that respect to you !
Kim - Thankyou John and Mariebar. If I had known the damage PUVA would cause I would never had the trea... More »
Charmaine - Hi John, its winter here in South Africa. We leave on Thursday to Mauritius. Am super excited. Ho... More »
john - ah lucky for you charmaine, have a good time :) winter in s africa not like the uk i am sure,yes ... More »
Charmaine - Its rather cold in Johannesburg however not as severe as the UK winter. Been there in December. S... More »
john - psoriasis can give us a lot of other problems, though not everyone :(
Kim - Hi John. It's true what you say. It makes you wonder what other " delights" will come our way😀😀
Nan195 - Touché 🌹
john - hello helen, thats what i thought when i got it from him so i went the easy route with food,no of... More »
john - hello darren , just seen your message and thanks,glad all is going well with you ,18 stone, you l... More »
john - i should say which was my belly :)

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