Forgive me, for I have skinned.

Sid - As I'm on biologics, I've been told that I should be going for the Pfizer vaccine rather than the... More »
Rita - I’m in Canada and not in a high risk group so I’ll probably be eligible for it in September! That... More »
Ellen - I am very skeptical about taking the vac.... I also stopped my Metho last year April to boost my ... More »
Rita - Happy to hear from you Michelle! Not easy times but hope you’re both doing well!
Carolyn - Hi from South Africa Michelle..hope you're happy there in the UK. My family roots (from my mum's ... More »
Ellen - Hey there Mich …. so good to hear from you …..glad your skin doing good … I cant say the same as ... More »
Chris - Hi Andy I dont but I feel your pain I dont think any if them with alcohol will be good the only t... More »
Andy - Cheers Chris, Its never good in winter but made worse with all the alcohol gels for sure.
Terry - I have had psoriasis 50 years, been on several meds after flares. Always go back to washing with ... More »
Lynn - I had psoriasis for over 20 years, but haven't had a sign of it in the past 5. I switched my eve... More »
Natalia - Psoriatic arhritis is very rarely diagnosed illness. I have an impression that I know better and ... More »
Clive - Hi Claire , please dont think of it as vain or pride , the simple fact male or female is honestly... More »
Alan - I had the problem of hair loss so I decided to shave it all of now so I am bald head
Themba - Well for me it works however it comes with lots of side effects after taking the drug. I feel bed... More »
Sid - you do need to let your specialist know if the drugs are causing some impact on your daily life. ... More »
Lolita - Hi, I’ve been talking methotrexate for 8 years plus Xeljanz for 2 years. The only thing I regret ... More »
Claire - Joe - I am happy for you and a little jealous that you have a pool to enjoy. Someday I'll live wi... More »
Lynn - Welcome! Im sorry to hear you are suffering, hopefully you will find sone useful suggestions or ... More »
Polar - Thank you very much Lynn. It is being quite hard to go ahead. I am trying to keep on going.
Peter - Welcome Polar, if you have any questions ask and someone will help and usually more than one of ... More »
Rita - Thanks Peter, doing a lot better. All extremities were tingling and with numbness. Very strange f... More »
Polar - Hi both. Maybe the problem with the shot is only for some days. It happened to my dad these days... More »
Rita - Yes it only lasted 24 hours. Doesn’t make you feel like getting any more flu shots in the future ... More »
Natalia - Good to know
Lynn - I am sure it will come back.
Polar - Hey Debbie how are you? For inverse places Daivonex works so nice for me. It is D vitamin on cre... More »
JULIA - I found Daivonex works well too
Eric - Posted this long ago. In the evening or staying at home anyways shower and wash scalp very well.... More »
deborah - I took Acitrentin for about 4 years. Shortly after I had cholesterol issues and elevated blood pr... More »
RIAZ - I tried it 10 years ago. Didn't do much. My P was very bad 99%cover. Now on Tremfya, been 100% cl... More »
deborah - I'm so different from the norm from what I read. I get super bad in the heat. I hope it settles d... More »
RIAZ - Winter dry weather and heating makes my skin dry and summer makes me sweaty and irritatable, both... More »
Polar - Sorry to hear. Let's see what happens with hot weather.
Chris - Thanks Deborah just trying anything hope you are good
Claire - I don't know how I didn't think of this! I have some and will start using it topically.
Chris - Good luck claire let me know how you get on
Chris - Hi Amy I agree it is I am having some success with methotrexate
Jane - Same here! I am taking methotrexate too and applying some creams. Now I think my skin are getting... More »
deruni - creams usually treat externally You should change your diet, you should control your stress level... More »
deborah - tried it a few years ago, it worked quite well but it was very expensive for the result.
Bob - One helpful hints: use free and clear Laundry soap (liquid) like ALL. Don't use fabric softeners ... More »
Lynn - Do not use store bought soap, it really isn’t good for your skin. They say to shower every other... More »
Lynn - @Sarah2015, do you take folic acid with the methotrexate? It does help counteract the bad side ... More »
Clint - No creams use a cut 🍋 lemon rub it on affected area leave on until you shower then repeat😎
Debbie - I’m juniors to try as they are very sore as is, not sure I could stand the stinging!
Clint - It don't hurt if it stings you can wash it off.
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