Forgive me, for I have skinned.

Birbie - I had some success using vitamin e as an oil to rub on it nearly cleared my arms up but like ever... More »
Birbie - I’m a bit of a scaredy cat 🐱 I’m afraid as soon as I see warnings about stuff it scares me off!
Jen - Hi Denise. I've put away all the harsh shampoos and creams lotions and potions. They just aggrava... More »
Birbie - Poly tar was the thing that helped mine my scalp is the only place my psoriasis is controlled tha... More »
Michelle - Wow! , Is there any way you could perhaps get a second opinion? How frustrating it would be heari... More »
Kez - Have to go back to the doctors to start it all over again
Michelle - Sorry to hear that Kez, How frustrating! The waiting game can be so hard. I hope you hear from th... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Hafthor! You have come to a great place for finding some tips! If you browse the... More »
Susan - Kez my suggestion is always the elimination diet. Figure out what you should stay away from. Cut... More »
Michelle - A good foot soak with Epsom salts and then a good amount of coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil s... More »
Ruben - Hey Sol, welcome to Flaym. I don't have scalp P anymore. Went away when I started taking vitamine... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sol! When my flares have been really bad I have alternated coconut oil based cr... More »
Sarah - Hope this continues to be great for you long term Victor!
Birbie - What type of psoriasis did you have and what biological? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m getting... More »
Janice - Great results for you Victor, feeling so pleased for you, long may it last!
Michelle - Oh wow, I never knew that. This is so interesting. Thanks Susan. When my husband massages me I l... More »
Susan - Too bad Otto isn't on here anymore. He would know more than me. I only know that EVERY time I g... More »
Michelle - So good to know!! Thank you! :)
Pamela - Try the shampoo and conditioner, Nioxin. I so hope it works for u ... it healed my scalp!
Michelle - Hi Madmum, I have never tried it, but your post intrigued me to check it out and it looks like it... More »
Lindakay1948 - What a GREAT Idea MadMUM Great Idea
Jenny - HI Jessie. When I had that, used cortisone cream. Used to travel a lot and sweat caused patches w... More »
Denise - Hiya. Although I'm p-free I had it there as well. The cream I used and still use is safe because ... More »
Kez - I must say mine is now all one colour, rather than spots it is now one colour, a bit flakey but m... More »
Alan - I think its a good idea
Sarah - Yes yep definitely
JoseRicardo - How can I do it
Susan - john me too. Not even my regular visits to my GP have anything to do with any autoimmune dis-eas... More »
Jen - Yeah I've had enough of these so called health professionals who work for the pharmaceutical indu... More »
Michelle - It is quite sad when the most natural thing we can do for our bodies gets overlooked. Good luck w... More »
Bunny - Hello to all and a response to Janice, Thank you for your response. Yes, I have said if this star... More »
Jen - Hi Bunny. Do you have a seat in the shower? A plastic chair or stool? I exfoliate my skin gentl... More »
john,darts vader - Hello bunny and welcome to flaym, i hope you find a lot of useful tips to try and help yourself t... More »
Bren - Hello everyone by the way :) so rude of me lol
Rita - I have TMJ pain too Bren. Just came back from the dentist today and she strongly suggested a mout... More »
john,darts vader - Hello bren, sorry to hear about this, i hope it eventually goes away, sound very uncomfortable,
Susan - Thanks RSE... I love your you tube video's and I am a HUGE supporter of anyone who steps out. I ... More »
RedSpotEliminator - I'm sure they are - but their YT names might be different from their Flaym names so it's hard to ... More »
Ruben - I have subscribed :)
Laurie - I have scalp psoriasis too , for many years now. I use P&S Liquid- Baker & Cummins is company t... More »
Jeana - The t-gels seem too harsh for me. Paul Mitchell makes a Tea Tree Hair and Scalp shampoo and condi... More »
Sarah - Welcome Fearne! I go as gentle as possible with my scalp in terms of removing scales. I don't scr... More »
Sarah - We're so glad you're here too Lindakay1948! No one has to go through this alone. What a tough roa... More »
Susan - Happy you found our family too Lindakay. Blessings to you on this awesome adventure!
Michelle - Awww Lindakay, it is a blessing having you join Flaym as well! It really changes the whole dynami... More »
Stuey - Constantly In Both Shoulders Both Elbows Hands & Feet, a little less frequently in my knees.... ... More »
Susan - Hi Stuey. Possibly, if you are interested, I can send you the elimination diet. Just message me... More »
Bev - Good Luck Study. The elimination diet worked for my hubby and In

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