Forgive me, for I have skinned.

Clint - To funny Nat what do you think of that😉
natalie - cool.. your no fool and you think lemons rule.. 😂
Clint - They worked magic for me I. Kid you not and they didn't cost much and did a great job I'm healed ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Linda. Do share!
Jen - Hi Linda I would love to hear what you did. Please share.
Michelle - Hi Linda, that's great you have been able to find something helpful. Looking forward to hearing w... More »
Judi - Thank you Sarah. I will talk to him about it next week.
Michelle - Hi Judy, have you ever tried Tgel Extra Strength? I have had the same large scales too & it has h... More »
Ruben - Hey Judi, welcome to the Flaymily! Be sure to check out some questions about diet changes and th... More »
James - It has its highs and lows, some days can be stressful, some days a joy. Some only need a few hour... More »
natalie - no way.. fair play to you james not an easy job. rewarding tho id say..
Michelle - I do the same type of work James. Although I have been off for the past year because if a mva, I ... More »
natalie - try vaseline on it. i found that good. or epaderm moisturiser.
Sarah - Argh seeing the coverage grow is so frustrating... Really hope something will happen to help befo... More »
Susan - leanne Clint has been posting alot about lemon juice. Might sting but everyone seems to say that... More »
Gloria - How can I buy it or where can I find it
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ekta. What does your Ayurvedic success consist of? Very interesting! Tell us more!
Michelle - Would love to hear about your Ayurvedic experience Ekta!
natalie - you would be surprised how many people actually have psorisas. i no its very hard especially now ... More »
Sarah - I think I had to stop hating my body for things to change. I think I came to realise after like 2... More »
Simon - The people who care about you will not judge you on you psoriasis and the rest are not worth both... More »
john, DARTS VADER - You can learn so much from here in the topics Lana,a lot of us is trying fresh lemon rubbed in th... More »
Sarah - Yep very stressful indeed, when watching coverage grow like that. How long have you been taking y... More »
Ruben - Hey Lana, don't Google, Flaym it ;) Thing is that we all react different and you'll have to find... More »
Paul - No Fella it's you who has inspired me/us lemons is the key, seeing the difference dude
Clint - Great Paul psoriasis was the biggest battle of my life I. Am glad to come out healed and alive
Jon - Hi Clint, based on your comments I tried some lemon juice on mine yesterday and although it stung... More »
Tina - How many times a day do you do the lemon?
Michelle - Hi Tina, I have been using it 2x a day :)
Jean - I used lemon for first time last night and so far so good so I will continue for rest of week 👍
Clint - It takes a little while psoriasis fights back but lemon 🍋 does win against it...
Jean - I will percivier got nothing to loose but psoriasis! 😊
Clint - 8 doses for under a buck (pound)
Clint - Big John with the dramatic responses lol 😁
Susan - John that's great! There is something to that lemon juice and it's all natural!
john, DARTS VADER - Skyler, i am a lifer aswell since birth,Have you thought of diet/lifestyle changes? it is a cho... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Skyler. Does your psoriasis make you tired? I think it difficult to imagine a d... More »
Michelle - Hi Skylar, things can get better... even though some days, it doesn't feel like it. I think its g... More »
Randi - Thank you for your responses. Michelle, I am going to start a food journal and see if I can find... More »
Randi - Lol not Dog's..... foods 🤣🤣🤣. Clint thanks for your support. Lemons it is. With Vitamin D.
Michelle - Great idea keeping a food journal Randi! I did an elimination diet to help me find what my trigge... More »
Clint - There is another page to this I posted somewhere
Jean - Hi Clint, i have taken your advice and have just rubbed lemon into my scalp; i'll let you know ho... More »
john, DARTS VADER - I have to have a shower in a while and massage those lemons in , i am in lemon heaven :)
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Kez. not in the uk i dont apply lotion,abroad i have to use it
Kez - After having 2 lots of uva treatment. I have really sensitive skin so the sun and I are not the b... More »
Sarah - I don't use oil, but I do apply suncream especially if out in the sun for more than about half an... More »
john, DARTS VADER - It was coaltar and parrifin when i was child clint, very dark times with this,it did heal up when... More »
Clint - Stick with the lemon 🍋 because the next time you win it's not coming back...
john, DARTS VADER - Yep, i will keep going with it thanks :)
Stacy - Unfortunately there is no cure if you mean by that they have psoriasis only things that will ease... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Claire! Always fantastic to see people join Flaym who are here to support famil... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Hello Claire,No cure Heal for better yes,i am a lifer since birth and i have psoriatic arthritis... More »
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