Forgive me, for I have skinned.

Bev - Best wishes to you too Kim
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Kim its been a while, sorry about your arthritis, best wishes to you kim
bernadette - I have plague pand ate moment on steroid creams from doctor nothing else worked going to see skin... More »
Sarah - Hey sf! Welcome. For me I did have some improvement in the look of the plaques from using steroid... More »
Mark - I use magnesium chloride for rinsing hair.. (dead sea salts).. I'm finding staying off dairy help... More »
Rita - It’s actually not legal yet in Canada. Cannabis legalization including CBD is expected this summe... More »
Michelle - I hope so James! Hopefully they can gather enough research to understand the great benefits for s... More »
Sarah - I've heard so much about CBD oil too! And have heard more today in the news about the boy who use... More »
Mercia - Thanks Michelle i am now trying honey and garlic remedy with the lpc cream
Michelle - Ohh that sounds nice Mercia. Do you add the honey and garlic yourself, or is it premixed? Hope i... More »
Sarah - Hi Mercia, welcome to Flaym! I feel like that too, and have felt that way for a long time. I have... More »
James - The really ironic thing is I give meds to my service users and had to do a course on administerin... More »
Michelle - Funny you mention that James. The same with me. I took the course as well and am always researchi... More »
Sarah - I do read the leaflets but not always all of the sections. I always read the bits about method an... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Thank you all,well last year i was so strict, i almost lost a lot of my life by not going out ,i ... More »
Sarah - Great that it had no effect for you John! I love how you switch between strict and not strict wit... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Thank you Sarah,yes i just got to watch i dont get too much of the habit to often, I have fallen ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello steve, i can only suggest going into natural approach,I changed my Diet /lifestyle over a ... More »
Sarah - Hi Steve, reading your post and can relate massively. This was me a year ago! I got strep throat ... More »
Michelle - Welcome to Flaym Steve, It is really great you can be here to support your husband. Dietary chan... More »
James - My main thing is the time it takes. I look like a target dummy on a firing range and to do each i... More »
Bev - I had to put on each spot for my hubby which did take a long time abd he doesn't have the patienc... More »
James - I guess I should take the time to do each spot then, which brings something else to mind, but I'l... More »
Peter - It most certainly is sir. After donkey years of creams, tars, baths and covering up I am starting... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I hope so for you Peter,i wish you well :)
Sarah - I am interested! I am sure many will be. Hope you get on well with it Peter, a new route for you!
bernadette - Does alcohol make p worse
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Peter! You are a psoriasis veteran then! You have lots of experience to share w... More »
Peter - It does for me Bernadette. I have tried loads of different diets over the years though and haven’... More »
alex73 - Hi Millie, the bad influence of smoking and alcohol was proven scientifically by different resea... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Millie! I've had a time like this where I thought the coverage would never stop... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Diet /lifestyle changes will help in the long term Millie, i wish you well and welcome to flaym :)
john,DARTS VADER - I will have a listen at some point, :)
Ellen - Go Solo with a long LOOFAH as a can you not be HAPPY ... lol
Michelle - hahahahahaha Ellen. You go girl! Now that, is a solution. Who needs a man/woman when you have a ... More »
Michelle - Oohh so good Mabel!! I'm very happy to hear that! I have never seen a rhum. even when I was diagn... More »
Michelle - Hi Mabel. Like Michelle, I've never seen one before. Don't really know what it is but I hope ever... More »
Gill - Did say as my hair was really long as wasn't allow to cut it once started uvb treatment but next ... More »
Sarah - Great idea to take your own Gill! How is the itch now?
Gill - Gone since it been washed with baby shampoo. Order baby moisturiser and wash with my wednes shopp... More »
Susan - Blame is just holding onto negativity in my opinion. Better to let go, be accountable for oursel... More »
john,DARTS VADER - So true Susan,i never thought about it until i came here ,about blame that is , like as you say ,... More »
Drum - I’m sure I inherited my psoriasis from my father. He thinks he’s a comedian, says I “got my inher... More »
Bev - I do hope that you get really good results from your checkup and blood tests Deb. Hopefully as yo... More »
Bev - I think that shaving of your hair must have been really tough for you Deb. You are very brave and... More »
Michelle - Hi Deb, I hope your appointment went well. Sorry to hear you have ben feeling so drained, but hap... More »
rachel - Hi Michelle. Alcohol and coffee are my 2 most difficult things to give up. I have enjoyed too m... More »
Michelle - Oeh Rachel, sweet white wine will kill me. I stay with dry red but I hope the 50th was awesome? I... More »
Sarah - I will be having one glass of red wine tonight too after a long day. I think one is enough for me... More »
Linda - Thanks everyone for all your help will give them a try and let you know how I get on
Shinners - Thanks Michelle, il try turmeric as well, drinking actifed now and waiting on allergy test. When ... More »
Michelle - Good luck Shinners and keep on staying positive ok!
Bev - Good Luck Jayne. I hope that your reading for diabetes come down with the next test.
Sarah - You'll have that injecting down in no time Jayne! So great that you've got your approval. I reall... More »
Michelle - So good to hear Jayne, wishing you great luck!!
Michelle - Hi Heather, Welcome to Flaym! It can be so frustrating trying so many things and not getting any... More »
Heather - Hi Michelle, the only dietary changes I’ve done is to stop drinking alcohol, I don’t eat any spic... More »
Sarah - Welcome Heather! On the face I only use Aveeno products now. I only found them last year but for ... More »
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