Forgive me, for I have skinned.

Roxanne - Sure I would love to help out.
john - hello diane, i could tell you about the dark ages from many,very many moons ago, i have just liv... More »
Jason - I go into remission every time I can stay on my biologics and such...but... More »
Susan - Never did have had remission. My autoimmune diseases were relentless and stayed with me. Some m... More »
john - i dont think it does clear up fully jacqueline with anyone,remission maybe a vast improvement com... More »
Paul - google B12 side effects I found a lot
Moya - I wear nail polish. Constantly. Nothing seems to work where my nails are concerned so it’s base c... More »
john - a good angle grinder or disc cutter may do the job with bad toe nails :)
Tim - I've dealt with the lifting by keeping my toe nails trimmed well and cleaned out under the edge, ... More »
MishLyn - I've found great relief with Epsom salt baths 😊 never has made my skin worse. Good Luck Gail!! 💖
Sabrina - I've been doing epson salt baths with coconut oil. Too early to tell if it's going to work but it... More »
Jeri - I like an Epsom salt bath with oil and lavender. I do need to use lotion and oil right after, too... More »
MishLyn - Feels pretty great eh Deb! 😀 How I would have loved to have this amazing group in my younger year... More »
Lucy - Welcome Deb. We’re all here for you. Need someone to talk to we’ll there is plenty of us. ❤️ it’s... More »
john - welcome to flaym deb,i do indeed being a lifer but, its been ok over the years,could be worse tha... More »
Gina - Yes I think that would be awesome. After all we need our own Spa LOL
Darceyjayne - Sounds like a great Idea! My partner gets a lot of pain in his shoulders but is too embarrassed t... More »
Cc - I would like to say that would work, but the fact is that those with psoriasis patches that bleed... More »
Julia - Hi Susan thank you for your advise I really appreciate it and I did buy Moringa but have not been... More »
Susan - Julia you are welcome. Ningxia is a very similar company to the one I get Moringa from. Natural... More »
Julia - Yes I hope so as well.
Susan - Mark you are in the right place here on this site! I speak of being healed all the time from all... More »
Lorna Penner - My friend used that one time--the tar lotion and she had to lay in the sun in the nude--shes did ... More »
Janice - I do so admire you John, you have such determination and I am so pleased that all your hard work ... More »
Lorna Penner - I always loved my coffee but now I drink hot water with a lemon slice and a bit of honey several... More »
Dave - Happy. Irthday Leanne.
michael - Happy birthday Leanne. tomorrow is the start of new hope. May you be blessed with health and l... More »
Jacqueline - Oh boy, so young! 😉 What I'd give to be 39 again...I was free of psoriasis then too! Many happy r... More »
john - i know doctors love handing out steriods as they know they help but, dont tell you about long te... More »
Jacqueline - Poor John 😕
john - thank you jacqueline, i will get through it thanks :)
john - hello fragil3, i use it in powder form and i just sprinkle it on and between foods, i dont measur... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, fragil3. As John says, you can sprinkle it on anything you like! For me I prefe... More »
colleen - i know the feeling. Even when its very hot I still wear long sleeves
Sarah - Sometimes I've felt like that in the past. But not now. Everyone whose opinion matters to me know... More »
Dave - Just go for it Maria, what is the worst that can happen?well...halve that and halve it again beca... More »
Lucifer - Yes, I've tried a few. Every type has made me drowsy, nauseous & dizzy. I end up taking more pill... More »
Sarah - Hi Rich. Welcome to Flaym, great first post! Me personally no I haven't taken meds though my derm... More »
Don - right now very good..PsA has improved 70%?..graves is undercontol...and minimal skin issues. don
Dave - My lot just bounced well!
Jeri - MishLyn, I am so sorry this has happened to you and to your son. You already know about coconut o... More »
colleen - Good Morning, How is your son today ?
Sarah - It can be so easy to spend so much on getting new creams etc can't it. We live in hope!
Jeri - Let us know how it works out!
Gail - Just received my Shipment! We shall see how the goes.
Susan - Gail that's great. Maybe that's why I have so much success with healing through many things like... More »
Susan - That's wonderful news. I'm happy you're feeling better.
Jayne - Seeing me dermatologist today - 3 month reviews for the last 6 years
john - hello diane. not for psoriasis,last saw a doctor regarding it was years ago around 35 years ago,p... More »
Derrick - I ever go to doctors and have had it for more than 35 years as there is ever anything new for the... More »
Susanne - One more tip. It is risky to try and treat Sjogrens without medical help. Sjogrens has no cure an... More »
Julie - Thank you Susanne, i was dx two yrs ago. Had the PSA Dx at 30 and everything changed after my nec... More »
Susanne - Julie, I do have dry eyes all the time, 20 yrs of it. The medicine that was developed for Sjogren... More »

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